21st Century Super Power Demoted With The Controlled Demolition of The U.S.

1 Crime Lord_missionaccomplished

Global Integration Plan Calls For U.S. Fall:

Course correction” mandates De-Dollarization and diminished geopolitical leadership role…

Since the end of the Second World War, the United States government joined the globalization gambit that re-engineered the international system (U.N., International Monetary System, Bretton Woods & IMF).
Empires were absorbed into the global arrangement enforced by the Military Industrial Complex (included USSR, NATO and others). Interesting how the 5 largest weapons manufacturers became the Security Council Permanent Members for the U.N. (will Japan and others join?) …
With technology providing worldwide communication and travel, markets and resources were made available for everyone to be absorbed into world commerce.
Criminals became partners.

A Worldwide Protection racket was developed and institutionalized.
Profiteering (became regulated crime) under the guise of corporate-governments (governance).
Many officials and elites think this worldwide system is normal – it is not.
Many citizens falsely believe the legislated rule of law are Just Laws, again they are not.
This is a artificial world with artificial markets and memes of control; it is on borrowed time.

For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all. -Luke 8:17

Hegemony: 10 Toes or Ten Kingdoms or 10 Empires

the ten UN development regions…

I see them (Ruling Globalists) in the light of organized crime.
A fraudulent international monetary system with institutional governance to manage human livestock.
All the institutional criminals are in expensive suits and hiding behind honorable titles and prestigious expertise.
However, a mass awakening, lost trust in institutions, and growing social unrest can have an impact.
Thus, it is possible the globalists’ most careful plans can cause unintentional harm as their criminal plan is ruthlessly carried out in a altered form or in a altered environment (experienced, trained professionals have contingency plans), and certainly with altered territorial borders!
Look at the 10 regional grouping map above, Israel, Turkey and Ukraine are not alone in eyeing expanding borders and joining trade blocs…

In America both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are known to have had connections with organized crime. The Clintons are big fish while Trump may be a minnow with a past of shady business operations from commercial real estate to gambling casinos.
Trump “may not” even have a outstanding criminal offense today, while the Clintons are a ongoing worldwide criminal enterprise!
Both are known to have a sleazy past, it is obvious why they are the most unpopular candidates in modern governance.

Back to the topic of the worldwide criminal hegemony:
There are likely to be factions that are unwilling to be demoted and lose power, and there could be junior factions that dream of more power, or to ascend into the senior leadership role.
Sprinkle in a mix of honor bound, morality driven, strong-willed patriotic individuals and you can see the potential for internal conflicts.
Research the background of the individuals in the U.S. Presidential Office and see connections to the crime families of Bush and Clinton!
But, the Bushes and the Clintons are merely Puppets for institutional crime.
Get rid of the Bushes and the Clintons, and the criminal institutions will remain.

Oh – before I forget; in a previous post I included the viral videos from PhD. STEVE PIECZENIK. I absolutely do not trust Mr. Pieczenik, he provided no evidence, no links to source documents or recordings, and his resume include a career working in psychological warfare, and with Bush, Kissinger, and other institutional criminals. Maybe he is giving false hope to deceive the public to trust the foxes to guard the hen house, aka trust the FBI and intelligence secret industrial complex to investigate itself and to prosecute Hillary Clinton for crimes, and to protect Americans. Trust us now, after we have betrayed your trust for decades. That is asking way too much.

I have one important question, where were you guys during the 2000 rigged elections that put the criminal Bush into the White House, then where were you during the 9/11 state sponsored terror, then the 2008 bankster heist during the “great recession”, and later during the several obvious crisis acting faux terror attacks staged for news propaganda? The intelligence industry failed to protect Americans each time. Institutions are not the solution, they are part of the problem.

If you finally woke up and will now do the right thing, then revoke Hillary’s security clearance and begin criminal prosecution in court against the Bush crime family, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama, the Clinton Foundation members, and others, but please stop telling the People in America what to do.

Mobsters or Banksters
Not only are the Americans in harms way, but People worldwide are also in harms way as the U.S. government and the U.S. dollar face a looming crisis alongside a escalating world war campaign.
It is no wonder that the Russian Federation and NORAD are on ALERT!

Distrust and Deception is the growing trend.
Mounting debt payments, higher taxes, central bank manipulations with investment scams and social unrest adds uncertainty, where the new normal becomes an environment for lost confidence and distrust in the establishment.

Hillary – Hillary – Clinton – Obama
Where can the Bushes be hiding, follow the drug trade?
The Clinton Global Initiative (the Hillary presidential campaign & the Clinton Foundation) ‘let the cat out of the bag’.
Wikileaks revealed Qatar and Saudi Arabia funded both ISIS & radical Sunni groups as well as the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary sold arms to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Looks like a profitable relationship and great potential source for a state sponsored spy-ring.

The mass populous now know the systemic corruption is institutional & international to include Drug & Human trafficking, Pedophilia, sex rings, international spy rings, arms deals, capital flight, and organized espionage.
Yep, it is state sponsored crime and terror – as conspiracy researchers have claimed for decades.

Title: WIKILEAKS 30 JUST RELEASED: FBI Finds Clinton’s Top Secret Classified Emails on Weiner’s Laptop
Video posted 4 Oct 2016

The international connections could become the poisonous tentacles that can harm other criminal organizations in foreign locations through trade, finance, military, and intelligence operations…
U.S. Marines, from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, patrols through a poppy field near the town of Garmser in Helmand Province of Afghanistan Thursday May 1, 2008. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)
Covert operations and undercover agents are in danger as their identities and orders are known from the security breaches, and as previous allies distance themselves.
NATO, London, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Vatican, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, China, Syria, Belarus, and Ukraine are among the most noticeable to my watchful eye, but certainly other organizations and regions may be more vulnerable.
I expect many elite and foreign governments to be severing their ties to the Clinton-machine and covering their trail.

There are too many criminal secrets, and the potential for great surprises runs high.
Isn’t it predictable to see power consolidate in an attempt to protect their empires?
Oligarchs, cartels, industry leading corporations, and governments fall within that sociopathic realm.

The U.S., as a captured state, was given a new puppet role; or will it fail?

“The prescription of withdrawing from trade deals and focusing solely on your local market, that’s the wrong medicine,” -Pres. Obama

Obama and other U.S. puppet presidents, in many public occasions, called for globalization policies. You will have to search the internet for sources as they are many.
One of Obama’s globalization policy calls remained prominent in my memory because the North American Trade Union (NAFTA: Canada/U.S./Mexico) was a primary conspiracy research project I held for decades, thanks to Ross Perot.
Obama’s recent U.N. speech:

Title: Obama says the US must give up freedoms for the UN
Video posted 21 Sep 2016 by Th3BurningR3d
Click here if video fail to play

Title: Obama Goes All-in for Globalism: Says US Must Abrogate Sovereignty
Video posted 26 Sep 2016

United Nations flag
Rather than be concerned about the outcome of the U.S Elections, update your emergency preparedness plan in case of another financial crisis or other engineered catastrophe.
Some speculation is presented below, at least you can not say “no one” talked about this Age of Deception and the worse or unlikely possibilities!

*Will the United Nations move headquarters from New York?
My guess is they will (eventually) move, but will they be sent packing by the American People or will it be coordinated with the global hegemony of the IMF, BRICS, G20, and others?
I guess a major detection signal will come from the Central Banks and their rigged market exchanges, thus I look at the Federal Reserve failures to alert us.

*The U.S. Constitutional crisis (Hillary’s Email & the Clinton Foundation Foreign Espionage Center) could linger for weeks or beyond November 2016 – Hillary was obviously selected with criminal political machinery that destroyed the natural domestic obstacles to the Hillary Clinton Political Campaign PAC. a significant portion of that support was foreign funds and mass deception via the Mainstream Mass Media is very criminal indeed.
Who, from the Clinton Foundation, has the $1.8 Billion fortune parked in Qatar?
Qatar is a brutal government that doesn’t have a extradition agreement with the U.S; Hillary’s U.S. presidential campaign Chairman John Podesta has longstanding ties to the Russian mafia and money laundering. I expect some officials will move to Qatar…

*If Trump or Clinton choose to accept the vote count without a criminal investigation of the rigged voting machines results, I suspect it will be because they are attempting to protect the criminal government machine. In other words, the fraudulent system needs protection from truth & justice, and a president can attempt to pardon the violations and sweep the matter under the rug!
In the rigged elections the establishment could hide the fact that Jill Stein won the popular vote – yeah, it is a remote possibility.
Another peaceful transition for the criminal U.S. government and then the rigged markets can sigh with relief. The loser candidate can go into hiding, with the Bushes.
A possible wildcard is the legal complaints from both voters and rebellious patriotic law enforcement personnel. If they succeed in getting one court to hear the case then the rigged political selection game, as it is now, is in jeopardy. Of course wealthy elite criminals will find an alternate method…

*I hesitate to even share this possibility, but if I don’t then you may claim that no one ever mentioned this bizarre possibility. Actually, as a totally unnecessary deception this appears to be to “normal” People, I must remind you that the ruling criminal sociopaths are not “normal”. I have been in enough discussions where we reviewed false flags and state sponsored deception operations to know how similar many of them are to Hollywood movie tricks, and professional wrestling (you know, like the WWE); and you should know the connection that Donald Trump has to the WWE, acting, and corporate entertainment. The possibility that the U.S. elections is staged and fraudulent, fits in nicely with the rigged system, which would also mean Donald Trump is part of the act.
Trump or Hillary could go missing or be reported dead and the mainstream news media would do whatever it takes to convince the public that narrative is the official report and a factual event, even if the news report is complete BALDERDASH!
Speculate further along these lines and Obama may remain the U.S. puppet president for a 3rd term to solve the Constitutional crisis…

Video Title: Donald Trump bodyslams, beats and shaves Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania XXIII

*What did the Queen of England and the Pope mean when they cryptically warned (a year ago) there would not be a 2016 Christmas?

*Wall Street Financial Activities can be halted, keep a sharp eye on the looming Bond crisis.
The possibility for a government to “officially” default is high as the previous defaults with sovereign debt have been unofficial (i.e. Greece), or a major bank could be liquidated…

*Foreign troops wearing White Helmets under the insignia of the U.N. patrolling New York streets is a horrible possibility. (Hey, why have so many sightings of U.N. military equipment been spotted in America?) Nazi style martial law is unlikely, but have a emergency plan anyway, because we do not know if the Nazi’s in the U.S. government will attempt to carry out their fantasies.

*G20 Could Call For Emergency Meeting In Hamburg Germany (Germany holds the 2017 G-20 Presidency). The masters over the central banks engineered this international financial debt crisis, we should expect them to roll their faux solution for the monetary system on the world stage via mass media (MSM) news.

*Keep a close watch on NATO!
If the U.S. is in crisis, what does that mean for NATO?
A few years ago I noted that researchers were asking, is NATO falling apart?
The troubles were clear, when you made the effort to look for the problems.
NATO’s only industry is war profiteering. Now that the U.S. is distracted in a domestic crisis that calls for the warmongering faction in the U.S. government to focus domestically, NATO’s survival may be threatened and some NATO officials may feel bold in starting a poorly planned and poorly supported military campaign…
Esoteric Flat Earth

All governments are connected to this criminal “Globalization” agenda in one way or another. (Look at the UNITED NATIONS’ flag, is that the imperial hegemony?)
So, I call for everyone to remain calm and to increase their awareness with research and criminal investigations, as the U.S. elections deals with the Constitutional crisis.
Each individual, wherever he or she may live in this world, should seek the truth about the nearest governments and the ugly secrets hidden within.
Focusing solely on the U.S. government horrors could blind you, who live outside the territorial borders of the U.S. corporation.
You should know that the U.S. government was a captured state a long time ago, and you should research the institutional governance structure where you live.
Please share what you find with the world.

“So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” -Matthew 10:26

This shared awareness and mass awakening lifts the worldwide consciousness.
My simple wish is for the People on earth to share the knowledge to be free, have a joyful day. Knowledge of the truth makes a man unfit to be a slave. ~Ron



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “21st Century Super Power Demoted With The Controlled Demolition of The U.S.
  1. RonMamita says:

    Don’t Worry About U.S. Elections

    No matter which candidate wins the presidential election, the shadow government remains.
    The elections is a game show.
    Rather look for what signs you can find that the markets or banks will lock their doors…
    Do you have emergency cash on hand, supplies and a plan?

    Why do I talk about keeping a up-to-date Emergency Plan & Supplies?
    Because, since the 2008 financial crisis the officials did not solve the problems (they are the problem). They chose to hide the truth and “kick the can down the road”, by shoveling trillions of central bank computer capital at the too big to fail corporations.
    Yeah their buddies and club-members!
    So the markets have not collapsed and the real problem has gotten worse.
    Policy Intervention

    • 1998 Wall Street bailed out a Hedge Fund (LTCM)…
    • 2008 the U.S. Central Bank bailed out Wall Street…
    • the next financial crisis (2018 or sooner?) who will bail out the central banks?

    LTCM Case Study
    In 1994, John Meriwether, the famed Salomon Brothers bond trader, founded a hedge fund called Long-Term Capital Management. Meriwether assembled an all-star team of traders and academics in an attempt to create a fund that would profit from the combination of the academics’ quantitative models and the traders’ market judgement and execution capabilities.
    Sophisticated investors, including many large investment banks, flocked to the fund, investing $1.3 billion at inception.
    But four years later, at the end of September 1998, the fund had lost substantial amounts of the investors’ equity capital and was teetering on the brink of default.
    To avoid the threat of a systemic crisis in the world financial system, the Federal Reserve orchestrated a $3.5 billion rescue package from leading U.S. investment and commercial banks. In exchange the participants received 90% of LTCM’s equity. –uark.edu

    Title: Trump/Hillary Election is a Distraction!
    Video posted 27 Sep 2016

    Title: U.S. Elections “November Chaos”: What You’re Not Being Told
    Video posted 4 Nov 2016 by GlobalResearchTV

    Title: Hilllary is Done – Worry About Being Prepared More Than Election
    Video posted 4 Nov 2016

    Title: Evidence Suggest Assange May Have Escaped!
    Video posted 4 Nov 2016

    Title: Title: Very Soon They Will Report Assange Has Committed Suicide
    Video posted 30 Oct 2016 by MAXLIBERTY


    • RonMamita says:

      Obama/Trump Scripted For America

      I have Déjà vu!
      When Obama was the hope against the Republican’s machine and war-mongering police state, the world sighed and congratulated America, Today the world is again congratulating America with the hope that Trump will end the Democratic party’s war-mongering police state.
      Amazingly pathetic, that voters keep falling for the same scam every 8 years.

      Title: Simpsons Prediction of Donald Trump Becoming President Comes True
      Video posted 9 Nov 2016 by DAHBOO77

      Video posted 9 Nov 2016 by RichieFromBoston

      What Happened To The Missing Assange?

      Is Julian Assange alive?
      John Richard Pilger (born 9 October 1939) is an Australian journalist based since 1962 in the United Kingdom. http://johnpilger.com/

      Title: The Pilger – Assange – Silent Echo – Interview
      Video posted 5 Nov 2016 by MrCati


  2. RonMamita says:

    Hillary Rig Is Losing But Trump Will Make A Deal

    Saving the government (excuse is to avoid chaos), yeah – the real situation is much worse than admitted and is really a dire government crisis hidden from Americans…

    NORAD on alert and notified Russian Federation was a BIG signal of U.S. crisis.

    Video posted 4 Nov 2016

    Title: Huma Is Talking About Hillary, FBI Found Classified Emails – What Really Happened (FULL SHOW)
    Video posted 5 Nov 2016


  3. RonMamita says:

    Failing Empires Is A Good Thing!

    What would it take to disrupt criminal institutions, short of a violent invasion?
    A natural disaster could do the trick!
    Massive tax boycotts and government walkouts (workers’ strike) would also be effective.
    EMP disabling deadly tech and weapons could help.
    Lower sea levels revealing the ancient knowledge and technology would go a long way in revealing past events and current deceptions…

    This is a summary of the November 2016 ALTA or Web Bot Report by Clif High of http://www.halfpasthuman.com

    To purchase full report go to http://www.halfpasthuman.com

    Title: WEB BOT NOV / DEC 2016 clif high Trump to win! gold, silver & bitcoin BTC
    Video posted 6 Nov 2016

    Title: Web Bot Forecasts “Trump Triumphs Over Hillary by Large Margin” in November 2016 ALTA Report
    Video posted 6 Nov 2016

    Did the Assange-RT Interview Prove He Lives?

    NO, it does not!

    Title: Does Assange RT Interview Prove Hes Alive ?
    Video posted 5 Nov 2016 by MAXLIBERTY

    Rigged Elections is The Norm!

    Title: REALIST NEWS – Broward County – Election Fraud? Again? Same Woman?
    Video posted 6 Nov 2016 by jsnip4



  4. RonMamita says:

    “Election Stress Disorder”

    LOL 🙂
    Go, run to your doctor for a big pharma prescription!

    George Orwell & other Dystopia novels PREDICTED THIS:

    Video title: Presidential Campaign Can Cause Election Stress Disorder
    Video posted 1 Nov 2016
    ??? REALLY ???

    Here is my remedy:
    Don’t Worry About U.S. Elections
    No matter which candidate wins the presidential election, the shadow government remains.
    The elections is a game show.
    Rather, look for what signs you can find that the markets or banks will lock their doors…

    *I suggest we all have emergency cash on hand, supplies and a plan.

    – Laughter Is Good For Your Spirit –

    Here Is The Political Hacker Game Show BONUS Question!!!

    Who will win the 2016 U.S. Elections Puppet Presidential Office?
    B. TRUMP
    C. STEIN
    D. It doesn’t matter!

    Correct Answer:
    D. (The government does survive!)

    If you answered “D” you win this imaginary deluxe 1000 piece puzzle prize with the image of Clinton, Trump, Jesuit Cardinal, and Rothschild all laughing at their gala party.

    Hmm, we can guess who they are laughing at, can’t we?

    Yes, it does feel like the joke is on the voting citizens

    NATO’s 300,000 Troops On High Alert Poised For War Against Russia:

    Title: NATO High Alert 300,000 troops
    Video posted 7 Nov 2016 by Israeli News Live

    Title: NATO vs Russia Everyone Else Loses
    Video posted 7 Nov 2016 by Israeli News Live

    Follow The Script

    It is all staged.
    A worldwide script is being followed, sure there are some disgruntled players, and factions that do not know the whole plan so they naturally see illegality and want to end it.
    But the hidden agenda calls for chaos and wish to engineer a big emergency.

    Title: An Election Prediction LIKE NO OTHER
    Video posted 5 Nov 2016 by Texas Shrugged Book

    Title: Keiser Report: The Politics of Rage (E989)
    Video posted 5 Nov 2016 by RT


  5. RonMamita says:

    Voting Is A Dangerous Ritual!

    Voting for a ruthless or less ruthless MASTER, or running away from slavery are the choices:

    Title: If You Vote You Can’t Compain – Larken Rose on The Corbett Report
    Video posted 7 Nov 2016 by corbettreport

    Interview 1225 – Larken Rose on the Immorality of Voting

    Corbett • 11/08/2016
    Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

    Your vote is statistically meaningless and will not sway the (s)election.
    Your vote is strategically meaningless and decides nothing about the future of the country.
    Your vote is useless, as the (s)election is rigged anyway.
    But as Larken Rose of LarkenRose.com reminds us, what really matters is that voting is immoral, legitimizing a system of authoritarian control and empowering the oligarchs who created the system and control its results.

    Happy selection day!


    The Most Dangerous Superstition

    The Jones Plantation

    The Mirror – Trailer/Teaser

    Larken Rose on facebook

    Support Larken Rose on Patreon


  6. RonMamita says:

    Solutions: War Hammer & Profiteering


    Title: The War Racket, Liberty Bonds and the Gold Confiscation of 1933
    Video posted 27 Dec 2016 by maneco64

    In this report I discuss about the major beneficiaries of war as explained by Major General Smedley Butler. I also look at how World War One was financed and later on how the U.S. government defaulted on the war debt.


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