Will President Trump “Openly” Engage In The Currency War?

I am expecting U.S. monetary and fiscal policy changes to be revealed soon.
The Boom in investor and market confidence will be heard loudly until the bust cycle.
How much criticism will Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve receive?
When will the U.S. dollar be devalued?
Will the DOW index break $20,000?
When will the Markets crash?

– Worldwide Ponzi-economy –
Weeks ago I hinted (commented on a friendly blog) that the currency war was heating up with the disastrously massive devaluations of the Venezuelan bolívar and Turkish lira and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan calling for selling dollars to purchase lira and gold (a smart domestic move).
The currency war has been largely hidden in the mass media narrative, especially with the U.S. dollar allowed to remain at high valuations and the booming exchange markets.
Most individuals are still not aware that there is no “Free Market”.
The fraudulent international monetary system has manipulated markets with computer algorithms, institutional capital flows and banking interventions – some call it market forces, Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), Hedge Funds, institutional investors, or “big money”.
The manipulators can use it as a weapon against specific governments or currencies.
This is not new, it is a deceptive central banking system revealing themselves in desperation, similar to a unraveling ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes tend to sucker in massive new investors before it collapses.
This is part of the permanent (silent) war most citizens are unaware of.

2018 Economist Mag_World currency Phoenix
1988 cover of the ECONOMIST magazine

But, the evidence made it very clear when Russia and China publicly called for the “De-dollarization” of the world.
The geopolitics of the monetary system was revealed.
A more critical search into the 2010 IMF reform, and then BRICS policies revealed the globalists’ conspiracy, the AIIB, the development funds for the SILK ROAD international trade development and the shift with leadership moving from West to East…

Some analysts, especially Chinese officials, fear that Trump may resort to trade and currency wars against China to prop up the American economy. And the prerequisite would be exiting the Trade agreements, such as TPP
Then there are the gold and silver bugs who define gold/silver bullion as currency, and certainly the suppression of the precious metals is a hidden portion of the currency war.
An important note to highlight is that BRICS’ members (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) did not call for abolishing the fraudulent monetary system, no they called for reform with a leadership change!
There is also the bank’s war on cash to implement the cashless society.

However, some central banks and researchers revealed a currency war years ago after the 2009 financial crisis:

Press Release: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Welcomes U.S. Congressional Approval of the 2010 Quota and Governance ReformsDecember 18, 2015

  • Jan 7, 2014 … While Israel too is involved in this currency war, it is at a distinct … term bonds by the central banks (“quantitative expansion”), moves meant to … –inss.org
  • Jan 22, 2014 … Less than a year ago, Venezuela shocked the world when it launched the “first nuke” in the ongoing currency wars… –zerohedge.com
  • Jun 28, 2016 … Central bank chief warns about dim economic future for Israel … that a global currency war was threatening the existence of many Israeli … –haaretz.com/israel-news

Thus, you can see the currency war as part of the de-dollarization program and the shift of leadership from West to East along with the East leading the campaign for globalization.

China is now publicly announcing their willingness to accept the leadership role for globalization.
China and Russia have closer relations and strong trade agreements as they modernize their military and increase their arms sales.
India is center stage with the implementation of the Cashless Society social engineering experiment, and we expect other nations with central banks to announce their versions soon.
Will the Asian and Pacific Islands’ citizens accept globalization?

There are so many things we should keep our eyes on!

  • Taxation, Government Bonds and debt defaults
  • Growth of world’s older population will continue to outpace that of younger population over (declining working tax revenue can not support the increasing expense ratios)
  • FinTech, digital currency: Bank’s version of blockchain crypto-currency technology
  • LIBOR, FOREX (FX), and the Exchange Markets
  • Social Unrest, Martial Law/State of Emergency, and Military conflicts
  • Legal Complaints (Lawsuits and Criminal Investigations of officials/executives)
  • Policy Makers (G7, G20, BIS, Federal Reserve, IMF, AIIB, BRICS, SCO, U.N.)

Remember, it is not an accident, it is policy.
Follow the Money!

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

I forecast the MSM narrative will boost market confidence until “unexpectedly” markets collapse, then a state of emergency (martial law) is implemented, where governing by crisis management and the use of force is the norm.
Unless, Mass Awakening occurs and the populous oppose government policies…

Title: U.S. firms optimistic about growth in 2017: Federal Reserve
Video posted 19 Jan 2017 by ARIRANG NEWS
If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait untile you see our solutions

The Market’s Narrative Ponzi

…Much like the original structure which involves money, this too needs an ever-growing amount of gullible, willing participants…

In my view the reason why many are finding the greatest confusion, as well as complete consternation is this: Too many are forgetting the “investors” in this scheme are governments (or proxy) with unlimited funding resources, as well as: they also control the narrative. i.e., any data point they wish to convey as what “is” good or bad. I would imagine if Charles Ponzi were alive today he’d argue “And you sent me to jail for?” But I digress.

Why the scheme of today is far more troubling than those of any bygone era is as I iterated: the access to unlimited funds.

As has been stated ad infinitum – central banks have the ability to print money ex nihlo. And what people forget is that ability retards the process for the scheme to collapse under its own weight.
…if one has access to unlimited fund? “Cracks” can be repaired, hence the scheme can continue. The game is the same. The only difference with this one is the physical reality of needing more “bodies” with wallets is no longer a requirement. i.e., One central bank with the gumption to print equals how many investors wallets of yesterday? 10? 100? 10,000? 1,000,000,000,000? I hope you beginning to see my point.


If you watch the ‘markets” closely what you’ll find is that line is picking up ever the more steam the higher these “markets” go.

That’s how you know the narrative is coming unglued. Just when it has a catastrophic failure event? That’s anyone’s guess. And it’s all a guess at this point.

© 2016 Mark St.Cyr



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3 comments on “Will President Trump “Openly” Engage In The Currency War?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Currency Wars

    Title: Currency Wars Obliterating Sterling and the British Economy.
    Video posted 24 Jan 2017 by maneco64

    Title: My Interview With James Corbett of The Corbett Report
    Video posted 25 Jan 2017 by Lionel Nation

    Title: “OBAMA, Where is $9 TRILLION MISSING from Federal Reserve?” Clinton!? Trump is right!
    Video posted 19 Jan 2017 by Culture Shock TV

    Title: Charles Ortel-Cascading Mountain of New Evidence Coming for Clinton Charity Fraud
    Video posted 24 Jan 2017 by Greg Hunter


  2. RonMamita says:

    Title: AIIB expansion, Trump trade pact withdrawa | FirstFT
    Video posted 24 Jan 2017 by Financial Times

    Title: Federal Reserve Releases Latest Beige Book Compendium
    Video posted 18 Jan 2017 by Wochit Politics

    Title: Mark Harrison with Your Labor Minute: The Federal Reserve Chair Has Some Comments
    Video posted 18 Jan 2017 by Labor This Week


  3. RonMamita says:

    U.S. Strained Relations With China & Russia

    Trump’s negotiating strategy, ratchet up pressure prior to offering favorable agreement?

    Title: In hot water? Beijing warns Trump to stay out of South China sea dispute
    Video posted 25 Jan 2017 by RT

    Deep State Told Obama to Prevent Trump from Ending Cold War with Russia


    Cohen Stephen

    QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why do you defend Russia when they obviously tried to influence the election to defeat Hillary? You seem to be biased on this issue.

    Let me see you answer this one.


    ANSWER: You must enjoy just accepting whatever the media feeds you. The Obama Administration has deliberately created a cold war with Russia – it was not Russia who instigated this new cold war and I am not alone in saying this is far worse than the cold war John F. Kennedy faced. Obama has deliberated acted with sanctions and has the press hounding Trump so that if Trump tries to end the cold war and restore cooperation with Russia, they will say see, he is a Putin Manchurian Candidate. The press is in the camp of Democrats and they are deliberately trying to assist those in the Obama Administration who were deliberately trying to create World War III. Remember detente? If you have to look up that word it means the easing of hostility or strained relations – not increasing tensions. What about Nixon opening up China to divide Russia from China? Obama has resurrected the China-Russia alliance. Remember Ronald Reagan – trust by verify? What happened to the idea of world peace?

    From the outset of the Ukrainian crisis, I recommended partitioning Ukraine along the lines of language. The East spoke Russian, not Ukrainian. Viktor Yanukovych was a Ukrainian politician who served as the fourth President of Ukraine from February 2010 until his removal from power in February 2014. However, he was from the East and those in the West use to make fun of his accent because he COULD NOT speak proper Ukrainian! I took the position: “Divide Ukraine along the historical language fault-line and call it a day.” I recommended even what type of government should be adopted – one term and out.

    Obama-puppetBut let me make this VERY CLEAR. The Obama Administration was a puppet of the Deep State within the USA which desires war. Just look at Obama’s statements when he first ran. He was against everything Bush did right down to the NSA. He suddenly said we had to surrender rights to be secure. So which was the REAL Obama? What he said during the election and did not do or what he said as President?

    Obama has reversed everything from Nixon onward to ease tensions with Russia. The real question is who has been pulling Obama’s strings? So voting Trump in and Hillary out, does not relieve the crisis. There are people behind the curtain who want war and they will do whatever it takes to create one. Kennedy was assassinated because he opposed Vietnam. Johnson authorized Vietnam upon Kennedy’s assassination. There are people behind the curtain you never see or think about.

    Press Bias

    Do you really think the bias of mainstream media is a fluke? Come on. Independent studies showed that 77% of all press was against Trump during the general election after he was nominated compared to 56% prior. CNN even entertained what would happen if Trump were assassinated on inauguration day! Was that a wish or a prayer? Some believe they were trying to encourage that event. That might be going too far, but they remain staunchly anti-Trump and should be relegated to the back of the audience in any press gathering and ignored. CNN is becoming a tabloid yellow journalism. Unbelievable how anti-American they have become.

    Title: Russia scholar Stephen Cohen shuts down CNN shill host who tries to link Trump to Putin
    Video posted 30 Jul 2016 by Ricky Vaughn

    You are a fool if you cannot look behind the headlines. Perhaps you should listen to Professor Stephen Cohen. He is regarded as the most knowledgeable on Russia so that CNN will not challenge him because of his credentials. I do not speculate or push conspiracy theories. I have worked behind the curtain for more than 30 years. I do not need to make up stuff so you read this blog to boost advertising revenue. You see no ads on this site.

    Title: Professor: Obama admin determined to cripple Trump
    Video posted 29 Dec 2016 by Fox News

    Everything Obama did before he left office was not really about the DNC, it was to tarnish Trump and then the powers that be behind the curtain feed the media so we will have war. Constantly sanctioning Russia accomplishes nothing but creates the cold war. They are deliberately trying to prove war and mainstream media is conspiring with the Deep State to accomplish that goal. Putin wants to end the cold war created by Obama with his strings pulled from behind the curtain.


    It seems that the media will do everything no in its power to prevent peace and to create war. This would not be the first time. It was the media that created the Spanish American War when Spain never attacked the United States to begin anything – i.e. Pulitzer v Hearst. And they name the top prize in journalism the “Pulitzer Prize” since he was the father of yellow journalism.


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