A Bouquet of Diversity

Declare world peaceTHE Worldwide DIALOGUE
in fertile lands of creativity with seeds of imagination…

Develop and exercise your awareness thus shifting your perspective to gain a clearer view

Develop and exercise your awareness thus shifting your perspective to gain a clearer view

From Diverse cultures, languages, traditions, and beliefs we greet each other.

From my perspective I expect disagreements, and that is fine as long as we amplify our common Earth-being for creating world peace and prosperity.
Thus, problems become opportunities and the end of a destructive Age yields to the emergence of a creative Age.
Change is foreseen and preparations have begun by the few that have removed the yoke.

I am sure most of us know people who refuse to look at an alternative to the current global matrix of debt as money, and nations as national human-resource farms and test subjects.
We know people who do not question authority and do not think for themselves.
We know people who are looking and waiting for the “Right” leader to govern.
We know people who are faithful believers, patriotic, programmed and mind controlled.
We know people who are not self-governing.

Indeed, I see how some people do not want to face that responsibility to challenge false beliefs and rogue governments with dishonorable officials and fake public idols.

We know people who are shackled in The CHAINS of Obedience

So much easier to trust and to believe, just as you did when you were born.
So much easier to believe institutions, their officials and their stories.
Trust the pedophile priests;
Trust the lying politicians;
Trust the thieving bankers and their contracts;
Trust the Admirals and Generals in their wars;
Trust the propagandizing corporate media;
Yes it is easier to not question any official, custom, tradition or belief.

But the peoples’ TRUST has been VIOLATED.

“The glue that holds all relationships together – including the relationship between the leader and the led – is trust, and trust is based on integrity.”
– Brian Tracy
1 free to

Thankfully, change does not depend on a majority of the people.
Thankfully some think from the heart and are creative, imaginative and intuitive.
Thankfully some want to grow and to mature accepting responsibility to self-govern.
Thankfully nature has self-organizing phenomena.
Thankfully societies based on fraud, corruption, lies, deception, false beliefs, murder, greed, predation, scheming wit, will turn on themselves and collapse.

Even so, there exist enough creative and aware people
that have stopped supporting the old meme of predation, fraud, and debt-slavery.
These people may seem strange from neighbors and relatives indeed they may be public outcasts.
But that public outcast stigma does not stop them from being truthful and doing what is responsible in the face of lies and false beliefs.
Yes, they speak out about crimes against humanity while being labeled unpatriotic.
Yes, they grow some food at home while neighbors see it as odd behaviour.
Yes, they charge the criminal institutions in court seeking remedy and justice.
Yes, they tinker in the garage & back-yard hoping to invent a free-energy generator.
Yes, they create local currencies in preparation of national currencies devaluation.

But I ask you, where will the new norm and the solutions come from if not from these strange behaving people willing to question authority, seek the truth, think for themselves and create solutions?

price vs values
As in 2007 a minority was warning of a coming financial crisis with housing and derivatives bubbles; but they were laughed at and marginalized.
In 2008, amid the financial crisis, more people began protesting in the streets and the parks to regulate the financial industry and allow the too big to fail banks to fail and allow smaller and better managed banks to enter those markets; but again they were ignored and marginalized. At each crisis point the number of people increases as more people hear the truth and see the evidence and failed response from the institutions.

In my dreams I saw past slaves ignoring the legal statutes, codes and regulations to run away from the slave-farms. In the dream I heard neighbors claiming bad slaves are those who run away. I hear the towns’ folks afraid that chaos and anarchy would result if all the slaves were freed. My dream also revealed to me that the masters of slave plantations were not killed or imprisoned after slavery was officially abolished.
Thus after waking up from my dream about overt slavery I consider what to expect today as the covert form of slavery (debt-bondage) instituted internationally by the Central Banks is abolished as humanity exercise their freedom and creativity in pursuit of peace and prosperity.

I do not wish for a earth dystopia as is often depicted by Hollywood movies.
Even as the current failed system collapses I do not imagine a horror story.
I see communities creating and building something different and better with a vision of peace and prosperity both in sight and reach.

I am tired of the same human-tragedy and drama story, I reject it.
I am ready to write a new human-adventure & exploration story.
Earth-beings no longer afraid and no longer fearing the unknown.
We can expand and explore our awareness, consciousness, spirit, creativity and nurturing connections with mother-Earth and all life.

Come, join and Amplify the World’s Dialogue.
We shall write a New Story Together and leave behind his-story.

MAYDAY event


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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23 comments on “A Bouquet of Diversity
  1. ronmamita says:

    Be Aware of Mind Control:
    Cultural, Social, Religious, Subliminal PROGRAMMING.

    “If you have not already stopped and removed this institutional training and indoctrination then please make the clear conscious effort to do so now.
    Become free minded.
    Become free spirited.
    Embrace your innate creativity.
    Resonate with your natural, internal, innermost self
    – it was there before your first visit to a school –
    become re-acquainted with yourself.
    Grow and become who you want to be…”



  2. ronmamita says:

    Here is a bit of SYNCHRONICITY with my dream:


    A wife of a slave-owner wrote a letter to their run-away-slave

    “In 1834, 21-year-old Jarm Logue managed to steal his master’s horse and escape the life of slavery into which he had been born. Sadly, his mother, brother and sister remained. 26 years later, by which time he had settled down in New York, opened numerous schools for black children, started his own family, become a reverend and noted abolitionist, and authored an autobiography, he received a letter from the wife of his old owner in which she demanded $1000.

    That letter, and his furious reply, can be read below.

    Note: After escaping slavery, Logue changed his name to Jermain Wesley Loguen.

    Maury Co., State of Tennessee,
    February 20th, 1860.

    To JARM:—

    I now take my pen to write you a few lines, to let you know how well we all are. I am a cripple, but I am still able to get about. The rest of the family are all well. Cherry is as well as Common. I write you these lines to let you the situation we are in—partly in consequence of your running away and stealing Old Rock, our fine mare. Though we got the mare back, she was never worth much after you took her; and as I now stand in need of some funds, I have determined to sell you; and I have had an offer for you, but did not see fit to take it. If you will send me one thousand dollars and pay for the old mare, I will give up all claim I have to you. Write to me as soon as you get these lines, and let me know if you will accept my proposition. In consequence of your running away, we had to sell Abe and Ann and twelve acres of land; and I want you to send me the money that I may be able to redeem the land that you was the cause of our selling, and on receipt of the above named sum of money, I will send you your bill of sale. If you do not comply with my request, I will sell you to some one else, and you may rest assured that the time is not far distant when things will be changed with you. Write to me as soon as you get these lines. Direct your letter to Bigbyville, Maury County, Tennessee. You had better comply with my request.

    I understand that you are a preacher. As the Southern people are so bad, you had better come and preach to your old acquaintances. I would like to know if you read your Bible? If so can you tell what will become of the thief if he does not repent? and, if the the blind lead the blind, what will the consequence be? I deem it unnecessary to say much more at present. A word to the wise is sufficient. You know where the liar has his part. You know that we reared you as we reared our own children; that you was never abused, and that shortly before you ran away, when your master asked if you would like to be sold, you said you would not leave him to go with anybody.

    Sarah Logue.


    Syracuse, N.Y., March 28, 1860.


    Yours of the 20th of February is duly received, and I thank you for it. It is a long time since I heard from my poor old mother, and I am glad to know she is yet alive, and, as you say, “as well as common.” What that means I don’t know. I wish you had said more about her.

    You are a woman; but had you a woman’s heart you could never have insulted a brother by telling him you sold his only remaining brother and sister, because he put himself beyond your power to convert him into money.

    You sold my brother and sister, ABE and ANN, and 12 acres of land, you say, because I ran away. Now you have the unutterable meanness to ask me to return and be your miserable chattel, or in lieu thereof send you $1000 to enable you to redeem the land, but not to redeem my poor brother and sister! If I were to send you money it would be to get my brother and sister, and not that you should get land. You say you are a cripple, and doubtless you say it to stir my pity, for you know I was susceptible in that direction. I do pity you from the bottom of my heart. Nevertheless I am indignant beyond the power of words to express, that you should be so sunken and cruel as to tear the hearts I love so much all in pieces; that you should be willing to impale and crucify us out of all compassion for your poor foot or leg. Wretched woman! Be it known to you that I value my freedom, to say nothing of my mother, brothers and sisters, more than your whole body; more, indeed, than my own life; more than all the lives of all the slaveholders and tyrants under Heaven.

    You say you have offers to buy me, and that you shall sell me if I do not send you $1000, and in the same breath and almost in the same sentence, you say, “you know we raised you as we did our own children.” Woman, did you raise your own children for the market? Did you raise them for the whipping-post? Did you raise them to be driven off in a coffle in chains? Where are my poor bleeding brothers and sisters? Can you tell? Who was it that sent them off into sugar and cotton fields, to be kicked, and cuffed, and whipped, and to groan and die; and where no kin can hear their groans, or attend and sympathize at their dying bed, or follow in their funeral? Wretched woman! Do you say you did not do it? Then I reply, your husband did, and you approved the deed—and the very letter you sent me shows that your heart approves it all. Shame on you.

    But, by the way, where is your husband? You don’t speak of him. I infer, therefore, that he is dead; that he has gone to his great account, with all his sins against my poor family upon his head. Poor man! gone to meet the spirits of my poor, outraged and murdered people, in a world where Liberty and Justice are MASTERS.

    But you say I am a thief, because I took the old mare along with me. Have you got to learn that I had a better right to the old mare, as you call her, than MANNASSETH LOGUE had to me? Is it a greater sin for me to steal his horse, than it was for him to rob my mother’s cradle and steal me? If he and you infer that I forfeit all my rights to you, shall not I infer that you forfeit all your rights to me? Have you got to learn that human rights are mutual and reciprocal, and if you take my liberty and life, you forfeit your own liberty and life? Before God and High Heaven, is there a law for one man which is not a law for every other man?

    If you or any other speculator on my body and rights, wish to know how I regard my rights, they need but come here and lay their hands on me to enslave me. Did you think to terrify me by presenting the alternative to give my money to you, or give my body to Slavery? Then let me say to you, that I meet the proposition with unutterable scorn and contempt. The proposition is an outrage and an insult. I will not budge one hair’s breadth. I will not breathe a shorter breath, even to save me from your persecutions. I stand among a free people, who, I thank God, sympathize with my rights, and the rights of mankind; and if your emissaries and venders come here to re-enslave me, and escape the unshrinking vigor of my own right arm, I trust my strong and brave friends, in this City and State, will be my rescuers and avengers.

    Yours, &c.,
    J.W. Loguen”


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  9. […] From my perspective I expect disagreements, and that is fine as long as we amplify our common Earth-being for creating global peace and prosperity. Thus, problems become opportunities and the end of a destructive Age yields to the emergence of a creative Age. Change is foreseen and preparations have begun by the few that have removed the yoke. -a-bouquet-of-diversity […]


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