They’re Not Asking You or The Voters

Awareness and Free Your Mind

This is a slightly edited reprint of my 2015 report because with each passing season this becomes more relevant.

What Are Governments Likely To Do?

Governments will obey their money masters.
They dislike annoying grassroots populism with social unrest opposing their policies.
It would be prudent for you to be aware of what is “Really Going On”.

Expect the worse from the worse.
Be alert and prepared.

Economic Collapse – What I See Happening

Originally printed 15 March 2015 –

Wall Street Golden Calf Worship as GREED
Many write about the looming monetary system crisis, including myself.
Writers call it by many different names: the event, reset, collapse, etc.
Whereas I often share my vision for a world wide agreement of debt free currencies that include complementary community currencies, the institutions are enforcing the perpetuation of this current debt bondage system and suffering.

I have grown weary of frequently reading so much ambiguity and confused thoughts of economic collapse and doom. A persistent economic doom from the 1970’s ’till today, obviously the public economic models are flawed if over all these decades the economists and other experts can not accurately access the operation of the economy.

I will attempt to briefly explain the institutional plans for the international monetary system.
Institutional plans do not always work as planned…

I encourage you to research further and I wish for this discussion to grant you clarity, confidence, and strong sense of survival in a emergency situation.
Eurozone crisis domino effect


Restructure is more likely than the U.S. default (institutions plan for it, even as they publicly tell you otherwise) because institutions reform and restructure to survive, unless wars and courts prevent them…

*{War is also a possibility, but we are doing our best to prevent armed conflict among the developed nations, and end the existing wars in the weaker nations.}

Put the G20 on your “watch” list as they are the finance ministers along with the central banks and IMF who will restructure their international monetary system, and expect the member nations to enforce their policies on obedient trained citizens. Important to realize that Russia and the BRICS org. are part of the bankers’ monetary system and thus they are not our saviours.

national currencies
CURRENCY After The Event:
For the United States there are two major issues about the U.S. dollar (USD) as the World Reserve Currency:
(Dumping the dollar has some advantages for the U.S.)

The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem.” This is what U.S. Treasury Secretary John Connally said to his counterparts in the Rome G-10 meeting in November, 1971, shortly after the Nixon administration ended the dollar’s convertibility into gold and shifted the international monetary system into a global floating exchange rate regime. The world has been suffering from this “problem” ever since the U.S. obtained the “exorbitant privilege” of issuing the world’s reserve and trade currency under the Bretton Woods system after WWII. –Dollar Imperialism, 2015 Edition by MICHÈLE BRAND and RÉMY HERRERA

1. International Monetary System –

The USD belongs to the (IMS) nations of the world and not to the united states.
Thus, after “the event” there will be a new dollar, approved by the U.S. federal government and executed by the U.S. Treasury department.
That new currency dollar will belong to the U.S. Treasury and its agents (federal reserve or not).
The currency problem is not that it is “fiat”, neither is the problem derived from not being pegged to gold and silver.
The problem is Confidence and Trust.

The international monetary system has lost trust (remember I said I will be brief, research this on your own, and plenty of helpful posts are on this website, and there is no shortage on the internet)…

Many power brokers can no longer trust the USD debt-based international monetary system.

The securitized debts are all suspect, with unknown counter party risks and volatile interest rates. Where the securities can no longer be trusted for the stated values; as the home mortgage backed securities (MBS) melt down revealed in 2008.
Fraud, volatility, and risk are too great, and fuel uncertainty with malinvestment or anemic  capital investment.

Today we are left with rumours and speculation if the central banks were able to remove/discharge most of the toxic debts from the system and restore liquidity…

Many wars, imperialism, economic sanctions, retaliations, and the massive corruption that was revealed after the 2008 banker bailouts have led to distrust, insolvency, and instability among other economic connected problems. Not the least of which has been the depositors’ inability to save with current negative interest rates or rates below inflation (ZIRP/NIRP) bank deposits lose value sitting idle in bank accounts.

The banks see depositors as too great a liability for their balance sheets. Depositors are unsecured creditors at a time when investment banks are feverishly trying to move cash seeking short term and immediate yields.

If you haven’t done so, please remove your savings from the bank.

The international bankers are determined and committed to restoring confidence after “the event”.
The bankers may ask what currency has world wide acceptance and confidence?
If none exist, then create one, or a basket of currencies, preferably digital so that 100% tax compliance and other regulatory controls will be set in place. (How convenient BRICS & IMF both claim to have a solution plan)

Perhaps, you have heard of the Direct Deposit, Cryptocurrencies, and Cashless Society?

2. Sovereign Debt –

This is even a bigger topic…

In the text above I touched on the related foreign side of debt, now take a look from the U.S. perspective:

To remain brief, I will say that most of the USD debt is not for or by the American People.
Thus debt, and taxation as the means of paying off the governments’ debt obligations, is the major concern.


Securitization is the foundation of this concept that has been leveraged and rehypothecated until derivative shadows hide risk in a “shadow banking industry” that is now vastly larger than all the real world production and services combined!

If you want to research that rabbit hole then focus on securitization, derivatives, bills of exchange, promissory notes, negotiable instruments, and special purpose (SPV, and SPE).

Also be aware of secret black budget projects and off book accounting.
{NOTE that “Money” is not mentioned; because ‘money’ is an agreement and is negotiable.
Currencies, notes, bonds, and securities are the more appropriate terms, rather than “Money”.}

Obviously, some or all of the computer archived debt will eventually be discharged and zeroed out.
Some national currencies’ value will increase as others’ decline, such as with China and the U.S..

For most of the People, and citizens within nations, the issue will be national currency value and exchange.
What value will the national currencies (electronic bank accounts & cards) have?

How much will food and housing cost?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is planning to be a major decision maker with the value of national currencies. They want their SDRs to be the determining factor, but will the member nations agree?

The U.S. has been the lone standout and have failed to ratify, through legislation, the IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms Agreement (DE-Dollarization: a IMF Working Paper provides a summary of the key policies that encourage dedollarization). [Ed: The U.S. did eventually ratify the treaty around December 2015. Read IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s Press Release here.]

{Quick, sidebar: the U.S. claims to protect the USD reserve currency status, but that may not be true. A subtle plan may be to influence (by sanctions and limited warfare) the Eastern power bloc to implement the required services and mechanisms to support a stable redundant/parallel world wide monetary system. China & Russia has finally removed their complacency and implemented alternative credit rating agencies and SWIFT payment system.}

The governments and other major corporations apparently have agreed to accept the new government currencies and bonds, as it shifts control away from the established Anglosphere (UK/U.S. and allies) power bloc.
But will you, the People, accept their new monetary  policies?
For the nations, the question is pointless because they are not asking you or the citizens.
Governments do not even disclose the full texts of the international meeting minutes, nor their full text agreements for you to read in its entirety and debate on the mass media news prior to enforcement.

International Monetary System (IMS Hegemony)

Tenth of 1% are the elite globalist designing the new world order

Be not surprised; be prepared.
…have clarity, confidence, and strong sense of survival in a emergency situation.

If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.


I Collated Details About The Monetary System Reset Includes De-dollarization Blockchain Asset Digitization Digital Economy

G-SIFI Use The Jedi’s Mind Trick!

Economic Collapse – What I See Happening

(PDF) Basel III and Asset Securitization – ResearchGate


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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