Imagine A Discussion (part-1)


Imagine A Discussion

(Is a fictional story to further the discussion for the true story of the evolving People of Earth)

Man #1 – Frederick as Free People of Earth
Man #2 – Joe as Joint Military Commander
Man #3 –  Bartholomew as Global Financial Agent
Entity #4 – Mr/Ms. Global-X an unseen and unknown…
Frederick: (Approaching the tallest building is a experience in itself and the emotions I am feeling are consciously cataloged as I  expand my awareness and approach what is obviously a great effort to convey a power of authority. I see now, the enormous structure is designed to be imposing…
I pause to reference what triggers my thoughts and feelings.
I note the windows of the building are taller than a tall man. The glass manufacturer surely was well paid for this colossal order, I grin to myself. The enormous erected phallus building in the center of the financial district as the tallest and most dominating structure in the city can not be ignored.
The overt power play is hidden in plain view and many fail to comprehend it.
I scan my surroundings and approach the electric automatic opening doors. I have discomfort craning my neck to peer up at the top. Yes indeed, the height is a massive engineering effort, as are the giant sculptures and symbols in front of, and on the building. I recognize the effort to convey authority and I consciously remove its influence, as I focus and reaffirm my personal self-governance and thus accept my innate authority as master of self and grant myself unlimited authority to respond to all stimuli.
I walk into the building armed with the “Sword of Truth“…

I have a momentary feeling of weightlessness as the high speed elevator lifts me up to the top floor.
The computerized female voice  informs me to step off the elevator  as the door opens. There is no hallway, but rather a very large, high ceiling room with mirrors instead of walls or windows.
I have the feeling of being watched however, as I look around I see no obvious cameras and decide that the mirrors are one-way windows allowing Mr. Global-X to see and know all here whilst remaining unseen.)

Frederick – “Greetings gentlemen.
We have much to discuss, so let us begin.
I  wish for full disclosure with full transparency whilst honoring the sovereignty of the free People of Earth.
This means that self-governance replaces institutional authority with individual responsibility and …”

“Hell no!” Said Bartholomew commandingly.
“The people of Earth are our stock and precious resource. In fact the corporate limited liability charter insures our immunity, protects our investment and enables us to grow business. The development of Commercial Law has taken centuries to perfect, and your wish would destroy all those centuries of hard work and countless lives.”

Frederick(interesting, how he did not bite at the weak and false argument of “anarchy” to cause chaos and rampant criminal acts without the corporate governance enforcing order. He is being direct and is not wasting his efforts on fallacies.)
“Are you claiming that slavery must continue against the wishes of the free People of Earth?
Does this also mean that you will enforce slavery by physical violence?”

Joe – “The military stands ready to respond…”

Bartholomew – “The military must obey our orders; but as to your question, the people of Earth are like children and do not know how to self-govern.”

Frederick – “For some that may be true, however a large number of People have learned to self-govern and more importantly have declared their freedom and decided to self-govern.
Thus these free People of Earth will no longer accept representative or institutional governance as a covert form of slavery.
The moment has arrived to accept the reality that institutions including, but not limited to governments, religions, and corporations have lost their authority and Trust granted by the People of Earth.”


“Excuse me, I must take this call.” Bartholomew stood as he answered the phone before the third ring.
{A few moments later…}

Bartholomew – “I apologize for the interruption, where were we? Oh, yes; you were speaking about revoking the authority and trust granted to institutions by the people.
Frederick, you don’t want to be found guilty of terrorism and trying to overthrow the Government do you?
You could use some wealth and good fortune couldn’t you?
I understand that your wife is ill and your son is unemployed.
I can guarantee your wife a full recovery to excellent health and enough wealth where your family will have all the money they would ever need.
All that is required is simply for you to sign this non-disclosure agreement, then  you and your family will be secure for life.”

…To be continued
Imagine A Discussion (part-2)



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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