Globalists’ Disruptive Strategy: Twitter Censored Center for Immigration Studies!

We Are Witnessing A Social Media Purge!

Weaponizing language, control the narrative, disinformation warriors, sockpuppets, political spin, deception by omitting the pertinent facts, and other mass media tricks that has come to define “Fake News” and internet censorship is now a plague spreading all over the internet by corporate giants and some government policies.

Let’s be clear:
This is a massively funded international, institutional, and intentional strategy.

Some reports claim China Presses Its Internet Censorship Efforts Across the Globe.
With examples, such as Facebook creates new China subsidiary despite ban

China is the model leadership for Globalism with censorship social media and total control over everything, really?!

Has corporate controlled Dirty-Politics entered the tyrannical phase for the Information Age?

Let’s Talk Freely On The Internet While We Still Can

The progressive infrastructure groups we’ve built together were started long before Hillary Clinton ran for president. They were always intended to be the first line of defense— and offense—when we are under siege. –Private and Confidential Media Matters Strategic Plan For Action

If you don’t know that there is a well funded strategy to purge the internet and defeat opposing narratives to globalisation, then you need to read the Confidential Memo [Media Matters Strategic Plan For Action .pdf] that was handed out to big money liberal donors at posh resort in Aventura, Florida where David Brock, (the seasoned liberal operative and Clinton loyalist who founded Media Matters) sought to raise $40 million in January 2017…

Rather than regulate these corporate bottlenecks on the internet, they should be shutdown and boycotted to pave the way for free speech, open source, and knowledge sharing P2P decentralized networks.

The paid disruptive campaign to flood Western Developed Nations with destabilizing unregulated mass migration is a intentional strategy.

Remember, the ruling class govern by “Crisis Management” and armed Enforcement.
Create the crisis; fund the mass media fear campaign to manipulate public opinion; then implement draconian policies; and finally crackdown on dissidents and opponents with violent armed forces.
This institutional strategy is very effective for controlling the masses.

With this funded disruptive strategy in mind review these informative videos:

Title: Center for Immigration Studies banned from advertising on Twitter!
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by One America News Network


Title: Are Media Matters and George Soros Behind Social Purge?
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by Ben Swann

How To Herd People into New World Order: Institutional Governance By Crisis Management

Not A Coincidence: Both EU Parliament and U.S. House Pass Bills Targeting Alternative News

When Reporting Truth Is Attacked By The Establishment As “Fake News”, Then You Know Tyranny Is Near

Media Literacy: More Fake News & Manipulation

Citizens Are Manipulated and It’s Getting Worse

Kim Dotcom Plans A Censorship Free Social Media Platform

Google & Youtube Double Down With Censorship Algorithm Search Results

Webbot Creater Clif High Outs Google For Censorship Algorithm!

Facebook Should Be Shutdown, Not Regulated

Internet Algorithmic Sour Milk: Censored Americans Are Outraged!

Hot Discussions: Very Interesting Poll!

P2P Collaboration FTW!

Here Are Social Media Alternatives

Programmers & Engineers help us!
The official story is in flames, as truth censorship fails


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “Globalists’ Disruptive Strategy: Twitter Censored Center for Immigration Studies!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Are Social Media Insiders Starting to push back?

    Does it matter, as you know employees are fired and removed for disagreeing or disobeying the boss on the job.
    Let’s be clear.

    Stop hating, and disrespecting each other by using political labels that are emotionally charged – misusing terminology: Liberal (“Libtards”), racist (Trumpeteers), etc.

    The establishment (establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats) are the enemy of the sovereign people wishing to be free and willing to defend themselves against oppressive institutions.

    Title: The Internet Purge Continues
    Posted 9 Sep 2018 by WeAreChange

    Title: Social Media insiders are starting to push back
    Posted 13 Sep 2018 by Canadian Libertarian

    Why The China World Order Is Here On Purpose

    Title: Why The China World Order Is Here On Purpose
    Posted 13 Sep 2018 by WeAreChange

    In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the China World Order and why it is here on purpose.
    We talk about the real news while exposing fake news media
    censorship on the topic of China with James Corbett of the Corbett report.


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