Institutional Criminals Are Destroying The Evidence:

The Money MafiaEvery investigator and researcher should have a critical eye, watchful for deception while seeking truth.

When investigating institutions often we find fraud, a money trail, secrecy, documents, and destruction of evidence.
We pay attention to key phrases such as, “burn bag“, accident, sudden death, lost, contradiction, unusual, bank transaction, account, confidential, separate books, proprietary information, restricted access/data, etc…

Below are some major events that resulted in the destruction of criminal evidence. Please, keep these events recorded in your archives. I think some of these events will remain important in the coming years as disclosures and revelations become common knowledge that the world is not as you were taught.

This is the Age of Deception, in a worldwide Crisis.

ROOT of Globalization is Deception and Control via Armed Force, Financial Standard, and Corporate Governance

…the merchants were the powers of the earth, and
their sorceries deceived all nations.


U.S. Executive Branch

List of coverups, fraud, inhumane experiments, murders, war profiteering, and destruction of evidence are too numerous to list in this brief, thus here are but a few, to remember that similar and advanced versions continue today:

  • 1932 The U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) initiated inhumane experiments. (Syphilis Study) took place in Macon County. NOTE the fact that these horrible human experiments were carried out without the patients’ consent and with deception that predated the horrible human experiments from the Nazis during WWII.
    And see Guatemala:

    “in the Guatemalan experiment, U.S. government officials did intentionally give subjects the disease. What’s even creepier, the stuff of conspiracy theories, is that the same physician was linked to both the Tuskegee and Guatemala experiments. Dr. John C. Cutler, who rose as high as assistant surgeon general in the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS), conducted the study in Guatemala, according to his own records.”

  • Operation Paper Clip and Nazi Foundation For NASA:
    To understand the origins of the U.S. Space Program, you must uncover the secrets from World War Two (WWII). Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States in the aftermath of World War II (1939/45). It was executed by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA). JIOAs recruitment of German scientists began after the European Allied victory (8 May 1945), U.S. Pres. Harry Truman did not formally order the execution of Operation Paperclip until August 1945. Truman’s order expressly excluded anyone found to have been a member of the Nazi Party, and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazi militarism. The restriction would have rendered ineligible most of the scientists the JIOA had identified for recruitment, among them rocket scientists Wernher von Braun and Arthur Rudolph, and the physician Hubertus Strughold, each earlier classified as a menace to the security of the Allied Forces.To circumvent President Truman’s anti-Nazi order, and the Allied Potsdam and Yalta agreements, the JIOA worked independently to create false employment and political biographies for the scientists. The JIOA also expunged from the public record the scientists’ Nazi Party memberships and régime affiliations. Once bleached of their Nazism, the U.S. Government granted the scientists security clearance to work in America.
    See the short video clips:
    Top Secret Projects
    Operation Paperclip: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists
    Nazi Scientists Founded NASA
  • Vietnam False Flag Justifies War:
    The NSA admits that it lied about what really happened in the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 … manipulating data to make it look like North Vietnamese boats fired on a U.S. ship so as to create a false justification for the Vietnam war.
  • A U.S. Congressional committee admitted that – as part of its “Cointelpro” campaign – the FBI had used many provocateurs in the 1950s through 1970s to carry out violent acts and falsely blame them on political activists.
  • U.S. Government Officials Guilty of murdering Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Martin Luther King assassinated by US Govt: King Family civil trial …
    The overwhelming evidence of U.S. government complicity found valid by the jury includes
  • One day before the 9/11 attacks (September 10, 2001), U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated that more than $2 trillion in Pentagon funds had gone missing!
    See Corbett report

NASA Run by Nazis from operation PAPERCLIP

NASA Is A Government Fraud

Very convenient for NASA, the missing evidence for moon landings and no independent investigations.
Remember, NASA lost all original film footage of moon landings, nearly 400 kilograms of moon-rocks allegedly obtained from Apollo missions between 1969 – 1972, and lost over 750 boxes of data and 14,000 reels of telemetry tapes!

Stan Lebar holds the two cameras he helped design for the Apollo 11 mission.

Stan Lebar worked at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and led the team that designed and built the lunar cameras used on the Apollo 11 mission.



Jun 17, 2006 … Flight Director Gene Kranz says Apollo 11’s Video & telemetry gone … Interviewed worker for NASA/Nazi scientists

Houston, We Erased The Apollo 11 Tapes reported 16 July 2009: After three years of painstakingly thorough searching, NASA has … tapes of the first manned moon landing are most likely lost forever. … It was stored on telemetry tapes, and old tapes with telemetry data were being recycled.”…

16 June 2015, Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings…



A fire broke out in the IRS headquarters building, right after the Panama Papers were rolled out to take a good swipe at the data dumps;  conveniently that fire forced the shut down of the IRS for the rest of the week:

IRS’s new ethics chief once ordered that records be illegally destroyed.
The new head of the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) ethics office once oversaw the illegal shredding of documents sought by the federal tax agency’s inspector general (IG) and allegedly retaliated by snitching on that colleague[.] Stephen Whitlock was named director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) in August 2015. The OPR supports “effective tax administration by ensuring all tax practitioners, tax-preparers, and other third parties in the tax system adhere to professional standards and follow the law,” according to the agency’s web site. Whitlock’s chief of operations was, until recently, a former tax enforcement agent who attempted to avoid government payments by declaring bankruptcy and who even lost his official sidearm in a bar fight.

IRS Wipes Another Hard Drive: Sackless GOP Leaders Issue Sternly Worded Memo in Response.
Leading members of Congress are ripping IRS officials for erasing a computer hard drive after a federal judge ordered it to be preserved. “The destruction of evidence subject to preservation orders and subpoenas has been an ongoing problem under your leadership at the IRS,” Committee on House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Jim Jordan, wrote in a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen late Thursday [1/21/2016]. “It is stunning to see that the IRS does not take reasonable care to preserve documents that it is legally required to protect,” Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, and Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said in the letter to Koskinen.

IRS under fire for erasing records sought in court order.
Lawmakers blasted the Internal Revenue Service this week for deleting records that a federal judge had ordered the agency to produce. First, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden demanded to know why a hard drive had been “sanitized” after a court ordered the IRS to hand over records from that computer.
In a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Wednesday [1/20/2016], the pair of Republicans questioned the tax agency’s record-keeping policies, which have come under fire for years thanks to a series of lengthy congressional investigations that were stymied by the IRS’ failure to turn over key documents.
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Wall Street/World Trade

February 2014 Iron Mountain Data Warehouse in Buenos Aires, recall the very suspicious fire in Argentina where, Argentine Banking System Archives Were Destroyed By Deadly Fire!
Obviously not a coincidence, on the day when Argentina decrees limits on the FX positions banks can hold and the Argentine Central Bank’s reserves accounting is questioned publicly, a massive fire – killing 9 people – destroyed a warehouse archiving banking system documents. The Washington Post reported, the fire (which purportedly had multiple protections against fire, including advanced systems that can detect and quench flames without damaging important documents) took hours to control and the sprawling building appeared to be ruined. The cause of the fire wasn’t immediately clear…

Trillions of Dollars of Securities May Have Been Destroyed.
Nov 5, 2012 … The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC) holds trillions of dollars of … certificates and other instruments (registered to subsidiary Cede & Co.) was apparently flooded by Hurricane Sandy.
Another amazingly convenient destruction of evidence!


Jul 2, 2010 … Iraqi authorities are investigating a fire that destroyed sensitive documents during an apparent Al Qaeda in Iraq attack against the Central Bank …

Remember the worldwide LIBOR Collusion Scandal, Deutsche Bank trading floor destroyed 482 tapes of telephone calls pertinent to the investigation…

Government Lies


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Institutional Criminals Are Destroying The Evidence:
  1. RonMamita says:

    Worldwide Awakening

    Title: The Nets of Deception. False Reality [fragment] (EngSubs)
    Video posted 09 Apr 2016
    The above excerpt is a fragment of the Russian documentary “The Nets of Deception – False Reality”
    “In this documentary, the authors demonstrate how falsification, information war, confidence tricks, financial pyramids and other unsavoury behaviour aimed to deceive the people works. I translated the first 10 minutes of the video, which would be of interest to an international viewer.”

    See the full Russian documentary “The Nets of Deception – False Reality”,

    Please leave any constructive comments to the translation at the translation project page:

    “Information war is an American term. Americans always want to fight. They’d fight sunshine itself.”

    Putin shows German skills, unexpectedly steps in as translator at forum:

    NOTE: They had a meeting about mass media and the war on information!

    Video posted 08 Apr 2016
    “The Russian president has surprised the audience at a forum in St. Petersburg, by allowing his German language skills to shine. He stepped in as translator for the former West German Defense Secretary Willy Wimmer.”


  2. RonMamita says:

    The world has been deceived Too long!

    Title: Critical Technology for End Times Theatre World Beyond Belief 181
    Video posted 19 Apr 2016
    “The world has been deceived long enough about antigravity mechanisms and now when this along with much more technology is going to be used to pull off the greatest deception in the age of man it is time for an expose´.
    Starting with the invention of antigravity (anti weight/density) technology, the Satanic control system has had a leg up on the rest of us (to say the least).
    Now with the same technology being able to interface with the time/space continuum it is certainly time for a warning. This WBB is an attempt at that warning.” –pineconeutopia

    Breeding Elitism & Globalism Holocaust Meme

    High class and High society continues today as the depopulation policies exist in the United Nations and many major international institutions…

    Title: Jim Marrs Explains the Population Control Agenda
    Video posted 18 Apr 2016 Jim Marrs Explains the Population Control Agenda


    Eugenics – Evidence of the Invasive Alien Mind

    by Zen Gardner

    Let’s suppose the parasitic scum working to ruin our lives and planet are in some fashion real people to some extent. I know, a stretch, but let’s try. So how can they perpetrate such horrors on humanity? How could such madness be justified in the minds of men, however psychopathic?

    Actually, it’s easy. For self promotion, preservation and power they’ve allowed themselves to be convinced it’s the right thing to do.

    A fabricated bastardization and reversal of any real Truth, but in their minds they’ve decided this wicked, inhuman illuminist takeover makes sense to them. Especially with their fat cheeks being firmly ensconced in the seats of power.

    Oh, the vestiges of their human conscience may give some of them a nudge in some cases, but it’s been shut down almost completely for most of them. It has to be. You can’t have empathy and wreak such death dealing havoc on nature and humanity.

    If you’ve ever known or observed a pathological liar, this cauterized mindset is their way of life. Politicians do it without the slightest compunction. To them it’s part of the job description for ruling the unwashed masses. How is it justified logically? The old “necessary evil” ruse. And the even more amazing thing is they smugly revel in this ugliness.

    Convincing the Cattle to Die – Eugenics Justifies All

    Think about it. What a slam dunk for world domination to so twist perception to where humanity is the problem that needs to be curtailed by draconian controls while being systematically exterminated like a pest infestation. Be it engineered wars, poverty and food shortages, drugging, corrupted food and water, dumbing down or injecting toxins into our bodies, all is fair game to them.

    Eugenics is the “tie that binds”, the glue that holds all the other lies conveniently together. And it takes the sting out of outright mass murder.

    Look what Agenda 21 and 2030 controls are perpetrated via things like climate change and CO2 fabrications. Sure, we’re in the throes of massive climate extremes for many reasons, many of them geoengineered, but to blame it on cattle flatulence and human breathing must be some kind of macabre inside joke. Bottom line is they are planning a great “culling of the herd” and need our permission. We’ve read about it for decades in their elitist writings, and this is how they justify it and hope to convince us as much as possible of the same.

    Remember, not waking up and saying no is ultimately humanity’s imprimatur that it agrees. That’s where empowerment comes in. We can say no and reverse all this at any time we want. Hence they’re efforts towards our mind numbing disempowerment.

    A Little Background

    As eugenics, called the “self-direction of human evolution”, grew out of its inception in the 1800’s, it was considered the harmonious result of all branches of science. The US was the first to implement eugenics programs as early as 1908 and it gained a lot of popularity and traction. What stopped it in its tracks, at least in public opinion, was the Nazi implementation of eugenics during WW2 and the obvious horror of all, however exaggerated by Zionists.

    This would late turn out to be an amazingly cunning pre-planned propaganda tool as we’ll discuss below.

    But now look how this eugenics campaign has been revived and is currently perpetrated. With innocuous sounding names like Planned Parenthood to the UN’s dastardly Agenda 21 and 2030 and Codex Alimentarius agendas, the mass hive mind sees these measures as “progress” while knowing little to nothing about the extensive anti-human and anti-freedom measures being foisted upon them.

    And it’s not just genetic and transhumanist culling, it’s mass population reduction.

    An elitist think tank called The Club of Rome set the latest stage for this last push to demonize humanity with the contrived invention of militant, invasive environmentalism. This appeared around the same time as the widely sensationalized “population bomb” concept. While real ecology and conservationism make common sense, this environmental agenda was created with the specific intention to foist massive controls over human activities. That we’re now at the incredulous point of having to pay a literal carbon tax is a total giveaway of their fraudulent intentions.

    Yet few catch on.

    And again, like the lie of human caused global warming, we should feel guilty for being alive, to such an extent that even our breath is supposedly killing the planet.

    Insane. Yet they keep pushing their agenda regardless of real scientific data to the contrary.

    The Cauterized Mind of Dystopians

    While humanity doesn’t share the bestial mindset of the elites and their occult driven agenda, these pounding programs wear on people. Over time the continued onslaught of these nonsensical anti-truths start to wear a groove in the mass mind.

    The psycho-trauma tool of choice? Cognitive dissonance.

    Resistance subsides as seemingly contrary understandings–in this case, “I’m a sovereign human being who deserves life and freedom” vs. “I’m a parasitic organism killing my host planet and need to be eradicated”. Screwy, but that’s what it boils down to.

    And what gets synthesized in the mind to reconcile the two? “I guess they know what they’re doing. Gee, we are bad and something needs to be done.” It doesn’t really make sense so the overload causes a shutdown and back to the TV and ball game they go, acquiescing by apathy.

    Once again, the intended solution being foisted on society gains traction.

    And daring to oppose this new status-quo? It has now been cleverly engineered to be tantamount to terrorism, the ultimate behavioral catch-all.

    Game. Set. Match…or so they think.


    Zio-Kabbalism – An Identifiable Virus Form

    While the arrogant, intellectual roots of modern eugenics seem to escape mainstream consciousness, obvious forms of racism and genocidal extermination have been much more evident. That the two are intrinsically connected takes one to the much deeper understanding of what’s really going on on this planet – the elimination of more conscious and rooted indigenous forms of humanity and the subjugation of the remaining human race and its ultimate manipulation into a non-questioning subservient form, actually loving its enslavement.
    READ more:


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