Is A Power Struggle Boiling-Over In Europe, Or Is The EURO Burning?

…is Europe burning the Euro or Euro burning Europe?

The public is witnessing a lot of political dramas at the heart of the eurozone crisis. But European families and individuals are suffering through rising costs to live and higher taxes while facing the worst economic and social crisis in decades.
Yet they have it good, we are told, when compared to the rest of the world. After all, the ruling class is properly managing the “global economy” for our mutual welfare, right?
Perhaps some with that mindset will welcome the EUROPEAN UNION.
Personally, I do not know the majority of living standards and what disparities are across 27-51 countries, so look at what is reported here and share your comments.


Martin Armstrong‘s View:

Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble of Germany is starting to show signs of rebellion against the elite in Brussels. With the event of BREXIT, the EU is more concerned about trying to punish Britain than they are in reflecting upon what is going so terribly wrong. They will throw their support behind Macron in France fearing that a Le Pen win may be the end of Brussels. Consequently, the EU Commission is trying to punish Britain, and is actually dividing Europe once again. There will be the EU membership, and then there will be the Eurozone within, limited to those countries who surrender their sovereignty to Brussels relinquishing their currency, but not their debt.

Schäuble is clearly attempting to save the Eurozone and make it operational at the same time to protect German exports within Europe. The driving force behind the Euro was to eliminate foreign exchange risk so German manufacturers could sell to all of Europe on a regular basis without currency fluctuation disturbing their sales.

Yet Schäuble is actually looking at reducing the power of the EU for reading between the lines, he has no confidence in the abilities of the EU Commission to manage Europe. Obviously, BREXIT is restructuring the EU only insofar as they seek to punish Britain rather than reform the problems that caused it. That means the Euro zone will be restructured as a block within the EU leaving the institutions, such as the ECB, applicable to the EU. The rules within the Eurozone are by no means clearly defined. This is how Markel opened the gates to refugees without ever going to a vote first in the EU. Thus, the unilateral decisions of Germany have then been applied to all of Europe without any democratic process whatsoever.

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Poland, Czech Republic won't join Euro

Greece headed for debt showdown

Athens left IMF’s spring meetings empty-handed.
By Matthew Karnitschnig

4/24/17, 2:48 AM CET | Updated 4/25/17, 10:48 AM CET

WASHINGTON — Greece wasn’t on the agenda of the International Monetary Fund’s spring meetings over the past several days. Perhaps it should have been.

Greece-watchers were hoping the Washington confab, which brings together senior financial policy makers from across the globe, would lead to a breakthrough in the country’s tortuous bailout negotiations as the key players met privately on the sidelines of the gathering.

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Global finance officials argue benefits of free trade


[…] German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told reporters Friday that if more isn’t done “we will see more protectionism and countries retreating from globalization.”

Schaeuble spoke with reporters Friday at the conclusion of two days of talks among finance ministers and central bank presidents from the Group of 20 major world economies. Germany is chairing the G-20 this year.

The G-20 discussions were being held in conjunction with the spring meetings of the 189-nation International Monetary Fund and its sister lending organization, the World Bank, which are scheduled to conclude Saturday. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen were representing the United States at the discussions.

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7 comments on “Is A Power Struggle Boiling-Over In Europe, Or Is The EURO Burning?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Geopolitics & Central Banking Manipulating Markets:

    It was as precise as the tide; the U.S. dollar was strong for six years. Then, in 2002, it started getting weak. Following the same pattern, it stayed weak for ten years. In 2012, the Americans started to prepare to make it strong. They used the same approach: create a regional crisis for other people. –The People’s Liberation Army’s most influential strategist, Major-General Qiao Liang

    Title: To Make Sense of the Markets Keep an Eye on Japanese Yen and Korean Peninsula.
    Video posted 25 Apr 2017 by maneco64

    In this report I cover the market action since late on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017. I look at the moves in the euro and the yen and I also cover the market action in gold and silver.

    “America’s Financial War Strategy”:


  2. Alan Scott says:

    The EU is threatening to halt talks with Turkey re entry. Increasingly it’s looking like membership is more of a burden than an advantage.

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    • RonMamita says:

      Yes, and I’ve read the ruckus between Turkey and Greece continues over several issues…
      Turkey appears to be one of the hotspots between the power shift from WEST to EAST.

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      • Alan Scott says:

        Greece is full of s***. Whenever their government is in trouble they try to stir up nationalistic fervour by picking a quarrel with Turkey – knowing that their Western masters will back them.


        • RonMamita says:

          I wasn’t expecting the sharp emotional response from you over those deceptive institutions and their games of deception – even as I recall you have strong emotions with Turkey.

          Be that as it may, I feel a friendly reminder about this Age of Deception is appropriate here:
          I do not defend any of the deception and fraud from institutional members, including but not limited to Greece and Turkey.
          Each institutional member (over many generations) plays the games of deception in its own way…

          My efforts are to reveal the mass deception within all institutional governance.
          My wish is we seek the truth, because knowledge of the truth will set us free.
          I posted many reminders, one comes readily to mind, back in Feb 2016, but the best effort was from over a 8 hours lecture by Mark Passio back in 2013…
          LOL, I will spare you the video marathon 🙂

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  3. Alan Scott says:

    Much of the Western view of Turkey has been shaped by the Greek and Armenian lobbies in the USA. Western “Christians” in the USA and western Europe have been ready to believe the lies and distortions because of a millennium-old fear and hatred of “Turks” going back to the Crusades (and who were the aggressors then?). For years Turkey was a pawn of the NATO powers, suffering military coups and economic manipulation, its children taught a distorted history. Turkey is currently undergoing a necessary re-evaluation of itsplace in the world.

    Can we truly believe nothing and no one? Hard to live a happy life then. Look at what’s going on with Venezuela. The world’s 2nd-largest proven oil reserves, one of the lowest debt-to-GDP ratios, and their economy is tanking. My conservative friend says, it’s mismanagement! As if the USA, the UK and NZ (to take 3 examples) are well managed. The fact is, the global Money Power have decided to screw Venezuela’s economy to get rid of the socialist government, as they have done elsewhere many times before. Maybe we would hear a different story from the Chavez/Maduro people – and maybe their story would be nearer the truth?


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