South China Sea: Fraying Bonds Between Philippines and U.S.


I wish to continue our discussions about ending the current world war campaign and Ponzi economy.
Looking at current events and international affairs we see institutions making bold moves.
The Great Game comes to mind, where the Great Empires have great currencies funding strong militaries.
Is geopolitics playing a modern version of the Great Game?

In this post I focus on a single military theater (South China Sea), please connect this to the broader worldwide crisis as the “globalism agenda” vs the People’s Freedom.
The monetary system has failed and slowly, year by year, the masses are becoming aware that the debt based system is in crisis mode attempting a 21st century transition.
The solution is to not play that game.

Remember, all wars are bankers’ wars.
The monetary system has been reset many times before, it is a ancient legacy.
A growing segment of the worldwide population has awareness of the worldwide control matrix, and they refuse to support that control meme, nor the next generation reforms for continuing the world order under ruling elite control.
This is what I call the wish to be Free!

If you are not aware of this mass awakening trend since the year 2001,
if you have not heard about the fraud inherent in institutional governance,
if you do not know about the debt based international monetary system,
if you do not know the U.S. is a captured state,
if you are not aware of natural law, the esoteric mysteries, ritual human sacrifice, dark occult, demonic and Lucifer worship rituals among a significant portion of the ruling elite, then I invite you to search this blog-site and research this further.
Much was kept hidden from public education and the common knowledge base.

Age of Deception
The world is not as you were taught, and it is not by accident, it is policy. ~Ron

11_Pacific_south china seas

U.S. White House Prestige Continue To Crumble

Since the 9/11 war on terror, I have witnessed the White House prestige fall into a sewer from which it has not yet emerged.
White House policies are not transparent, remains confrontational and controversial without popular public support.
Washington’s trigger happy fingers are less effective.
Yet, I expect the neocons to continue to rely on gunboat diplomacy and brute force to implement policies (aka transfer wealth).
Gunboat diplomacy

My observation see the U.S. De-dollarization trend, where Your Allies Don’t Trust You, and  Your Enemies Don’t Fear You.

The U.S. is facing a growing trend for independence and military base removal among the Islands in the Pacific (from Hawai‘i, Okinawa, and the Philippines).
Philippines President Duterte continues his forceful Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) path for a independent sovereign nation. ~Ron

President Duterte Strains U.S. Relations: Philippines territory is limited to the 12-mile limit. I do not want trouble.

“We will not join any expedition or patrolling the sea. I will not allow it, because I do not want my country to be involved in a hostile act,” […]
“I just want to patrol our territorial waters,” he said. “We do not go into a patrol or join any other army from now, because I do not want trouble,” Duterte said. “I do not want to ride gung-ho style there with China or with America. I just want to patrol our territorial waters. Territory is limited to the 12-mile limit. That is ours.” –LaRouchePac

“America’s strategy for confronting China in the South China Sea is threatening to unravel as the new leader of a key frontline state backs away from military cooperation — including joint naval patrols — with the U.S.”
… President Duterte said he won’t allow the Philippine navy to conduct joint patrols with foreign powers near the South China Sea, apparently scrapping an agreement his predecessor reached with the U.S. before he took office in June. –

‘New foreign policy won’t make Philippines China’s lackey’

By Giovanni Nilles (The Philippine Star) |

MANILA, Philippines – An independent foreign policy does not mean playing lackey to China, a Palace official said.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar made this clear yesterday as he defended President Duterte’s plan to acquire military equipment from China or from Russia. The US is the Philippines’ traditional source of weapons and other military equipment.

“When you create an independent foreign policy, it’s really just saying that we are a sovereign state, we are not beholden to any country and, once and for all, we can say to ourselves that we are standing up on our own two feet. That’s just it. We are not severing ties with our allies,” Andanar said at a press briefing at Malacañang.

Duterte earlier said he was sending Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and several technical experts to China and Russia to scout for cheaper but dependable military equipment.

Andanar stressed the Philippines would definitely continue to honor its security commitment with the US like the Visiting Forces Agreement, Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and the 1950s-era Mutual Defense Treaty.  –

President Duterte Vowed To Wage a Brutal War Against Criminal Drugs

Obviously, President Duterte’s life and family are at risk as he manages new policies against the dangerous interconnected banking-political corruption-illegal drug trade.
Duterte is publicly confronting organized influential wealthy and political individuals.
President Duterte is also in the intersection of several powerful empires.
Will he survive to complete the removal of the drug trade from the Philippines?
Some of President Duterte’s remarks reveal he is aware of the threats to his presidency and life. I forecast great political turmoil in the Philippines. ~Ron

“The problem may outlast me,” he said. “Please take care of the country. I’m doing this because I’m trying to save the next generation.”

Duterte urged soldiers to continue the fight against illegal drugs or their descendants would suffer. He also assured government forces that he would stand by them in case they face charges related to the anti-drug war.

SAN MIGUEL, Bulacan, Philippines – About 1,000 names are on the new list of government officials with alleged links to illegal drugs, President Duterte said yesterday.
The President vowed to reveal the names soon as part of his intensified campaign against drugs.

“The final report is there. I’m going to make it public. I spoke with Congress and asked them what I will do with this. There are 1,000 barangay captains, policemen, mayors, governors and judges,” he told members of the First Scout Ranger Regiment at Camp Tecson here.

To further motivate Scout Rangers to help in the narcotics crackdown, Duterte announced that he is giving each of them a Glock pistol. –

Is this symbolic for the super power China?

China’s RMB Joins The SDR Mechanism:

The RMB is the international Yuan version and it is different from the domestic Yuan national currency.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) accepted the RMB as the fifth reserve currency in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket December 2015.

The RMB yuan is widely used for trade settlement, but it is not used freely.
In August 2016 China revealed plans to issue bonds denominated in SDRs and payable in Chinese renminbi (RMB ).
Will the U.S. follow that example?
The SDR has a gold weighted component (not shown in the graphic above) along with the other reserve currencies for computing SDR value.

The IMF appears to be guiding China to adopt financial liberalisation:

“The term financial liberalisation is used to cover a whole set of measures, such as the autonomy of the Central Bank from the government; the complete freedom of finance to move into and out of the economy, which implies the full convertibility of the currency; the abandonment of all “priority sector” lending targets; an end to government-imposed differential interest rate schemes; a freeing of interest rates; the complete freedom of banks to pursue profits unhindered by government directives; the removal of restrictions on the ownership of banks, which means de-nationalisation, full freedom for foreign ownership, and an end to “voting caps”; and so on.” –


China’s Yuan (RMB) as a Reserve Currency:

The money masters (FSB, G20, IMF, OECD, central banks, et al.) are having difficulty implementing the monetary reform.
Most activity is desperation and hushed rather than headlined in mainstream news.
Financial officials are using terms like “uncharted”, “experimental”, and “never done before”.
Debt defaults are covered over with NIRP, ZIRP, Quantitative Easing manipulating exchange markets and force-feeding insolvent major (Too-Big-To-Jail) corporations.
While simultaneously the real economy is suffering as a direct consequence from that misallocation of capital and criminal activity.
Trust has eroded and the world economic growth is anemic. ~Ron



Globally, central bank reserves amount to $13 trillion, with 70 percent of that in dollar-denominated assets. China could take steps that would enhance the yuan’s prospects of sharing, with the U.S. dollar, the role of chief reserve currency:

  • establish the yuan’s full convertibility for financial (capital) transactions (China’s currency is fully convertible only for trade);
  • set a foreign exchange rate for the yuan (either in terms of dollars or a weighted basket of currencies) or set a modest range in which the rate can float in response to market conditions; and
  • pledge the use of China’s own central bank reserves to support the yuan’s exchange rate, while affirming its intention to confine such interventions to rare and especially stressful circumstances. –

These specifics stand out for questioning the hidden agendas:
After the de-dollarization is achieved  (a domestic U.S. Treasury  legal tender is issued) how will the central banks deal with the outstanding international USDs?
Does China intend to transform into an open consumer market (freedom of speech, fully convertible currency both domestically and internationally)?
Will China accept the stranglehold of international finance capital over the State?
That would mean the global financial hegemony would control China.
The yuan’s small scale in international finance can not diminish the USD dominance; will China commit to the required major scale to finance the international debt?
In doing so, China would be committed to “a degree of transparency quite unfamiliar in China”, while simultaneously removing all doubt that China is a captured state (under the hegemony control, just like the U.S.).
Does anyone see the Chinese government giving up its dominant power over economics?

I remind you that the current environment has the U.S., U.K., and E.U. violating the People’s freedom and burdening them with increased debt, taxation, fees, privacy invasion, asset forfeiture, and other regulated abuses.
China has not shown the world they are a beacon of hope (some argue that Russia is a beacon of hope), and I see no support that China is welcoming foreign migrants, or a grassroots freedom movement.


After all the above is resolved and the monetary system is reset, the People would remain in a debt based (slavery) system, and the next generation would face this crisis cycle again.
That is the important knowledge that must be shared to abolish the debt based system and free mankind.
The People from various regions must, en masse, stop feeding the beast.
Peaceful noncompliance is a loud and clear way to say no!
While simultaneously granting you the freedom to focus on implementing community alternatives and discovering your creative problem solving skills. ~Ron



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “South China Sea: Fraying Bonds Between Philippines and U.S.
  1. RonMamita says:

    White House Reality Slap!

    Title: President Duterte talks about ‘World War 3’
    Video posted 13 Sep 2016

    President Rodrigo Roa Duterte [spoke at] the 48th Anniversary of the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing (PAW) at the Villamor Air Base (VAB) in Pasay City on September 13, 2016.

    U.S. Gov Failings:

    Mr Obama’s State of the Union Address economic comment about “peddling fiction” continue to slap him on the lips as Americans from all sectors document the economic crisis that the U.S. government refuse to acknowledge.
    Poverty is on the rise in America!
    The economy has gone from bad to worse:

    *America is getting weaker by the day!
    *Job creation has failed to recover to the levels experienced prior to the “great recession.”
    *Labor force participation rate has continued to decline after the “great recession” and currently stands at the lowest level since 1982.
    *Labor productivity has collapsed.
    *Lower real household income.
    *Internet censorship in America on the rise.
    *Mass Surveillance and Privacy Invasion by the State.
    *Americans have completely lost all faith in politicians.

    Your enemies no longer fear you.
    Your allies no longer trust you. -Retired Egyptian General Mahmoud Mansour

    It included a Harvard Study on U.S. Economy Under Obama

    Amazingly, the destruction of the American economy was by design with intentional bad policies!

    Let us be bluntly clear, the ruling elite with their corporate A.I. machine-like apparatus will do any number of atrocious acts to force their plan forward.
    If the script calls for assassinations, or deceiving the nation into war, or suspending the rule of law, or granting trillions of dollars, or pardoning murderers guilty of many counts of criminal acts…

    In the 1990s Catherine A. Fitts was sharing evidence that the ruling elite had planned to wreck the American economy and withdraw the funds as industry was shipped over seas.

    The centralizers of political power have turned the manufacture and distribution of disinformation into one of the largest industries on the planet.
    Divide and conquer politics is one of the principal tactics, designed to make sure the various constituencies will not unite against the small centralized group that is harvesting them all.
    While it has always been obvious that Clinton and Greenspan assume that we can’t do the math on what is happening, it is becoming increasingly apparent that rigged market prices, phony government statistics and hacked voting rolls have lulled them in to also loosing their grip on reality.

    If you and I can see this, so the entire world can also see this.
    Time to do the math on how the members of the G-20 can make money exploiting our collective insanity – because that is what is coming. –Catherine Austin Fitts

    Title: Did our government cryptically raise the white flag after 911 ??
    Video posted 26 Aug 2016
    This is deliberate.
    Americans need to wake up.
    America is getting weaker by the day under this president [Obama].

    Obama Slips Reveal Awful Possibilities:
    President Obama has called himself a Muslim, a Christian (yet he carries a Hanuman talisman of the Hindu monkey god), he called his spouse Michael (a man – is he married to a Tranny?), and in a interview he spoke as if he would be President for 10 years…

    Video posted 14 Sep 2016

    Video posted 9 Sep 2016

    Title: WOW!! Talk About “OVER THE TARGET”
    Video posted 15 Sep 2016

    Title: REALIST NEWS – So Much for the Obama Recovery
    Video posted 16 Sep 2016

    Title: REALIST NEWS – Young Girls in U.S. Selling Their Souls for Food
    Video posted 16 Sep 2016

    Title: Michael “Michele” keeping an eye on her/his carrots
    Video posted 10th May 2016
    The ENTIRE White House correspondence dinner was to mock ALL Americans
    [Under both Bush and Obama the press dinner was used to mock America, remember “no weapons of mass destruction here – Hee-hee ha” snicker.]


  2. RonMamita says:

    Title: The People of the Philippines take to the street to remove america’s tyranny strangle hold
    Video posted 16 Sep 2016

    Russia and Duterte

    Moscow and Manila: Natural allies in the Pacific

    the Philippines is opening out to Russia in a major way.

    Duterte’s resolve to pursue an independent foreign policy may be bolstered by the re-rise of Russian military power and the explosive growth of the Chinese military. In 2014 during the G20 summit in Australia, many Filipinos were impressed by the Russian show of force near their waters. A battle group of four Russian Navy ships, including the heavily armed destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov and the guided missile cruiser Varyag, had accompanied Vladimir Putin’s visit.



  3. RonMamita says:

    When Will The DEBT Bombs Fall?

    Markets will crash!
    Markets are weak, markets are in jitters, and markets are propped up by central banks’ free money while that mis-allocated capital has wrecked the economy.

    Title:The collaspe is coming, Deutsche bank on the ropes for another $14 billion
    Video posted 16 Sep 2016


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