Deadline 2025

For me the mass deception and the institutional horrors of this Age of Deception has been and continue to be revealed.

My research uncovered whistle-blowers and researchers sounding the alarms from the many generations. However, with the aid of the internet communications and the blatant deceptions from the 9-11 False Flag operation & deceptive official narrative, and the market manipulations in the Trillions of dollars, and the worldwide mass deception is obvious for all who are willing to look.

If you just woke from a coma and missed the last 17 years of events and are now informed of the current state of geopolitical affairs with its international monetary system (IMS) crisis, eminent threats of war, U.S. with 95 million eligible workers not working while simultaneously the U.S. claims record low level of unemployment, the U.S. government debt increased from 5 Trillion dollars in year 2000 to 20 Trillion in 2017, after learning about all this then you may wish you had never woke from your comatose state.

Individuals who are not infuriated or concerned are not paying attention and are wilfully ignoring the facts.

So what about that 2025 deadline?

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Policy Mandates: Automatons, Helper-Bots & Worker-Bots

Replacement worker-bot
Human Workforce Reduction isn’t connected to forecasted population reduction, is it?
What is possible when technocrats or an A.I. can digitally control everything?

Robotic Surgery
Need surgery?
The Bots will do everything precisely!
Bots are not limited to:

  • Factories
  • ATMs
  • Blockchains/Cryptocurrencies
  • Wars
  • Internet
  • Transportation/Food Distribution

It is not an Accident, It is Policy

This is Actual GDP excluding artificial stimulus. The U.S. is in actual fact in an economic depression.
This is the Actual U.S. GDP excluding artificial stimulus.
The U.S. is in actual fact in an economic depression. –Source

Central banks issue debt as income.
What do you think will happen when the artificial stimulus ends?


Year 2025

Jump in a rabbit hole with government contractors and think-tanks:
Recall the G-20 vowed all citizens will be digitally connected by 2025.
Mass Devastation is forecasted in 8 years, Americans are alarmed…

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What Are The Willfully Ignorant Thinking?

Some Aware-Some Blind-Some Lost-Some Enemy

Don’t disturb my beliefs.
Incredible, I can’t imagine such!
I’m too busy earning a living and providing for my family.

That is too depressing.
That isn’t what I was taught in school and it must be wrong.
The official story contradicts what you are claiming to be true.

Bah! I tire of your conspiracy research and doom & gloom – wake me only when:

  • When the banks lock their doors and market trades are halted
  • When martial law is declared with armed troops and tanks patrolling the streets
  • When social unrest reach the level of mass tax boycotts and workers/students walkouts


Some are Aware, some are Blind, some are Lost, and some are Enemy.
Who are you?

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Will Virtual Currencies Help Or Hinder Catalonia Independence?

I was contemplating possible future events within the crisis regions of Spain and the self proclaimed independent Catalonia.
Some pundits write as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and look at news events and markets as forecasts for investors or speculators in virtual currencies. For instance I read a Forbes op-ed report explaining how crises in Spain, Greece and the E.U. will increase the value for Bitcoins (and presumably other VCs too).

But rather than share more speculation, I think information about virtual currencies in those regions would be more helpful.
So let’s get started.

PesetaCoin: The Spanish Cryptocurrency

We wish it to be the most widely used cryptocurrency in Spain, even above Bitcoin. Not only for online payments, but also in brick and mortar stores. Globally, we want it to be used and respected. -CryptoMP

PesetaCoin: A Spanish Virtual Currency…
bitcoinmagazine reports, “6 million unemployed, youth unemployment over 50%, booming debt, rampant corruption, oppressive laws and an economy predated by bankers, Spain is not looking good.”
Visit for details.

Title: ¡Vuelve la Rubia! Pesetacoin la Nueva Criptomoneda Española
Video posted 06 Sep 2017 by David Battaglia

Catalonia creates a national crypto currency

By Olga Novikova October 27, 2017

The authorities of Catalonia are planning to create a “cloud” economy. Despite the fact that the country has a complete crisis of all state institutions associated with attempts to secede from Spain, the Catalan government plans to start producing its own crypto currency.
[…] The authorities of Catalonia suggest that the emergence of a new virtual currency in the country will lead to the emergence of an absolutely independent community that will not be regulated by central banks. –Read more

Catalonia Considering Cryptocurrency Post-Independence, Advised By Ethereum Creator

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Current Events 27 October 2017

Social unrest leads to what?
Will there be tax boycotts?
Will there be mass arrests?
Will there be disruptions?
Will there be physical injuries?

I have heard of some major events that may escalate into physical harm.
These events may affect you or some one you know…

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Another 21st Century Trend Developing?

How to Become a Citizen Ninja™ is a workshop designed for concerned Americans who recognize they have a duty to engage in the civic process but are unsure how to go about it or are fearful of bully tactics being used against them. –

Title: Quick Afterword with Lynette Zang and Patrick Wood
Video posted 25 Oct 2017 by ITM Trading

Patrick Wood talks about his new project

You can also find Patrick Wood here:

[Addendum: “Patrick Wood is an author and lecturer who has studied elite globalization policies since the late 1970’s. He has deep historical insights into the modern attacks on sovereignty, property rights and personal freedom and how the globalist agenda has eroded freedoms and equality over time.
He states “The endgame, if ignored, will result in Scientific Dictatorship.” Patrick is the author of Technocracy Rising and Trilaterals Over Washington.”]

Title: Lynette Zang Interviews Patrick Wood
posted 25 Oct 2017 by ITM Trading


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All Is Not As It Appears

“Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” -Genesis 1:6

Is this Matrix in a sea of change?

  • the great deception
  • mass deception
  • the age of deception
  • cultural engineering
  • With artificial intelligence (AI), computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other simulation and editing tech-tools it becomes trivial to produce fake media with political actors and apparently ordinary people saying and doing whatever hoaxers can dream of – escalating the covert psyops and infowars.

… The people on earth are facing institutional crises with the current geopolitical situation so horribly distressing that it is easy to comprehend why so many individuals ignore it, even as more horrible events are being engineered.

Always consider the tech for deception:

It will open up worrying new fronts in information warfare, as hostile governments weaponise the technology to sow falsehoods, propaganda, and mistrust in target populations. The tools will be a boon to malicious pranksters, giving them powerful new tools to bully and blackmail, and even produce synthetic “revenge porn” featuring their unwilling targets. And fraud schemes will become ever-more sophisticated and difficult to detect, creating uncertainty as to who is on the other end of any phone call or

Culture industry

“The term culture industry (German: Kulturindustrie) was coined by the critical theorists Theodor Adorno (1903–1969) and Max Horkheimer (1895–1973), and was presented as critical vocabulary in the chapter “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception”, of the book Dialectic of Enlightenment (1944), wherein they proposed that popular culture is akin to a factory producing standardized cultural goods—films, radio programmes, magazines, etc.—that are used to manipulate mass society”… -From Wikipedia, but read Dialectic of Enlightenment (1944 book) to explain why humanity, instead of entering a truly human state, is sinking into a new kind of barbarism.

In a time of universal deceit – telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.

Team End-The-Fed calls on the energies of all creation for the sword of TRUTH to slay the beast system of mass deception.

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Will The Defiant Ones Defeat Tyrannical Institutions?

House of Cards went Global

House of Cards went Global

After leaving bed this morning, I was asking where are the good gals and guys to defy the tyrannical rulers managing this Matrix?

Then a thought became my theme for today:
The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones (1958) Sidney Poitier stars as Noah

I am curious “when” will the defiant ones defeat the wrongs (mass deception & institutional governance).

Each day more individuals are questioning the official stories and discover this Age of Deception.

“It is difficult to say what really happened at Sandy Hook [insert staged event], but as with other scripted tragedies, it is becoming easier and easier to say what didn’t happen. The story you are being sold in the mainstream media didn’t happen.”

The modern day book burning is absolutely real.
Internet Censorship (google, youtube, facebook, etc..) is getting worse each year, they are preventing the books from being written!

Not only are subscriber’s recorded works being censored and removed, but the efforts underway are to label those who question the official stories as terrorists and hate speech – to be outlawed as criminal behaviour.

This is a crime against humanity

Title: ODDcast #6 | Crrow777
Posted: 20 Oct 2017 by ODD Reality
Because of technical difficulties jump to time-stamp 2:56 …


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Financialization Takes The Ponzi Economy To Unlimited Digital Extremes

Financialization can be thought of as the virtualization of real economies

Financialization is an economic paradigm where the conversion of real economic value into financial instruments and their exchange within the financial system comes to dominate economic institutions, activity and value creation.
Through financialization, the financial industry converts any work product, physical asset or service to an exchangeable financial instrument, that can be traded, speculated upon and ultimately managed through the financial system. –Complexity Labs

Poverty & Debt are rising, this is Globalisation.

As the Ponzi-economy, see the markets’ narrative fails another scheme is set to replace it.
For years we have been discussing the threat from institutional governance, the new financial standard and engineering a digital economy alongside securitization with the magic of credit creation.
This is effectively the devious implementation of feudalism, I refer to a form of global property holding where the serfs that must work and pay taxes to live there.

Bluntly stated, its all about debt (as money) and property.
This 21st century modern (Neo-Feudalism) version is made possible by financial engineers and digital technology.

I see an effort to force nations (kingdoms) to merge into centralized units of government (look at the Eurozone, and what the UNITED NATIONS call the ten regions…) – it pains me to contemplate the digital property holdings the “money masters” will claim on their financial ledgers (aka blockchain/fintech).

Rampant greed and tyrannical institutions is on the rise, synchronized with the rise of debt.
The consolidation of power is on the agenda and they seek to control capital flows.
Note the rise of algorithms in super computers to control the markets.
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Google & Youtube Double Down With Censorship Algorithm Search Results

By now you may have heard about the devious search algorithms Google and Youtube have deployed in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, to combat alternative narratives to the official story.

  • YouTube is trying to stop people seeing Las Vegas conspiracy
  • Newsbud Exclusive- CFR Article Calls for Sabotaging Alternative Media!!
    Kurt Nimmo | October 11, 2017 “Foreign Policy, the house organ of the Council on Foreign Relations, has reposted an article by Daniel Byman, a government insider and senior fellow at the Brookings Institute. Byman’s article, Should we treat domestic terrorists the way we treat ISIS?: What works—and what doesn’t, calls for a police and surveillance state focus on domestic “rightwing terrorist” individuals and organizations. […] From there Byman wanders far afield. He pairs the 2015 attack on a Planned Parenthood Clinic and a black church in Charleston to the sniper attack in Las Vegas. He argues the government should treat domestic terrorism incidents the same way it treats attacks by the Islamic State.” –

Public Service:

Below is a short list of alternative search engines.
Inform us if any on the list are bad and if you know of other search engines.
This list should be dynamic as more search engines fill the need for truth seekers, investigators, independent media, and researchers on the internet.


10/14/2017 at 4:22 am scpat says:
“Qwant allows the whole Web to be visible without any discrimination and with no bias. Our sorting algorithms are applied equally everywhere and for every user, without trying to put websites forward or to hide others based on commercial, political or moral interests.”
“Only free software with open source code is under control of any user. In all other cases the users have to believe what the maintainers tell about what is going on inside. If maintainers claim that they have strictly implemented privacy and data protecion, users have to believe them. MetaGer is free software under GNU-AGPLv3 Licence. It is available to anyone at

The two links below contain compilations of privacy related and decentralized solutions to many internet activities (web search, email, file sharing, social media, etc.). The web search providers I suggested above were found through these links. StartPage personally recommended the below links as well.

*[Ed. 17 Oct 2017 to include comment from Mangy Dog and additional search tools:
Tor Search Engines :
–Torch {Not sure if Mangy Dog meant this: }
–Not Evil ( a parody of Google but nevertheless an efficient SE)
Ahmia is a clearnet search engine for Tor’s hidden services created by Juha Nurmi.
Seeks is a websearch proxy and collaborative distributed tool for websearch:{The Daily Dot’s Tor Guide said: How to Search the Deep Web – The Daily Dot
Oct 14, 2013 … Not Evil: This is the successor to both TorSearch and the Evil Wiki, which were previously two of the best ways to search the Dark Net. Not Evil…
I searched further and found this helpful report:
Top 10 Deep Web Search Engines of 2017 “Why is a Deep Web search not available from Google?
The primary reason Google doesn’t provide deep web content is that this content doesn’t index in the regular search engines. Hence, these search engines will not show results, or crawl to a document or file which is unindexed by the world wide web. The content lies behind the HTML forms. Regular search engines crawl, and the searches are derived from interconnected servers.

Interconnected servers mean you are regularly interacting with the source, but when it comes to the dark web this does not happen. Everything is behind the veil and stays hidden internally on the Tor network; which ensures security and privacy.”
Deep Web Search Engines:




Wayback machine

Google Scholar

Fazzle} ]

The internet is being censored and if unchecked…
The “Official” Story Will Be The ONLY Story You Will Ever Know!

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Esoteric Studies: What Are We Experiencing, aka “Reality”

I often think about the omnipresence of numbers and creative/living energy.
I wish to discuss this, but it would be a lot to type and read.
So, I will share several videos that question the concept of time, reality, and what we are experiencing in this life.

Much of this world is unseen and beyond the human senses.
However, this is an exciting realm to explore!
Many are sharing what they found, see the infrared night vision binoculars ufo videos as a sample of what is in the night sky that the naked eye fail to see.

One could ask, WHAT IS THE MATRIX?
Just as the 1999 MATRIX movie did when the answer was revealed to be a constructed simulation as a kind of mind trap.

Many have found the flaws in scientism, the heliocentric model of the universe along with space agencies’ fakery and deception, simulating space travel and low earth orbit.
For the sake of this discussion we shall avoid the hotly controversial earth model topic that has angry proponents from geocentric and heliocentric and level plane and biblical earth models at each other’s throats.

This is Entertainingly Mind blowing…

Please avoid reaching a conclusion and allow us to explore some strange observations and contrasting theories.

To wet the appetite I recall saying:

I find most People are stuck in 2D “duality” model of reality and experiences. Their thoughts are usually limited to two, as in two choices (belief and disbelief, strong and weak, good and bad; rich and poor; etc.) and labeling to fit new things into only two regions (inside or outside; us or them; compassion or fear; true or false)…
I find this sorry state of muddled-thinking annoying.
For certainly, we are capable of counting and thinking beyond 2!
That kind of thinking is so machine like, as in digital computers.

As a mental exercise I blogged about this limited perception (see the RELATED links):
What does “by the numbers” really mean?

Consider the numbers in measure, the numbers in frequencies and rhythms.

24 hours? Hmmm…
8+8+8=24 That is a Trinity!

Many individuals think one plus one equal two (1+1=2).
But, they also think one divided by one equal one (1/1=1)
Rarely do they consider that one plus one can also equal one (1+1=1) – yes true, as the whole

What is “DREAM”?
Why do we live a 3rd of our life asleep in a dream state?
Why are we born with amnesia?
I want answers.

FOLLOW THE FORM ~ Frank Chester


Fractions and the transcendental numbers are also very interesting, yes?
Many People are exploring Root3 (square root of 3 found in the heart form by Frank Chester, and PHI, (the “Golden Ratio”)…

Consider the numbers measured to create geometry, then consider the form as organic geometry or creative energy – is it coded as in genetic code or program code?
Does it have flowing functionality as in circuit-boards, microcircuits and computer chips?

Look up the definition to noosphere, then re-consider cultural programming, lucid dreams and collective imagination.

Okay, my mental appetite is ready to explore the recent discussions about what is reality, let’s dive in!

This comes from Removing The Shackles (RTS)


Title: What Is Reality?
Video posted 04 Mar 2017 by Quantum Gravity Research
Start video at the 11:55 mark.

[…]What is far more likely, in my opinion, is that humanity has a collective unconscious. Some may argue it’s the collective conscious, others unity consciousness, et. al. These are semantics. Basically, it’s the human “cloud”. We’re all connected. Dreams are a portal. Et cetera, et cetera.

That being said, it would stand to reason that this cloud exists externally to the phenomenon we experience as linear time. This means it spans the past and the future.


If such a collective, dare I say hive mind, existed, there are times throughout human history that have been extremely stressful and trying. Depending on the span of our collective, we could even be carrying the trauma of past civilizations. One could go so far as to say that it is this trauma fuels our war-like nature. Essentially, we’re a species with PTSD and we need to fix that.

I’ve been thinking about this situation for a long time. I’ve come up with an explanation and that’s what this, and possibly future articles, is about. I call it Echoes from the Future.[…]

Read more at RTS blog

Are We Living In A Simulation?

If so, how can we decode the program?
Who is managing this world simulation and how?
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Puppet Masters & Mass Deception


“A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many and various powerful interests combined in one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in the banks.” -JOHN C. CALHOUN

Mass media, mass communications, mass education, mass marketing, mass entertainment, mass deception, and a worldwide monetary system with institutional governance paints the globalists’ big picture…

The voluminous documents and evidence revealed that the 21st century has seen the collapse of the previous 20th century (post WWII) monetary consensus – the so-called Bretton Woods agreement.
The 21st century revised version has been ratified and calls for FINTECH (Blockchain Technology with digital financialization) and a reduction in the supremacy of the U.S. Dollar.

Often this is discussed as the rise of the emerging markets and labelled the “multipolar” international system, in contrast to what was called the post cold-war U.S. “unipolar” leadership.
Thus, more weight (voting power) is granted to other countries (reducing the voting power of the U.S.) in what the IMF calls “quotas”.

Some have coined this as “De-dollarization” and we can expect the revaluation of the U.S. dollar as national currencies transition into the digital economy with the financial industry developing blockchain technology (FINTECH) and regulations along-side disruptive (state of emergency requiring financial summit?) events.
When the above happens, who (other than the mainstream media) will be surprised?

Research Virtual Currencies, Financialization and FINTECH in IMF documents.
*Here is one, January 2016, IMF document to wet your appetite for the planned virtual currencies and disruptive technologies to come.

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak the truth.” -George Orwell

The 100 Largest Economies63 are corporations:

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” -Frederic Bastiat

International Monetary System (IMS)

The IMF (banking cartel) currently has 189 member nations implementing reforms to enforce new policies, taxes, and regulations for the emerging digital economy while funding and engineering technological, cultural, and regional development.
Effectively scripting civilization.

The IMF defines Virtual Currency (VC):
“Virtual Currencies are digital representations of value, issued by private developers and denominated in their own unit of account.” –Virtual Currencies and Beyond: Initial Considerations

“Those who create and issue money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.” –SIR. REGINALD MCKENNA, former President of the Midland Bank of England

When I read the full speech by the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, I was amazed at her promotional attempt to campaign for engineering civilization into a futuristic digital world of central banking.
Because of its length I will post the speech at the bottom of this post and urge you to read it.
Please note her use of magic – “a pinch of imagination!”

“Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal — that there is no human relation between master and slave.” -LEON N. TOLSTOY


The Choice

Your real choice is to obey them or not.

Remain a slave or Be courageous.

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