Argentina Kicking Out Central Bankster Clubmember An Act of Defiance!

A speech made by Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez is said to have culminated in the resignation of the Governor of the Central Bank, Juan Carlos Fábrega.

Argentinian Central Bank Chief Resigns Following President’s Speech

MOSCOW, October 2 (RIA Novosti) – Argentina’s Central Bank Governor Juan Carlos Fábrega resigned from his position Wednesday [1 Oct 2014], a day after a speech by Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez highlighting the country’s economic problems, some of which were said to be connected to the activities of the Central Bank, the Wall Street Journal reported.
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☼ The MSM have censored President Christina Fernandez, while other media reports are portraying Argentina’s government as a chaotic mess.
The attack dogs are barking on her heels, see:

However, I see a battle unfolding that is already murderous, and disturbing geopolitical plans…
The West’s central bankers’ club is out of favor with the Argentina government. Argentina regulators are attempting to gain control of Argentina’s currency and monetary policy by investigating banking fraud.
Imagine if the USA did what Argentina is attempting to do, where the U.S. Treasury department with FBI, SEC, CFTC, and other regulators cracked down on fraud within the NY Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street to gain control of the national currency and monetary policy…

Pres. Christina Fernandez requested the U.S. government to accept jurisdiction from the International Court of The Hague to solve the controversy between the two countries”.
It would be prudent for Argentina to be on Alert and add Presidential protection after embarrassing the Western Bloc Leaders.
Argentina is fighting for national sovereignty and survival having left the club, I imagine they must find protection in another club…
Most of the comments below are mine, please click on the links to get the flavor of the alternative views. I shaded my comments and/or placed them in [brackets].

G20, BRICS, and Argentina

[Argentina has been burning on my consciousness all year!
I am looking for something from the upcoming November G20 summit, after so much turmoil and diplomatic failures on the geopolitical stage, the theatre has been ablaze with deception and controversy in public. The embarrassment and criminal accusations is dangerous in the bankster world, we have seen anomalous death frequency in the investment banking community with many dead executives…

In that vein I see some obvious blood-trails to follow from NY, London, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and Argentina, of course other finance ministers may have a surprise rift with the dollar and Wall Street, yet the enthusiasm for SDR, and RMB leadership in the currency wars appears to be coming from primarily a few strong willed and determined parties.]


I must remind the readers to please read about very suspicious events months ago, here is one reminder:
Argentine Banking System Archives Destroyed By Deadly Fire!
Obviously not coincidence, on the day when Argentina decrees limits on the FX positions banks can hold and the Argentine Central Bank’s reserves accounting is questioned publicly, a massive fire – killing 9 people – destroyed a warehouse archiving banking system documents. The Washington Post reported, the fire (which purportedly had multiple protections against fire, including advanced systems that can detect and quench flames without damaging important documents) took hours to control and the sprawling building appeared to be ruined. The cause of the fire wasn’t immediately clear
[all may not be lost… the Akashic records and white hats may come to the rescue…]

Central Bank President Juan Carlos Fabrega resigns!
Alejandro Vanoli, president of market regulator CNV is the new Central Bank Governor.
Securities regulator, Vanoli, is seen as more in line with the president’s policies than Fábrega
CNV securities regulator chairman Alejandro Vanoli was picked yesterday to be the sixth Central Bank governor of the Kirchnerite era after Juan Carlos Fábrega’s surprise resignation.

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[The Argentina plot is thick, as the government is attempting to wrestle control from the central bank and puppet masters from the international monetary club (G7, Wall Street, London, etc).

Note: Pres. Christina Fernández de Kirchner’s government signaled in the last few days the need to press further against black-market dollar peddlers and illegal operations in the blue-chip dollar market. In her Tuesday night speech, Fernández de Kirchner had spotlighted Economic Crime Prosecutor Alejandro Gonella saying there had been “calls from within the Central Bank to warn (underground exchange houses) about future police raids.”

NOW DOESN’T that SOUND LIKE THE FEDERAL RESERVE, SEC, AND CFTC protecting banks such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs?]

President Fernandez had said in her speech this week that she believed the United States was planning to overthrow her government and possibly even assassinate her, noting that the US is targeting Argentina using “financial and speculative attacks.”
She also accused elements of Argentina’s economic elite of seeking a “return to the past, when Argentina was on its knees begging for money at exorbitant interest rates.”

It was during this national broadcast that the president also suggested that Gonella’s proposals to reform the Penal Code regulating the foreign exchange market could be a positive step.

The president had also criticized the Central Bank’s handling of violations of the exchange-rate law, affirming that “thousands of files” about criminality in the foreign exchange markets were waiting in vain for the Central Bank’s decision to act on them.
The president also squarely placed Fábrega among the responsible parties for what she called “actions from concentrated economic groups, together with agroexporters, putting pressure on our exchange rate to force devaluation.”
Vanoli’s appointment came after a series of raids on financial institutions led yesterday by the CNV, institutions originally denounced by the president in her Tuesday night speech

Policy making, aimed at controlling inflation had become increasingly erratic as the monetary authority got sucked into a tug-of-war with the pro-growth Economy Minister Axel Kicillof [equivalent to Lew Treasury secretary].

[I am not sure if Fábrega was a bankster (BIS) fraternity member, but if he was a club member then his departure will likely be retaliated from the international monetary club and SWF institutional investment.

Vanoli takes over the helm of the cash-strapped Central Bank with foreign reserves standing at US$27.9 billion — or roughly four-and-a-half months import cover, while the peso has fallen through a series of record lows since the July default.
Argentina needs help from international friends!
*Argentina is attempting to clean house of the leading criminal gang.
This is why I look toward BRICS and associates to step up

Remember what Perkins wrote about economic hitmen and military.
Pressures, threats and dangers will mount for her and her nation from the boss criminal gang…
I question how strong the armed gang supporting Argentina are, but I also question how weak the armed gang from the U.S. and West allies have become…]


President Cristina Fernández said in a fiery speech Tuesday.
Fernández and her government have been infuriated by the U.S. government’s refusal, or legal inability, to squash court ruling that recently pushed Argentina into its second technical default in 13 years.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa ruled in favor of investors that Fernández [correctly] derides as “vulture funds” [they are vulture funds, as documented by investigative reporter Greg Palast] for rejecting Argentina’s restructuring offers following the country’s record $100 billion default in 2001.
The creditors are demanding payment of some $1.5 billion in unpaid debts and the judge said no other creditors can be paid unless they are.
She suggested the country’s economic woes, including a recession and high inflation, are being fueled by local businessmen in cahoots with outsiders, presumably the U.S.

“There are some players in the economy who want to bring down the government and they want to do it with help from abroad,” she said.
She also denounced the U.S. Embassy for a report warning of insecurity in Argentina, calling it “an immense provocation.”

The statements show that “U.S.-Argentine relations have hit a low point,” said Michael Shifter, president of the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue.
“There has been a lot of strain between the two governments for some time, but the latest round on the debt issue has aggravated the tension.”

[I would say tensions are in open flames right now for those who are aware of the international criminality among all governments. The currency wars are heating up and Argentina is at a great disadvantage. ~Ron]

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina addresses the UN General Assembly

[…] Sitting only one chair away from Obama, Fernandez addressed him directly, which, according to Argentine officials in the room, created evident “discomfort” in the U.S. President, Tiempo Argentino reported Thursday. A picture of him which appeared in that daily, shows Obama with a “deer in the headlights” expression on his face. He did not answer any of the pointed questions she raised.

Without stating it explicitly, Fernandez strongly implied that rather than defeating groups like ISIS and allied jihadists, the Obama administration’s policies have allowed them to expand.
[…] –


Brazilian opposition candidate Marina Silva is losing support [campaign support and institutional funds for the Presidency?].

Silva has seen her advantage over third-place candidate Aecio Neves in the Oct. 5 first round narrow to five percentage points from 13 points in less than two weeks, according to a Datafolha poll published Sept. 30. President Dilma Rousseff’s advantage over her surged to 15 percentage points from seven points in the survey, which has a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.

“Aecio appeared to be dead two weeks ago, but he’s back in the game,” Andre Cesar, director of public policy and business strategy at consulting company Prospectiva, said by telephone from Brasilia.

[Dilma Rousseff is expected to win the election…
That expectation is confusing me, Brasilia is in recession, Dilma Rousseff is not very popular with the People…
I am curious how much bank control is exerted over Dilma as her re-election campaign ends and the G20 Summit starts?
Will Brasilia assume a regional leadership and actively defend democratic governance in the region?
What kind of banking & security agreements will her government and the BRICS pursue with Argentina?
The WEST currently is able to set the global agenda, what the BRICS call a unipolar policy, and the West’s 3 major issues are defined as Ukraine, Terrorism, and Ebola. I expect G7 members to echo those 3 issues however we can listen for subtle hints to other issues from the other 13 members, such as a new international monetary policy, the RMB, and currency valuations.
This may appear to be a fight among two factions, however that may not be the case.
The agreement for the world reserve currency change with monetary reforms may have already been made, years ago according to Russia and IMF reports. ~Ron]



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “Argentina Kicking Out Central Bankster Clubmember An Act of Defiance!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Criminal Investigation of Argentina’s Central Bank Documents…

    Investigate outstanding cases of currency law violations, which in the words of Fernandez “aren’t being dealt with”, which have resulted in “billions of dollars…extracted…from the country.”

    Alejandro Vanoli has gone from being the cop regulating the bank to the executive managing the bank!
    Will he reveal the documents of crimes in the bank’s finance records and agreements?

    How much will remain hidden?
    Will we have public disclosures?
    How many lives will be threatened?

    This is A international Crime Story!

    And the crime story has yet to be told.
    This international crime story involves executives and officials.
    In the past this criminal elite class stopped investigations, killed, coerced and bribed to do so.
    By jumping Ship (USS TITANIC) Argentina has launched herself onto the banksters’ enemy list and the aware media needs to highlight this institutional battle. The people living in the region are at risk of greater suffering but if they champion through with their criminal house cleaning they will be the beacon of liberty for the People on Earth.

    Breaking the chains of obedience to the money masters and their international banking cartel is a monumental task…
    I wish them success.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Dilma Rousseff appears untrustworthy to me, and apparently to many Brasilians too!

    From dark horse 3rd (last) place poll campaigner to runoff elections against the incumbent, WOW!

    Aware that 2 Parties have run Brazil the last 20 years… And now the 2 political parties are brokering a deal for support among themselves prior to the runoff.
    My question to Brasilia: Why would you believe Mr. Aecio Neves is any more trustworthy than Dilma?
    Below is what corporate news Reuters had to say about this. ~Ron

    “Nail-biter election throws Brazil’s Rousseff into a runoff vote…
    incumbent Dilma Rousseff and pro-business rival Aecio Neves racing to win over supporters…
    Latin America’s largest economy has been stuck in a rut for nearly four years under”…

    6th BRICS Summit

    Brazil’s Rousseff, Neves race for support in election runoff

    By Brian Winter and Anthony Boadle SAO PAULO/BRASILIA Mon Oct 6, 2014 2:58pm EDT

    (Reuters) – A tight runoff campaign for Brazil’s presidency kicked off on Monday with leftist incumbent Dilma Rousseff and pro-business rival Aecio Neves racing to win over supporters of the third-placed candidate after she was knocked out of the election.
    [Aecio Neves], a centrist senator who had been widely written off until a few days before the first round of the election on Sunday, rode a late surge in support to grab second place with 33.6 percent of the vote.

    He will now face Rousseff, who won 41.6 percent support, in an Oct. 26 runoff to decide what has been Brazil’s most unpredictable election in decades.

    Read more:


  3. RonMamita says:


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