Today 15 June 2015

Awareness and Free Your Mind
Every day is an important day, as is every moment is an important moment.
Thus, I will focus our attention that today is momentous, in that many People on Earth are exerting great efforts for planetary healing and broadly speaking this is what the People on Earth are talking about.
Below are but only a few of those efforts.
International Tribunal for Natural Justice

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

The ITNJ has announced several Cases on their website, I am not sure if the ITNJ will issue a finding on any of the cases below, however the ITNJ states that these are “Amongst the Kinds of Cases the ITNJ Will Hear”:

  • Rod Class DC Gun Case
  • Dean Clifford ~ Jailed for 16 Months Without Charge or Trial
  • John Wilson from Australia Denied Trial By Jury
  • Paul Andrew Mitchell, Private Attorney General ~ Jailed for 11 months without charge or trial
  • Gary Harrington in Oregon, jailed for collecting rainwater on his own farmland
  • Approval of the Belo Monte dam in Brazil is displacing indigenous tribes from their ancestral lands both upriver and downriver from the dam
  • Land Rights and Water Rights
  • Food and Farming Freedom
  • Bodily Sovereignty
  • Parental Rights, Right to Homeschool Your Child
  • Noncompliance and Refusal Rights
  • Murder or Assault by Police Officers, or other government agents
  • Right of Journalists to Broadcast/Publish Without Censorship; Right of the people not to be intentionally lied to by Mass Media corporations
  • Right to Peaceably Assemble
  • Mortgage, Foreclosure, and Banking Fraud

See for their list Proposed Cases

Live-Streaming of the Ceremonial Seating

Time Signatures:
PST/PDT, Pacific Daylight time (US)
9:00am Mon, June 15 2015
EST/ EDT, Eastern Daylight Time (US)
Noon Mon, June 15 2015
LONDON, United Kingdom, England
5:00pm Mon, June 15 2015

Hundreds Protest And Fighter Jets Scrambled At Bilderberg

Video Posted 15 Jun 2015
In this video Luke Rudkowski takes you through his day covering the 2015 Bilderberg meeting in Telfs Austria.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Today 15 June 2015
  1. RonMamita says:

    Real Possibilities: Many “earths” on an infinite plane

    Video Posted 15 Jun 2015

    Cashless Society: blockchain based securities exchange
    Ms. S.H. shared this one, and it’s so significant that it simply has to be passed along: Moves are afoot to create a kind of “bitcoin” alternative to the conventional stock market, one which has the potential, perhaps, to replace the various bourses around the world, including Wall Street:

    Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, has taken the first steps toward putting Wall Street out of business.

    There’s been much hype about bitcoin, and about how it bypasses bankers, but I remain skeptical for a variety of reasons. But those reasons aside, the idea behind bitcoin is being expanded now to securities markets:

    “Basically, this new blockchain based securities exchange, which Byrne calls “Medici,” is a decentralized, open source, peer-to-peer, system that posts all transactions in chronological order on a public ledger. Under this system, users will be empowered to send money over the Internet simply and efficiently with little to no transaction fees depending on how the money is spent or traded.

    Last Friday, thanks to Byrne and Overstock, the world’s first-ever cryptobond has officially been offered. According to the story, which first appeared in Politico, this is a huge deal. Here’s why:

    “This system would do something no other stock exchange has ever done. It would skip the centralized clearinghouse entirely, and keep track of trading, clearance, and ownership on everyone’s computers at once. It would transform processes that now depend on centralized institutions for trust, and let people instead transact directly with one another.”

    This is the SEC’s first move in regulating Bitcoin 2.0. For many people, Bitcoin seems like a crazy futuristic type of currency that will never take off. But those people tend not to be informed about the technology behind it. The same thing happened when email was created. People didn’t understand the point of it or what it meant and many of them poo-pooed it. It’s now hard to even imagine a world where email didn’t exist.(Emphases are in the original)

    There are a number of potentialities that all this poses, but the one that alarms me the most concerns all such “internet” and “electronic” based systems: records, regardless of the security or encryption, are ultimately liable to be hacked. We are assured that the new systems are secure. We were also assured that God Himself could not sink the Titanic. The point here is that electronic information-based systems are the new version of cannon versus armor: security systems and encryption evolve, countermeasures are developed to penetrate them, and a cycle begins.

    At stake is the information itself, and its vulnerability to sudden deletion or alteration. This is what has concerned me about ebooks of any sort, especially those systems named after the suggestive idea that they are designed to burn books, to burn, or alter, the information they contain. For this reason, I have always urged people that if books are worth the purchase, then the physical copy is worth owning and holding.

    The same, it seems to me, holds even more true with media of exchange, and the necessity to maintain analogue systems of actual physical media of exchange – currency, coinage, securities – and their actual physical movement and transfer. Indeed, this is a redundancy in case any purely digital system should break down. Don’t get me wrong, I use electronic currency just as much as anyone else. But I also continue to use cash and paper checks to create a physical backup trail should electronic systems fail. Thus, I remain skeptical of the touted advantages and supposed privacy of such crypto-currencies and now, crypto-securities. If it was easy before to bundle securities of dubious value into the “bundles” that caused the previous meltdown, think how much more easy it will be to do so under such circumstances.

    There’s a final high octane speculation to consider here: assume that all public financial exchange does move entirely digital: what will become of any hidden system of finance or black budget? THese can be handled digitally, of course, by all the standard tactics. But I suggest that hidden systems will continue to involve good old fashioned analogue physical currency and securities instruments, and their physical exchange. The alternative, of course, is a “dark internet” of finance. And with high frequency trading algorithms, and potential penetration of such systems, it becomes easy to imagine that in the milliseconds of trade executions, small amounts can be siphoned off, used for other things, profits taken, and then the original amounts restored as a trade is concluded. Think of it as a hidden system….

    …on steroids.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Beware of Mind Tricks Within Sovereign/Truth Movement

    What I am saying that some slick talking people are well funded to infiltrate the legitimate and good intention efforts and movements with moles and disguised agents attempting to win your trust…

    I also do not wish to swear an oath, nor be committed to a “Legal” system, because I am convinced the “Natural Law” aka “Universal Law” is simple and explicit enough for children to comprehend where no representatives of expert legal attorneys are needed. No worshiping (his highness, or Lord) is necessary.
    All peers should use names like we normally do. Instead of saying Lord or his highness, we would john, or Jim, or sir and madam or something reflecting peer to peer.

    While I was connected to the Livestream feed of ITNJ ceremony another chat guest typed he/she smelled a rat. There were indeed some data dumps along with the costumes (red and black robes) that were suspicious and worthy for additional research.
    So is ITNJ co-opted?
    Keep an alert eye on this organization.


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