Current Events 27 October 2017

Social unrest leads to what?
Will there be tax boycotts?
Will there be mass arrests?
Will there be disruptions?
Will there be physical injuries?

I have heard of some major events that may escalate into physical harm.
These events may affect you or some one you know…

Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain

Spain’s Attorney General has warned Carles Puigdemont that if he does declare independence for Catalonia, he will be charged with “rebellion” and could face 30 years locked up. –

  • Catalan Parliament in secret ballot votes in favor of motion, which declares independence from Spain in the form of a republic.
    The motion to declare a republic was voted for by secret ballot in the regional parliament in Barcelona on Friday. Out of 135 lawmakers, only 82 took part in the vote, of which 70 voted in favor of independence with 10 against. Two lawmakers cast blank ballots.In response, less than an hour later the national parliament voted to invoke Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which allows Madrid to fire the government of an autonomous region, install a technocratic government and call new elections. This marks the first time the article has been used since the Spanish constitution was established in 1978. Read more
  • Spain poised to strip Catalan government of powers…
    Spanish lawmakers are poised to adopt extraordinary measures to seize control of some of Catalonia’s autonomous powers in an attempt to frustrate the region’s bid for independence, which has plunged the country into one of its worst political crises since Spain’s return to democracy four decades ago.The senate, where the prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s People’s party (PP) holds a majority, is scheduled to meet from 10am local time on Friday to vote on steps to depose Catalonia’s secessionist government before the week is out… Read more
  • Spain Authorizes Madrid To Use Force And Rule Catalonia From Madrid
    Catalonia independence: Madrid imposes DIRECT RULE as Puigdemont faces arrest
    SPAIN’S parliament has authorised Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to rule Catalonia from Madrid shortly after the region declared independence from the rest of the country.
    By Laura Mowat … Read more

Title:  Catalonia Crisis: Catalan Parliament votes for independence from Spain
Video posted 27 Oct 2017 by FRANCE 24 English

Title: Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain – Catalans Declare independence from spain
Video posted 27 Oct 2017 by Everything News

Venezuela Face Crisis

Venezuela Blames U.S. Government As It nears Possible Bankruptcy:

  • Venezuela could be days away from a financial collapse if its oil empire falls behind on crucial debt payments—a result that would further accelerate the nation’s chaos under President Nicolás Maduro. Trump levied sanctions over the summer on Venezuela… Read more
  • Venezuela May Be In Default In Under 48 Hours:
    This past weekend, Venezuela failed to make $237 million in bond coupon payment, blaming “technical glitches” when in reality it simply did not have the money (or wish to part with it). Adding the $349 million in unpaid bond interest accumulated over the past month as of last Friday, that brings Caracas’ unpaid bills to $586 million this month, just days before the nation must make a critical principal payment. And, as BofA sovereign debt analyst Jane Brauer writes, while the bank’s base case assumption is that Venezuela will make its debt service payments this year, “the probability of a short term default has increased substantially with coupon delays” and it could come as soon as this Friday, when an $842 million PDVSA principal plus interest payment is due, and which unlike typical bond payments does not have a 30 day grace period but instead is followed by a second $1.1 billion PDVSA coupon on Nov 2, also without a 30 day grace period.As Brauer writes, Venezuela has been in as similar situation of payment uncertainty in the recent past, with bond prices plummeting right before a big payment. For example, just before a big principal payment was due in April 2017 Venezuela received a $1bn loan from Russia just one week before the due date. At that time Ven 27s dropped 16% in a month (from $52 to $45) and recovered completely within a month. Ven 27 has fallen to $35, as Venezuela has demonstrated that it will be a challenge to make all payments on time. The difference between now and April is that coupon payment delays then came after, not before the payment.Meanwhile, Venezuela has managed to redefine the concept of payment “on time” which now means “by the end of the grace period”… Read more

Title: Venezuela Faces Bond Market Day of Reckoning
Video posted 23 Oct 2017 by Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance



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6 comments on “Current Events 27 October 2017
  1. RonMamita says:

    Military Occupation Looms In Catalonia

    Title: Catalonia declares independence as Spain prepares to impose direct rule The Independent

    Rajoy dissolved the Catalan parliament and called for a new regional election on 21 Dec 2017

    • The Catalan police chief has also been sacked.
    • Central government ministries will take over the administration of the region

    How brutal will Spain be to defeat the Catalonian rebellion?
    How effective will Catalan self-defence be?
    What assistance will Catalan receive to defend its independence?

    My forecast is that Spain (Madrid) will send armed troops to Catalonia (Barcelona) and take-over major businesses, services, and governance. I ask you, are the Catalans prepared for a prolonged civil disobedience with tax boycotts and job walkouts?
    Even if Catalans boycott and workers strike, Madrid would bus in replacement workers from other regions.
    Thus, as I see it, armed rebellion is the only effective means available to Catalan.
    Are there any secret talks with Russia for mercenaries and military supplies?
    What do you think?

    U.S.: Catalonia an integral part of Spain

    The US government reacted Friday saying it considers Catalonia an “integral part of Spain” and supports Madrid’s measures to keep Spain “strong and united.”

    “The United States enjoys a great friendship and an enduring partnership with our NATO ally Spain,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

    “Catalonia is an integral part of Spain, and the United States supports the Spanish government’s constitutional measures to keep Spain strong and united.”
    Nauert added that the United States and Spain “cooperate closely to advance our shared security and economic priorities.”

    In Catalonia, far-left groups threatened “massive civil disobedience” if Madrid usurps its autonomy.
    Read more

    Title: Catalonia independence crisis: Spain moves to depose Catalan leadership
    Video posted 27 Oct 2017 by hayat ve gündem


    Title: Spain sends in ARMY to Catalonia as it pushes region to brink over referendum
    Video posted 04 Oct 2017 by News U.S Today
    SPAIN sent two convoys of troops into Catalonia in a move that angered the regional parliament.

    You can find videos of Spain sending tanks (on trains) to Catalonia.
    The likelihood that Spain’s military forces are forward deployed to siege control of Catalonia is very high.

    Title: What happens next after Catalonia’s secession vote?
    Video posted 4 Oct 2017 by Al Jazeera English


    • RonMamita says:

      Underground-Rebels-Civil Disobedience vs Spanish Cultural Engineering

      Which will prevail: Catalans’ independence or Spain’s Control?

      I found myself repeating a similar question over and over again, year after year as institutional governance engineer crisis after crisis…

      That was what I was thinking when I blogged about the Catalonia independence.
      In a previous blog I asked will the defiant ones defeat tyrannical institutions.

      I thought it very obvious that in the near term months Spain would attempt to force out the rebellious government parties. Perhaps mandate the removal of the Catalonia flag and language. Cultural engineering would be expected as the people identify with their separate language in Catalonia.

      So what would a underground rebellion look like in Catalonia?
      This independence is not isolated to Spain, how will it affect the rest of the E.U.?


  2. Alan Scott says:

    Pleased to see it’s not only Turkey with big problems. Thanks for the post, Ron.


  3. RonMamita says:

    I Haven’t Seen Any Allies For Independent Catalonia

    I search and search the internet, and as yet I have not found foreign support for independent Catalonia.

    Catalonia’s independence has embarked upon a difficult task.
    I searched further to find only the digital currency efforts as a alternative monetary policy, national currency (even though a Catalan currency would not be accepted internationally), I’m not sure about a complementary currency in Catalonia.
    Please inform me if you find any recent advances with a virtual currency for Barcelona or elsewhere in the Catalonia Republic.

    Unless the rebels act quickly to implement alternative money and armed defence their defiance may fail.

    The tea leaves are indicating a failed attempt at independence, especially when the director of police (Pere Soler) stepped down in a sad letter stating how unfair Spain’s directives are (artículo 155 de la Constitución). Rather than defy Spain and remain at his post he leaves.
    As far as I was able to discover the only armed force capable of defending independent Catalonia was the Mossos d’Esquadra(police).

    My internet search failed to find any foresight on the part of the rebels, to thwart the violent responses certain to come from Madrid, Spain.
    Apparently, the rebels/separatists will rely on perseverance (civil disobedience) over months-to-years to defeat the armed Spanish occupation expected to come.

    A less bloody strategy to be sure, and only the seasons to come will reveal the outcome.

    Title: Catalan crisis: Spain takes over Catalonia, fires separatist leaders
    Video posted 28 Oct 2017 by Spirit martial arts

    Title: Tensions boil over on the streets of Barcelona after Spanish Prime Minister dissolves Catalan p…
    Video posted 28 Oct 2017
    “Tensions boil over on the streets of Barcelona after Spanish Prime Minister dissolves Catalan parliament and calls a snap election as Madrid imposes direct rule on the region.

    Violence erupted on the streets of Barcelona last night after Spain’s prime minister sacked the Catalan government shortly after the region declared independence.
    Madrid has also stripped Catalonia’s most senior police officials of their powers and called snap local elections for December 21.
    In the meantime the central government has taken control of the region’s police force as well as its civil service, finances and public media.
    And Spain’s top prosecutor has warned that the local politicians responsible for the independence vote could face treason charges and up to 25 years in jail, with arrests planned for as early as Monday.
    Last night unionists were seen fighting with separatists in the centre of Barcelona where thousands of Catalans took to the streets to celebrate the result.

    A local radio station was also attacked as unionists expressed their anger, accusing the station of spreading fake news. Journalists were forced to barricade themselves inside for several hours until police regained control.
    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said at around 7.30pm UK time: ‘Spain is living through a sad day. We believe it is urgent to listen to Catalan citizens, to all of them, so that they can decide their future and nobody can act outside the law on their behalf.’
    ‘Today, the Catalonia parliament has approved something that in the opinion of a large majority of people not only goes against the law but is a criminal act.’
    The announcement was met with jeers and whistles outside the government palace in Barcelona, where thousands have been celebrating the independence declaration.
    Scroll down for videos.
    The declaration of independence was criticised by world leaders including Theresa May, who tonight said Britain ‘will not recognise’ Catalan independence as it was based on an ‘illegal’ vote.
    Germany, France, Italy and the USA also tonight said they will not recognise it either and nor will the EU but its President Donald Tusk warned Spain against violence.
    In contrast, Scotland’s SNP government said that it ‘respects and understands’ Catalonia’s vote for independence, and said Catalans ‘must have the ability to determine their own future’.
    Spain’s top prosecutor has warned that those responsible for the vote could face treason charges and up to 25 years in jail, with arrests planned for as early as Monday.
    Direct rule
    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sacked Catalonia’s government including regional president Carles Puigdemont and his deputy Oriol Junqueras and assumed direct control over the region.
    Central government ministries will assume directly the powers of the Catalan administration until a regional election takes place on Dec. 21.
    It is not clear whether a snap regional election will resolve the crisis.
    An opinion poll published by the El Periodico newspaper on Sunday showed a snap election would probably have results similar to the last ballot in 2015, when a coalition of pro-independence parties formed a minority government.
    Other opinion polls have shown Catalonia is almost evenly split between pro- and anti-independence supporters.
    Civil disobedience
    Catalonia’s main secessionist groups have called for widespread civil disobedience. They also instructed civil servants not to obey orders from Madrid and respond with peaceful resistance. It is unclear whether such calls will be followed or not.
    Use of force
    Spain’s government said it was not planning to make any arrests, but it is unclear how it will proceed if the current regional administration staff refuse to leave their offices.
    A growing number of analysts fear this could lead to a physical confrontation if national police, who used heavy-handed tactics to thwart an Oct. 1 vote on independence, seek to intervene.
    One of the main problems over the implementation of direct rule will relate to Catalonia’s own police forces, the Mossos d’Esquadra.
    Rajoy said the Mossos chief would be fired.
    But a group of Mossos favouring independence has already”


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