Tell The TRUTH

News propaganda from paid presstitutesPaid To Deceive

How strongly does TRUTH and LOVE resonate within you?
Tell the Truth.
A simple declaration, yet so difficult…

Allowing divisive policies and dogmas to separate us from the truth must end.
We are all on Earth learning to live together.
With greater intentional awareness, knowledge and skills we can nurture life, diversity, and creation.

Sword of TRUTH

Sword of TRUTH

Be Aware of Social Manipulation
Many people will agree with others on most things and then snap into a rage over one disagreement. I personally have experienced friends and coworkers working on improving the community, and then a institution presented a divisive policy/claim that had some deception and lies in it. After I pointed to the deception I was demonized as a “denier” and our working relationship ended.
Environmental & Humanitarian groups are vulnerable to divisive and deceptive programs that claim to love and protect us.

The above type of divisive experiences and cultural engineering may dramatically conclude in the years ahead as more truth about institutional agents and their deceptive policies are revealed.
False beliefs will be painfully faced or shattered with truth…

Do Not trap yourself in word-spells and philosophical fiction.
Truth is simple: truth answers the question did it happen?
It is OK to admit you do not know the truth, meaning you do not know what happened.
Together we shall resonate with sharing TRUTH & Freedom.

national currencies

Great Change Is Coming

What is coming, you may have asked?
We forecast by past trends:
The looming economic crisis has been building for decades by policies engineered to control the world. The crisis is forecasted (it is being managed), and the severity is expected to be great for those caught by surprise.

In the end, silencing the truth tellers who would help to save lives is sealing our fate.

For when the violence is initiated by institutional agents it may be too late for freedom loving individuals to effectively respond to the onslaught of authoritarianism…

For once we can nurture freedom and awareness instead of institutional controls by “experts” heads of banks, heads of religions, heads of governments… You get the idea.
Leadership from outside of self will eventually lead to where we find society now: suffering.

I am convinced that the Great AGE emerging is one of freedom…
Because it requires the hidden ugly, monstrous, and deadly institutional behaviour to be revealed. ~Ron




Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Tell The TRUTH
  1. Alan Scott says:

    Thanks for posting that. Walter Isaacson says the US is losing the battle to its ‘enemies’. I guess their enemies are anyone who dares to express an alternative point of view.


  2. RonMamita says:

    G20 and BRICS will lead the Push for De-Dollarization

    Ten years ago, the world’s reserves consisted to about 90 percent of dollar denominated securities. Today that figure has shrunk to 60 percent, the economist said.

    Koenig believes Washington is afraid of losing the dollar’s monopoly on the global stage, and is trying to destabilize the situation in the BRICS countries. For example, by slandering the government of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil for corruption and high debt, or depreciating the Russian ruble by fraud and currency manipulations.

    “Today, though steadily declining, most trading is still denominated in dollars and has to transit through a US bank and the BIS clearing system,” he said. “Under the FED-BIS-WS banking system currencies and gold are subject to exchange rate and interest manipulations”.

    The potential of BRICS is promising indeed, as the members account for almost 30 percent of world GDP and about 45 percent of the global population.

    Perhaps the U.S. and the 4 partners will make token opposition and cause some deaths but they or elements within their policy making apparatus support the de-dollarization agenda…
    More puzzle pieces to keep in mind as the plan for a new monetary system of multipolarity aka “currency zones” to replace the current unipolar U.S. Dollar hegemony.
    1. Peter Koenig is a former economist and water resource specialist for the World Bank. He is portrayed by mass media as a “Progressive”…
    He self proclaims, on his blog, that “his central theme for almost 30 years I’ve compiled a selection of material here on money. What you’ll read was a “temporary posting” in 2006 and though the financial landscape has been through enormous changes since then the content here is virtually unchanged.”
    2. 24 Nov 2014 RT news ran a report titled:
    ‘BRICS system’ – healthy alternative to ‘defunct dollar system’ featuring Peter Koenig commentary.
    The BRICS Bank marks a major step to de-dollarization, and a new monetary system. It should replace the Western-dominated “predatory casino scheme” that has contributed to world wars and “economic terrorism,” says former World Bank economist Peter Koenig.

    “A ‘BRICS system’ would offer a healthy alternative to the highly indebted and defunct dollar system, where money is printed at will,” Koenig said in an interview with Asam Ismi of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

    A ‘BRICS system’ should be based on a new currency, which Koenig called ‘Bricso.’
    Read Full Report:

    3. Are we seeing a faction calling for something other than the SDR?
    Or is this a disguised attempt to further the SDR cause under a different name?
    That RT news report was a repeat of past Koenig reports posted on other sites about a currency known as the “Bricso”:
    (Global Research, October 09, 2013 Voice of Russia)
    “These measures will certainly have an impact on the world economy. To predict exactly what will happen is impossible. Time will tell. But, yes, there will be some collateral damage, especially in those countries that have been relying heavily on the US dollar, on trading with the United States. But it will also affect us, the BRICS. A large proportion of our dollar denominated reserves will be wiped out, as the dollar will undoubtedly plummet – but again, it is difficult to speculate at this time to what extent it will lose its value.” …
    “And, Sir, yours too – and that of other countries that have large amounts of US Treasury bonds in their central banks. But, ladies and gentlemen, I predict that this is only a short-lived loss, as we will quickly recover the value of the lost dollars through a stronger and more stable Bricso. To be precise, the artificial and highly inflated value of the US dollar – which in fact, has for decades had no real backing, other than the world’s belief in America’s strength. But by now, most of the world realizes that the only strength that Washington can stand for is brute military force. Its economy depends on wars and conflicts around the world. The US economy is indeed based on destruction – not construction. Accounting for all associated industries and services, way more than 50% of the US GDP consists of the American military industrial and security complex. The rest is consumption of goods made abroad, many of them in the BRICS countries, and of values of services blown out of proportion.”
    [… read more, it is fascinating. ~Ron]

    Russia – China – India alliances appears to be the dynamic activities to watch as other governments join them – such as Turkey, and Iran…


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