Calendar: Not His-story & Not Time – It’s Mass Deception (P1)

Flat Earth Map in Mars Attacks, a 1996 Movie

There is no time

Experiential knowledge is like the seasons, they come and go and come again as part of the great cycle.

The world is Not as it is taught and conceptualized by most citizens.
You may be aware of the mass deception perpetrated by institutions (including but not limited to governments, religions, central banks, NGOs and mass media/entertainment).

Esoteric Flat Earth

Speaking of mass deception, kids are programmed and indoctrinated, and when they become adults they obey their money masters and armed policy enforcers in what is often called “earning a living” as “law abiding citizens”, and do so proudly with a patriotic sense of “duty”.
That is a worldwide mental affliction.

This appears to me to be the result of institutions, over several generations (minimum of 300 hundred years, but likely over 400 yrs), have over-ridden the oral tradition stories from families, tribes, villages, and society with His-Story as the official story now taught to all.
This modern era is a cult (culture) as in cultural engineering that’s dominating the collective imagination that determines world-view and social norms.

Engineering Social Norms:

Institutions influence the children born, this is their construct, their spell, and their occult sorcery.
You are told what to believe; you are trained to fit the “Norm”; you are given reading materials with most things defined for your mind – it is all spelled out for you.
Collectively this mental consensus is the world-view-construct.

You can feel the pressure when told to “get with the program”.
Mass Media is called programming because it can program viewers…

Title: Answers [NOT] In Genesis: Flat Earth, Ken Ham & Astro-not Barry Wilmore…
Video posted 07 Apr 2017 by the Truth is stranger than fiction…

Title: Transhumanism hits Nat Geo COVER
Video posted 03 Apr 2017 by RichieFromBoston

Title: Your Children Are Being Programmed
Video posted 03 Apr 2017 by corbettreport


Armed Policy Enforcement…

Civilization is scripted, listen and then examine the evidence.

Title: LIVE: WEF 2016 – Opening statement by Klaus Schwab
Video posted 19 Jan 2016 by Ruptly TV

This modern era has city and nation states governing and managing human resources for the international banking & monetary cartel system.
Effectively, a worldwide hegemony.

The ruling class, executives and officials admit their plan to implement the fourth industrial revolution that will unfortunately destroy a many jobs.
Yet they plan to have religious clergy, government officials and all career professionals assist in following the script!

Title: Klaus Schwab: lots of jobs will be destroyed
Video posted 14 Jan 2016 by New China TV

Title: Pope Francis Calls For A NEW CENTRAL WORLD BANK
Video posted 11 Jan 2017 by The Christian Truther

The above was a preface reviewing the present and future agenda scripted by the hidden hands for the new world order.
However, I wish to discuss evidence revealing the past, so we may know what happened and reason out a intentional future that is off-script and abolishes the globalists’ modern slave system.

Click the next section and we dive in…

Listen to a brief video-clip when former CIA/Navy Seals Special Ops Officer outlines how the ruling class (includes the Vatican) bribes and blackmail to coerce executives and government officials:

Title: Robert Steele 3-18-2017 Deepstate. Norway
Video posted 28 Mar 2017

tartaria amazonia russia

The ancestors recorded the seasons along with the path of the stars, but even that has been manipulated to deceive as the original records were destroyed and hidden to allow the current calendar to manipulate the stories about the past, present and future.

The dumbing-down and indoctrinating the masses escalated since the Jesuit priests were given the Mission in the 1500s. I note the significance that Christopher Clavius changed the calendar in 1582.
That single feat cause much confusion ’till this day whenever research about the past is attempted. Many scholars still confuse i582 with 1582, the two are not the same!
Tombstones in cemeteries and hand written documents have that past dating system and this reveals that at least one thousand false years may have been added to some historical events.
With the invention of the printing press you see the possibility for mass deception as calendar years are changed along with the rewriting the passage of generations adding a thousand or more false years to historical events becomes official and mandatory in ALL accredited academic curriculum.

The so-called 16th century (the 1500-1599) until the 1800s is a epoch to investigate or to begin a search for the great catastrophe of destruction. Lost knowledge and too many questions abound as you investigate and realize too much is unknown and too much of what is taught is rife with both intentional errors (often by decree) and unintentional errors (often by well meaning scholars); a worldwide official history with error after error after error.

Consider the possibility that wars (with explosions and possibly tsunamis) and mass destruction along with epic rain floods, mud-floods and great loss of life resulting in orphaned children. In two or three generations all of history could be rewritten. Add poverty, famine, forced child marriages and forced child labour and the grim story unfolds along side industrialization and commercialization in world trade across Africa, Europe, the Atlantic ocean and the Americas.
Read A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens and other diaries of that era with new insight.

Imagine an ancient era that had a lower sea level when much of the earth was connected land masses and there were powerful empires…

ancient map with lower sea level and more land

A friendly Russian researcher (Philipp Druzhinin) shares a massive database about ancient civilization, mud-floods, and giants.
I find his areas of insight in ancient mining, engineering, and architecture fascinating!

Look at Philipp’s videos about ancient mining, ancient cement, and ancient architecture and consider the possibility that ancient engineers had advanced technology that is gradually being re-introduced today.

Title: Megalithic construction and ancient mining
Video posted 21 Dec 2016 by Philipp Druzhinin

Title: Mud flood evidence worldwide
Video posted 16 Nov 2016 by Philipp Druzhinin

Title: Mining, Altai megaliths and Ukok princess
Video posted 16 Jan 2017 by Philipp Druzhinin

Title: Ancient mining evidence
Video posted 13 Jan 2017 by Philipp Druzhinin

Title: Dehydration(Dewatering) or Geotube mining and megaliths
Video posted 24 Feb 2017 by Philipp Druzhinin

Title: Trump ain’t stupid. Freetalk in the forest.
Video posted 08 Apr 2017 by Philipp Druzhinin



Title: Nazca Lines: Come Experience Flying Over The Enigma
Video posted 14 Aug 2013 by Brien Foerster


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