Venezuelans Stampedes into Bitcoin!

…As the economic abyss calls Venezuela, citizens are becoming more desperate.
Understandingly, many maneuvers by the government, such as the abolition of the 100 Bolivar banknotes, are extreme.

The Bolivar is losing value each day, with inflation assuming catastrophic features (over 800% in 2016), which means that asset building and economic trading are hardly possible. Cryptography is therefore viewed as an alternative by an increasing number of Venezuelans, especially as their volatility is low compared to Bolivar. It can be seen, for example, that the volume of Bitcoin trade in Venezuela has risen sharply.

The trading volume of 1.3 million USdollars is still tiny, but the graph shows a strong increase. The bitcoin adaptation in Venezuela is supported by the recently opened Bitcoin stock exchange Monkeycoin.

[Read about monkeycoin in Venuzuela here: ]

Bitcoin is also used as a means of payment in addition to the asset or hedge, since the purchase of imported goods with the national currency is only possible at an extinct black market price. The lack of purchasing power and stability of the Bolivar therefore causes more and more merchants to integrate Bitcoin into their business.

The chief of the federal police agency said recently that bitcoin miners were imperiling the electrical service in a town south of Caracas, which is not implausible, considering that the country’s electrical service, plagued by underinvestment and graft, has often been overwhelmed in times of high demand. (Thieves have also started pilfering electrical and communications gear for valuable components.)

Despite enthusiasm for bitcoin in Venezuela, its spread may be hindered by the seemingly wide net of the authorities’ crackdown and by the one-third of Venezuelans who don’t have bank accounts. –

Pray for the people in Venezuela!
Send food or money directly to families there, if you know them; please do not trust donation corporations such RED CROSS.


Title: KCN First regulated bitcoin exchange in Venezuela
Video posted 11 Jun 2017 by KCN News

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With Your Help, This Year The Official 9/11 Story Will Be Demolished For Good

WTC 7 collapsed without a cause

WTC Skyscraper Building 7 Didn’t Just Blow Itself Up!

2017 Reveals:

  • The “conspiracy theorist” insults have lost its power.
  • collaboration: Dr. Leroy Hulsey of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and AE911 will issue their report with litigation against NIST about the collapse of Building 7.
  • Richard Gage, AIA, of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, discuss the global initiative to raise awareness of 9/11 Truth.
  • More individuals are Taking the 9/11 Red Pill
  • This is a Anniversary for the corporate Fake News
  • Economies are descending into a recession
  • Institutions have lost the citizens’ Trust

9/11 Building 7 didnt just blow itself up!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

Title: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
Video posted 11 Sep 2011 by corbettreport

9/11 Pentagon missing plane and 2.3 trillion dollars!

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

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I Acutely Feel Herded Down The Digital Economic Path…

Laocoön and his Sons in the Vatican which is among the works under the care of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church

By both the decepticons, and the well-meaning “Aware” peer-to-peer and sharing communities.
I do not have, and do not wish to have a:

  • paypal account
  • smartphone (sms)
  • other digital/internet hoops to jump through

… before I can join or contribute to your valuable efforts.

I have been blocked from many a well meaning effort because of these digital hoops they require you to jump through.
No longer is the simple request for a handwritten bank check or money order, or bank transfer sufficient to complete a transaction.
I find it all very frustrating!

Are everyone so afraid of having a simple mailbox or bank transaction account to fall back on if the internet is disrupted or for allowing those of us who have not fully embraced the digital economy?

This digital path is painfully obvious to those like me who wish to be off-grid and still able to connect creative-freedom, peer network efforts.

I ask all freedom loving individuals to consider this simple request:
Include simple transaction (snail mail checks/money orders/bank transfer) solutions to their payment options.
Do not forget that everyone who has national currencies can mail a money order or can transfer credit union/bank funds via a check or credit union/bank routing transaction.

Digital Cashless Economy

It’s Coming…

And India is in the forefront of this effort as a test case.
This is not a secret, though MSM will claim it to be “fake news” and conspiracy theory.
Consider all governments imposing a mandate for biometric bankcards and direct deposits.

Title: India’s March Towards A Cashless Society – Trading’s Lynette Zang
Video posted 13 Jun 2017 by ITM Trading

JUMP TO the 2:23 minute of the video.

With the implementation of the digital-economy:
We Lose Choices!

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Think you know how to “End The Fed”? Take the #FedChallenge

We invite you to research, discuss, and share!
Post or search the internet using the hashtag: #FedChallenge

If you are new to the engineered worldwide monetary system enslaving the citizens, then search these researchers for beginning this endeavor:

Title: Think you know how to “End The Fed”? Take the #FedChallenge
Video posted 13 Jun 2017 by corbettreport

James Corbett responds to Jerry Day’s Federal Reserve challenge. If “End the Fed” is to be anything more than a mantra, then we must have a plan in place for how to actually end the fed and what we do after it’s gone. Find out James’ response in this edition of The Corbett Report.

Jerry Day’s YouTube channel (minivanjack)

Jerry’s Challenge: After the Fed, What?

Interview 928 – James Corbett Discusses Voluntary Solutions to Ending the Fed

Outrunning Collapse: The alternative currency solution

Complementary Currencies: A Beginner’s Guide

Interview 638 – Paul Glover on How to Create a Community Currency

How To Beat The Banksters At Their Own Game

Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution

Title: Jerry’s Challenge: After the Fed, What?
Video post 16 May 2017 by minivanjack
“Jerry’s Challenge to everyone is to help bring stable, fair and honest currency to society. The collapse of the Federal Reserve Note and our debt-slavery system is a good thing, it is an opportunity to create and use a far better money or currency. That should not be difficult, but if we don’t seize this opportunity we are choosing slavery because that is what our large institutions prefer for us.
There is very little you can do that will change your future more than help decide what currency we will use next.”
End quote.

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

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The 21st Century: The World Not As Taught

Awareness and Free Your Mind
Chains of obedience.
To cut off your chains you must first see them.
Authority Must Hear The Word: NO
[My musing: how I remember the 21st century.]

Unveiling the truth is being treated as a criminal act by governments, as whistleblowers are killed or jailed.
As investigative journalists are blacklisted, labelled “Fake News”, or killed.

– Deception Inflicts A Wound –
Deception is in violation of natural law because it is a theft of the truth and it is harmful.
Mass deception by institutions are Crimes Against Humanity.

Clinging To False Beliefs

“This increase awareness of a class of organizational crimes that are the collective product of the joint actions between state agencies and business corporations is growing among the citizens worldwide. This suggests that an additional conceptualization of criminal organizational relationships between government agencies and business corporations is needed.” –thankyoutruthseekers

Theresa May becomes PM
Look around, do you see a vast disconnect?
Do you see the chains of obedience?
Do you see a rise in illness and suicides?
Do you see an increase in institutional governance & corruption?
Do you see an increase in poverty and suffering?

Worldwide, “SOMETHING” has been happening…

Earth is a Petri Dish for the ruling class
I was put off-balance when the Y2K threat circulated mass media and the tech stocks crashed the markets March 2000 when the so-called Dot-Com Bubble burst…

Then I felt the darkness spread like a thick fog from the November 2000 U.S. presidential election rigging that resulted in putting George “Dubya” Bush into the White House…

Then 9/11 (September 2001) false flag operation…

Then the War On Terror (WOT – perpetual wars)…

And for me, this sense (“something” is happening) has been intensifying since 2008!

Then the Great Recession (financial crisis & mortgage securitization fraud)…

Then the Banksters’ Bailouts, then the Barack No-Bama (Hope’ium) deception with the drone wars, the destruction of Libya, and the globalization agenda…

So my heart was lifted, with the prophetic script that 2012 would be a transition, was scheduled to cycle through this era, and many individuals began to awaken and search for the Truth.
What did the Truth reveal?

Indoctrination centers instill programming difficult to delete...

– Worldwide Mass Deception –

Seeing deception everywhere and discovering a worldwide institutional matrix with Luciferian worshiping rulers behind a code of silence.

2014, the year when videos started to circulate the evidence that the spinning-ball-earth model is false and NASA is a government fraud…

2017, the year has a collective nervous anticipation that more devastating crises are approaching:

    • observing institutional corruption & crime
    • covert ops, shadow banking & shadow government
    • Manipulated Markets & Crash
    • Bank Bail-ins
    • GMO, Human Experiments & Clones
    • poverty & social unrest
    • pedophilia & human trafficking
    • Military saber rattling
    • psyops, propaganda, crisis actors and staged false flags…

The worldwide crisis lingers, no – the crisis deepens as problem-solvers seek to implement alternatives and healing.

So, what do I forecast after reviewing the 21st century?
Expect Debt, Distrust and Truth Bombs to devastate institutions that requires the public trust.

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

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LOL: I’ll Buy That Mega Bank For One Dollar!

A sculpture showing the Euro currency sign is seen in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt February 29, 2012. REUTERS/Alex Domanski (GERMANY - Tags: BUSINESS)

The Bail-Ins Begins: Banco Popular (the 6th largest bank in all of Spain) Bought Out For One €!

Yep, you read that correctly one stingy Euro!
This is both funny and a tragedy.
You should have heard the alarming news already, but the details are much worse and the contagion may already be spreading to other corporations.
The Global systemically important financial institutions (G-SIFI or SIFI) are protected by the new rules and this is the most recent demonstration of the protection racket!
Beware bankers what now

Banco Popular: 1st Bank Collapse In The History Of The E.U.

Banco Popular’s stock fell from more than 30 Euros in 2007 to less than 33 cents this year, while the depositors scrambled to withdraw their deposits causing a bank-run.
Banco Santander acquired the collapsed bank for one Euro!
Tens of Billions of Euros are invested in stocks and bonds along with assets and properties in Banco Popular’s portfolio. Imagine the uncertainty and distrust circulating throughout the brokerages and hedge funds as massive wealth was wiped out in a single day.
At least Santander can say they saved themselves and other mega banks that had investments in Banco Popular’s financial instruments.
But, we should ask the question, was the problem solved?
The problem wasn’t solved after the 2007-2009 “Great Recession“, and still remains unresolved.

Spain has other banks in trouble, many are putting Liberbank Banco on their watch list.
Liberbank shares fell 20% amid Popular turmoil…

See the OBVIOUS correlation of central banks’ balance sheets and stock markets:

As the crisis deepens, we can expect the “Too Big To Fail” corporations to buy out troubled businesses and repossess property and collateral on loans.
Like the game of MONOPOLY the bank(sters) always wins.
She was drunk this Friday the 13th

After its most tumultuous week since the bailout days of 2012, Spain’s banking system is gripped by a climate of fear, uncertainty and distrust. Rather than allaying investor nerves, the shotgun bail-in and sale of Banco Popular to Santander on Tuesday has merely intensified them. –

…But since the bail-in of Popular, Liberbank’s shares have seriously crashed as panicked investors fled. Scenting fresh blood, short sellers were piling in. On Friday alone, shares plunged another 17%. At one point, they were down 38% before bouncing at the close of trading, much of it driven by the bank’s own share buybacks:

In the last three weeks a whole year’s worth of steadily rising gains on the stock market have been completely wiped out.

Title: Spain Bank COLLAPSES! Bailout for Just €1 as EU Completely Falling Apart!
Video posted 07 Jun 2017 by The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth

Title: Banking crisis in Spain. The demise of Banco Popular.
Video posted 11 Jun 2017 by Rod Navarro

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In Harms Way: Blindly Obedient & Blissfully Ignorant Citizens

The two most misguided notions held in America: 1. Our government wouldn't do that to us. 2. If they did, they would tell us about it on TV.

Citizens’ Eyes Wide Shut

What you don’t know could kill you…

Psychotronic Warfare Towers in your area!
Have you heard about the “Silent War“?
Have you seen the military alliance plans for “Full Spectrum Dominance”?
Have you researched “Biohacking” or “Cognitive Modulation”, or “Human Enhancement”?
Have you researched “G.W.E.N.” Towers?
Artificial Intelligence Tracking everything

WHY are CELLPHONE Towers Disguised As Trees?
WHY are there so many cellphone towers?
WHY do cellphone towers have dangerous military grade microwave warfare level voltages?

The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) was a command and control communications system intended for use by the United States government to facilitate military communications …

“GWEN towers are popping up everywhere in America; rural, hilltops, mountain areas, suburbs, and cities. The cover story is that they’re supposed to be used for cell phone communications, but as this article reveals, Big Brother has something far more insidious in mind”… –

Video posted 04 Feb 2016 by ron johnson

The Public Can Be Manipulated:

Mind control, stupor, confusion, docile, melancholy, zombies… is possible to induce remotely into the population without consent or knowledge.

It is possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material...


Nervous System Manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors, can be embedded in computer programs, initiated remotely, and covertly without the awareness of the subject(s)…

According to the name “Hendricus G. Loos” does not belong to a person, its a fictitious name…

The invention relates to the stimulation of the human nervous system by an electromagnetic field applied externally to the body. A neurological effect of external electric fields has been mentioned by Wiener (1958), in a discussion of the bunching of brain Waves through nonlinear interactions. The electric field Was arranged to provide “a direct electrical driving of the brain”. Wiener describes the field as set up by a 10 HZ alternating voltage of 400 V applied in a room between ceiling and ground. Brennan (1992) describes in US. Pat. No. 5,169,380 an apparatus for alleviating disruptions in circadian rythms of a mammal, in Which an alternating electric field is applied across the head of the subject by two electrodes placed a short distance from the skin.

A device involving a field electrode as Well as a contact electrode is the “Graham Potentializer” mentioned by Hutchison (1991). This relaxation device uses motion, light and sound as Well as an alternating electric field applied mainly to the head. The contact electrode is a metal bar in Ohmic contact With the bare feet of the subject, and the field electrode is a hemispherical metal headpiece placed several inches from the subject’s head.

In these three electric stimulation methods the external
electric field is applied predominantly to the head, so that
electric currents are induced in the brain in the physical
manner governed by electrodynamics. Such currents can be
largely avoided by applying the field not to the head, but
rather to skin areas away from the head. Certain cutaneous
receptors may then be stimulated and they Would provide a
signal input into the brain along the natural pathways of
afferent nerves. It has been found that, indeed, physiological
effects can be induced in this manner by very Weak electric
fields, if they are pulsed With a frequency near 1/2 HZ. The
observed effects include ptosis of the eyelids, relaxation,
drowziness, the feeling of pressure at a centered spot on the
lower edge of the brow, seeing moving patterns of dark
purple and greenish yellow With the eyes closed, a tonic
smile, a tense feeling in the stomach, sudden loose stool, and
sexual excitement, depending on the precise frequency used,
and the skin area to Which the field is applied. The sharp
frequency dependence suggests involvement of a resonance

It has been found that the resonance can be excited not
only by externally applied pulsed electric fields, as discussed
in US. Pat. Nos. 5,782,874, 5,899,922, 6,081,744, and
6,167,304, but also by pulsed magnetic fields, as described
in US. Pat. Nos. 5,935,054 and 6,238,333, by Weak heat
pulses applied to the skin, as discussed in US. Pat. Nos.
5,800,481 and 6,091,994, and by subliminal acoustic pulses,
as described in US. Pat. No. 6,017,302. -Quote from United States Patent, US006506148B2, Patent N0.: US 6,506,148 B2

Title: This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System
Video posted 07 Jun 2017 by Truthstream Media

Videodrome movie:

Title: TELEVISION Will Kill you. PATENT to PROVE it..
Video posted 31 May 2017 by RichieFromBoston

Video posted 19 Oct 2017 by BlueRavenUSA

Isn’t it wise to dismantle these hazardous devices?
The potential for mass harm and suffering is there, the patents and engineering specs are documented evidence of the hazards.
We can engineer and manufacture better and safer technology.
Share and amplify awareness; we are the change we have been searching for.

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2017 Good News: IRS Loses $175 Million Class Action Lawsuit!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been a cancer on the American people since 1913 when the IRS Act was passed around the same time as The Federal Reserve Act.

IRS May Have to Refund $300 Million After Federal Judge Rules PTIN Fee is Illegal

The full caption is Adam Steele, Brittany Montrois, and Joseph Henchman, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated v. United States of America.

Or Read the report “IRS Loses $175 Million Class Action Lawsuit“….

No Taxation
Here is the Case No: 14-cv-1523-RCL from the



A federal judge ruled on June 1 that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) exceeded its authority in collecting fees for issuing Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTIN). The IRS requires PTINs by paid tax preparers, and while D.C. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that the IRS could do so, he concluded that the fees are illegal in that they are not a “service or thing of value” provided by the agency. The case is Steele, et al. v. United States, No. 14-cv-1523-RCL, and is a class action representing all individuals and entities who have paid a PTIN.

PTINs have been required since the 2011 filing year and the IRS has collected between $175 million and $300 million in PTIN fees, according to various estimates. Unless this case is reversed on appeal, the IRS will have to refund all that money. About 1.3 million PTIN fees have been issued, and 710,553 people currently have one. The fee was at one time about $64, but was reduced to $50 in 2016 after the Steele litigation commenced. Of that $50, a private vendor that issues the fees received $17 and the IRS received $33. It is a flat fee per preparer, regardless of how many returns the preparer files.

The “service or thing of value” standard comes from a federal law, 31 U.S.C. § 9701(b), and a U.S. Supreme Court decision distinguishing taxes from fees, National Cable Television Association, Inc. v. United States, 415 U.S. 336 (1974). Fees are incident to a voluntary act and bestow special benefits on the fee-payer that is not shared with the general public. The IRS argued that the authorization to prepare tax returns for compensation was the thing of value provided by the IRS in collecting the fee.

The judge rejected this argument, pointing to the 2014 Loving v. IRS decision that rejected IRS regulation of paid tax preparers because they “practice before” the Department of the Treasury, a rationale the judges in that case said was stretched. Here, Judge Lamberth concluded: “Therefore, it appears to this Court that the IRS is attempting to grant a benefit that it is not allowed to grant, and charge fees for granting such a benefit.”

The judge did not consider the plaintiffs’ second argument that the fees are excessive, in that they are more than the IRS’s actual costs. By invalidating the IRS’s authority to collect the fees, he essentially ruled that any amount is excessive.

Yesterday, the IRS posted a statement completely suspending the issuance and renewal of PTINs, not merely stopping the collection of the fee. The IRS referenced the judge’s decision as the reason, and said that it is working with the Department of Justice to decide how to proceed.

On the possibility of the judge’s ruling being reversed on appeal, Kay Bell of Don’t Mess with Taxes writes: “[W]hile I wouldn’t go spending any PTIN refund money just yet, if you’ve paid for the identifier over the years, you might want to at least make a wish list.”

Title: IRS Loses $175 Million Class Action Lawsuit! – Taxation Is Theft
Video posted 07 Jun 2017 by World Alternative Media

tax revolt newsweek


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Thank You Truth Seekers Who Defy The Malevolent Entities Directing Institutional Governance And Mass Deception

Sword of TRUTH

Sword of TRUTH

I don’t know how this is going to end…

Hmm, despite this sounding like a cliche from a movie, it has already begun, a mass awareness is underway, and this is a worldwide phenomena.
Vast numbers of individuals are discovering the system is a fraud with criminals, sociopaths, and indoctrinated officials and workers perpetuating mass deception. Many are unaware they are assisting the great deception.

The Collective Consciousness

The collective consciousness is a kind of Mass Effect field on earth; perhaps the theories about the “Morphic Fields” and “Noosphere” do have a basis in fact.
With the development of institutional governance, mass communications, mass marketing, and compulsory education the collective consciousness has been manipulated and deceived.

– Deception Inflicts A Wound –
Deception is in violation of natural law because it is a theft of the truth and it is harmful.
Mass deception by institutions are Crimes Against Humanity.

– Defining the State as Criminal –
Governments kill and plunder on a scale that no mass murderer and ‘robber band’ could hope to emulate.

Have you heard of the term “state-corporate crime”?

State-corporate crime refers to serious social harms that result from the interaction of political and economic organizations. The need for such a concept can be seen when examining major events such as 9/11 and the ongoing bailouts from the 2008 Great Recession.

This increase awareness of a class of organizational crimes that are the collective product of the joint actions between state agencies and business corporations is growing among the citizens worldwide. This suggests that an additional conceptualization of criminal organizational relationships between government agencies and business corporations is needed. If investigative journalism was allowed on MSM to sketch out the historical context for the relationship between power and crime and explore the relationships between state-corporate crime for criminological inquiry.
State Crime: Governments, Violence and Corruption

In other words, if journalists and news reporters actually did their jobs and investigated the influential organizations such as corporate media, central banks, market exchanges, funded military activities, intelligence agencies, high priests in the organized religions, and high officials in all organizations, including governments, then the world could begin to address the wars, ills and disease plaguing this world.
Books such as Orwell’s 1984 fictional novel, and research textbook titled:
State Crime: Governments, Violence and Corruption” by Penny Green and Tony Ward, should be required reading in all educational centers, government/military officials and careers in journalism.

I am still surprised when I hear an individual use the phrase “conspiracy theorist” as a form of character assassination, or when a individual fall back on a PhD. level of education (as an “expert”) to refute contrary evidence and natural law. Many astrophysicists and court judges are in for a rude awakening when the system crumbles or when the institutional crisis becomes visible to everyone…

Look around, do you see a vast disconnect?
Do you see a rise in illness and suicides?
Do you see an increase in institutional governance & corruption?
Do you see an increase in poverty and suffering?

If you do not see those things above then maybe you are tuned to mainstream media and under the spell of educational indoctrination, and perhaps you should unplug yourself from that matrix, for there are inherent dangers in “groupthink”.
Blindly following the herd could lead to running off the cliff.

News propaganda from paid presstitutes
Cable TV, NEWS networks, corporate entertainment, and compulsory education are twisting the public’s world-view. Yes, that psyop has warped reality where citizens volunteer to be slaves and believe in rockets traveling to Mars.

I do not know how many individuals will escape that mental conditioning and institutional programming, but I hope you are one who will.
This means you must have the will power to say NO, and not blindly follow orders.
This means you must know Wrongs from Rights.

If you are in uniform, then you may have to discard the uniform.
If you signed a nondisclosure contract then you may have to rescind the contract.

Citizenship Debt Slavery in chain of obedience

These are the challenges for those who wish to be free.

  1.  3 or 3×1=3
  2. 6 or  3×2=6
  3. 9 or 3×3=9
  4. 12 or 3×4=12
  5. 15 or 3×5=15
  6. 18 or 3×6=18
  7. 21 or 3×7=21
  8. 24 or 3×8=24
  9. 27 or 3×9=27
  10. Simply continue, then see how far you mentally reach before you err, and note that simplicity does not mean easy … While mental exercise improves mental skills we note that mistakes and difficulties show up.
    Is congestion or excess synonymous with complexity?
    The sheer numbers may become too numerous to recall accurately, but this is not complex!

TRUTH is like the sharp sword slaying the beast of deception.

I have listened to group meditations, aura or energy readers, and sensitives who can see invisible beings or receive impressions and messages from stones and other objects. What impressed me is not the skills listed above but that these individuals and groups actually are aware of the mass deception and the threat from institutional governance, and they have chosen noncompliance along with seeking the truth.
These aware individuals (that I am specifically communicating to) are not waiting for benevolent or divine intervention, they are actively pursuing change with their thoughts and deeds. Efforts such as reaching out to intentional communities to transform self-sufficient and “sustainable” efforts to adopt Regenerative modalities, in other words produce more than what is consumed and pursue the truth. These efforts are focused on healing and problem solving, and they are varied, so discernment and research is required.

Truth Seekers face ridicule and herds of order followers attacking them with accusations of being paranoid freaks.
A Truth Seeker may often feel as if he or she is alone and on the fool’s errand.

The two most misguided notions held in America: 1. Our government wouldn't do that to us. 2. If they did, they would tell us about it on TV.
Dear Truth Seeker, You may not be popular But, you are not alone and your task is not to “wake up” everyone.
Many individuals do not wish to wake up, some who are not capable and some who want to ignore that hellish pit in their path.
That is sad, however continue forward with your best efforts.

Perhaps, The Only Way Out Is In

I apologize if any of this appears cryptic, however this is not a Q&A forum and some questions are only answered by the questioner’s inner-self as a personal quest.
Indeed, this is a simple case of looking within, of “knowing” and “doing” with “focus” and “intent”.

Many brave souls are exploring where darkness and secrecy hides many horrors, and frankly where many religious minds fear to look, fail to see, and thus stop short of dis-empowering the Luciferian spellcasters, dark occult, sorcerers, magicians, and other malevolent entities…

If this tugs at you, but you have doubts or questions, then please look within for guidance, meditate and send your focused intention to seek the true answer to your question….
System Failure
Fear not, this system may go critical or be disrupted.
The malevolent entities are likely to show their deadly intentions when faced with defeat.

Allow me to share a career scene I experienced a few decades ago (in the early 1980’s).
I walked into this building and wondered why didn’t I enter it before, at least just to get to know all the buildings on this complex?
The small building was air-conditioned and carpeted.
The receptionist, in a pleasantly soft voice, asked me if she could help me.
I turned to look at her and was shocked to see the most grotesque and ugliest face I have ever seen.
I do not recall all the details, perhaps my facial expression showed some of my surprise or perhaps she was accustomed to strangers’ reactions. She explained some of her life story to me. When she was a young child she almost burned to death. Intensive emergency care and reconstructive surgery saved her life, but even as much of the skin was grafted onto her, the scars and deformity was the result.
As I listened to her story I fell in love, thinking to myself that she is beautiful.

The reason that memory returned to me is that I now consider the many tortured souls here on earth. Some grotesque entities may look like a horror show or like demons but inside may be a beautiful spirit.
Many are deceived to embrace the wrongs and false teachings.

Thus, as this Matrix collapses we may see many horrors, but how many have trapped beautiful spirits?

If a grotesque looking dragon walked up to greet you, will you communicate with it or flee in fear?

Self-Govern, Freedom is worth it.

To All Who Seek Truth I Say THANK YOU

Thank you for being here on earth.

My wish is for those who are truth seekers to effectively address fear and know the power within.
After grasping the Sword of Truth, we can focus our intention and express ourselves in our unique ways.

The sword of Truth shall destroy the great deception.
After that, something interesting awaits us…

Courage: Face it and stop fearing it.

Face it and stop fearing it.


Learn the difference between Rights and Wrongs.
Seek truth.
I own me.
You own you.
Don’t aggress against me and I won’t aggress against you.

Another intriguing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing the surging “Deep State” war ...

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Globalization and Captured Institutions Face Self Inflicted Wounds and Self Destruction:

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed
There are many, many examples but below are merely a few recent events that demonstrates the institutional crisis plaguing the world.
From betrayed trust, to mass deception, to the code of silence and secrecy – where officials routinely conduct meetings, treaties and contracts in secrecy.
Where officials spin rhetoric to deceive the public.
Where officials and executives defending the fraudulent establishment have lost all credibility and look foolish.
2010 Ownership of Global Governance. Europe's central bank president: "To prevent crisis, global governance is needed."

Betrayed Trust

Title: Globalist Banker Larry Summers REALLY Does Not Like Bilderberg Question
Video posted 02 Jun 2017 by WeAreChange

Title: david rockefeller talks about china, trilateral commission & bilderberg group with charlie rose
Video posted 16 Apr 2013 by VesselAnaw

Title: The Most State Dept Press Conference Fail Ever
Video posted 02 Jun 2017 by Truthstream Media

Title: Yellen: Economy improving, rate hike timing unclear
Video posted 16 Nov 2016 by AP Archive

Title: Europe’s central bank president calls for global governance
Video posted 01 May 2010 by SaveOurSovereignty3

The Video Below Has Foul Language at the end.

Title: Proof That The Mainstream Media Is Scripted
Video posted 15 Dec 2014 by Gabbee

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STOP OHA’s Coverup and Criminal Activities

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) awarded a no bid contract in secret and that is an illegal act.
Shine the spotlight on this and share far and wide to stop criminal activities in institutions.
Email the Department of the Attorney General:

Video posted 17 May 2017 by Free Hawaii Broadcasting Network – The Office Of Hawaiian Affairs Is Now In Very Hot Legal Water With The Discovery Of A Secret Contract. With Various Media Breaking The Story, Hawai`iʻs Attorney General Had No Choice But To Start A Criminal Probe.
Who At OHA Including Trustees, Could Be Brought Down By This Scandal?
Watch Our Report To Learn Whoʻs Involved, Why This Is Illegal & How You Can Help Put A Stop To OHA Squandering Your Hawaiian Beneficiary Dollars.
Then Share This Video With All Your Family & Friends.

Video posted 31 May 2017 by Free Hawaii Broadcasting Network

First, Word Leaks Out About The Office Of Hawaiian Affairs Secretly Awarding An Illegal No-Bid Contract. Then, Because Of Media Exposure, The Hawai`i State Procurement Office Launches A Criminal Probe.
But Now The State Attorney General Steps In & Does What???

Watch This To Discover The Latest Move To Protect The OHA “Old Guard Trustees” & How You Can Help Put A Stop To It.
Then Share This Video With All Your Family & Friends.

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NASA is a government fraud

NASA’s video magic is evidence of their fraud and mass deception.

NASA is a $20 Billion Dollar Scam!

*Remember, NASA lost all original film footage of moon landings, nearly 400 kilograms of moon-rocks allegedly obtained from Apollo missions between 1969 – 1972, and lost over 750 boxes of data and 14,000 reels of telemetry tapes!

Donald Trump Signs Bill Authorizing NASA Budget, Mars Exploration…

Donald Trump Signs Bill Authorizing NASA Budget, Mars Exploration

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 21: U.S. President Donald Trump participates in a bill signing ceremony as NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson (4th L) and legislators, including Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) (L), and Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) (2nd L), look on in the Oval Office of the White House March 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump has signed S.442 – National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 into law. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Title: The Evidence Is Now Overwhelming: The ISS is FAKE
Video posted 30 May 2017 by Texas Shrugged Book (reviewing Mike Helmick’s research into NASA’s space fraud)

Mike Helmick’s original video:

Warning: TRUTH Bomb!

Title: 2 ISS Space Station How NASA NOW fakes weightlessness 100 explained in detail Flat Earth
Video posted 13 May 2017 by Mike Helmick

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

Donald Trump asked astronauts in space a question

Nixon's Lesson for NASA
24 July 1969 President Nixon welcomes Apollo 11 astronots aboard the USS Hornet.

See You In Court NASA


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