The Balancing Act During This Unstable 21st Century

Our many discussions have central elements of mass deception, fraudulent international monetary system, and crises in governments.
Because indeed, it is not an accident, it is Policy.
With this awareness of the Age of Deception we are to be prepared and equip ourselves with self defense and to intentionally live a joyful life.

Rather than cry in despair at the worldwide crises, we can re-balance ourselves as if we are skating, or riding a bicycle, or surfing turbulent waves on the beach.
Your personal ability to re-balance is important as instabilities devastate economies.

Unfortunately, that awareness is in the minority and thus many career professionals will be seen as credible when their objective is only to “reset” the current fraudulent system of governance handed down from Babylon and Rome.
I was viewing the presentation of Wall Street executives turned into “whistleblowers” and the clarity of their message saddened me. The message was to campaign the public to “wake up” and to demand the change to “reset” the system through the rule of commercial law.
That change is not a real change, it is merely a return to the established system that brings nations to this crisis every century.
I suspect the ancient Shemitah, 70 year, ritual of debt jubilee was in awareness of this need to reset the system every century.
They are committed to this reset campaign and they will attempt to unwittingly or wittingly hijack the genuine grassroots movements of  mass awakening and moving away from the Babylonian system.

Their credentials are the many alphabet letters achieved from higher education centers, and from years of executive experience in Wall Street funded corporations.
They lived with a comfortable world view and a security blanket of prestigious institutions.
Of course they feel fear, with a deep need to reset the system.
The Babylonian system is their cherished baby.
Some of them are willing to send babies off to war to kill more babies, as they repeat colorful idioms, such as: “Dont throw the baby out with the bathwater“.

See the global planning

In this Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015 photo, Chinese President Xi Jinping, signs the group photo of the G-20 leaders, taken earlier that day, as he arrives for a reception in Antalya, Turkey. The leaders of the Group of 20 were wrapping up their two-day summit in Turkey Monday. (Anadolu Agency via AP, Pool)

And have no doubts about the fact that this international monetary system can be reset by merely forgiving hundreds of trillions of dollars of institutional debt and declaring a new consensus on the monetization of the Bills of Exchange, with less volatile currency exchange rates.

However, discussing a better alternative and a different paradigm away from the established system is too unsettling for their mental conditioning. They are not willing to re-balance themselves to ride the turbulent waves forward; no, they see themselves drowning.
They desperately cling to ship wreckage from the old Babylonian monetary system.
They are willing to send your children to war and reset this fraudulent system that has been established for many centuries.
Gee, feel their pride, and national patriotism as they talk of change and the return to the “rule of law”.
Be not deceived, they are not talking about the natural law that recognize right from wrong, and recognize the rights of People to govern themselves.

In the years ahead, expect to see governments default on their debt in the volatile markets. Expect the escalation of social unrest, with more legal complaints as massive civil lawsuits against major corporations and their top officials.
Expect a NEWS media hyped emergency international financial meeting reach landmark consensus; before escalation of world war or after…

G-20_2016 China
The 20th Century witnessed the system reset with a shift from Europe to America.
Expect the 21st Century attempt system reset with a shift from the U.S. to the East.

Now, as I browse the internet and see a upswing in reports of politicians facing a call for their arrests, I naturally take notice.
Is this a new trend?
Or is this simply a part of the over-all trend to arrest the criminals that so far have been “untouchable” in the banksters’ international system of governance and commerce?

The Criminals Are Running Governments
And this is now common knowledge and understood by a large segment of the population.
Perhaps, eventually, that large segment of the population will also realize the entire international system of institutional governance is fraudulent.

Below I pooled some of the reports I have noted as we keep a watchful eye on the unfolding worldwide crises. Read the comments for more insights.

Are The Massive Calls To Arrest Politicians & Bankers A New Trend?

In my opinion, since Iceland, the pressures have only been mounting…

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was questioned by police…

Title: Lula arrest in Brazil graft probe raises risk of Rousseff’s fall
Video posted 05 Mar 2016

Title: Brazil’s lower house speaker to go on trial for corruption
Video posted 03 Mar 2016

Very alarming reports coming out of Venezuela:
*Opposition political parties step up efforts to oust President Maduro
*U.S.-Venezuela diplomacy continue to deteriorate, as diplomats are recalled and embassy staff are reduced.
*Venezuela finds it increasingly more difficult to repay principal and interest owed to international bondholders. Venezuela’s foreign debt rose to US$ 42.53 billion last year; around US$ 3 billion shy of its record-high debt level registered in 2012.

I read that an opposition politician was arrested in southeastern Venezuela by the state intelligence service, after a food storage facility was looted by an angry mob…

More than 106 thousand people have petitioned for the arrest of former President Bill Clinton for violating Massachusetts’ election law. How his wife (Hillary Clinton) continue to operate her election campaign is a distasteful criminal act to watch, if you can stomach the deception and corruption in plain sight.

Also recall there is still an ongoing grassroots call to arrest Hillary Clinton as well for her criminal activities in handling classified information on her home computer network and refusing to disclose emails connected to her former position as Secretary of State as well as her activities and cover up of the Benghazi disaster where lives were lost and secret arms deals were involved.

Least the international community think we forgot, know that there still is a public call for the arrest of Obama, the Bush crime family, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others.

Recall back in 2012 reading about Iceland’s rational decision that dismantled the corrupt gov’t, where 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their responsibility in Iceland’s 2008 financial collapse. Iceland changed direction and the silence is deafening.
Iceland still is in the established international system and like the rest of the nations are threatened.


Obviously the list of the other nations have reports about criminals in government and banking, but I am tired and will call on us to have further discussions in the comment section.
Thank you for your awareness and sharing the great awakening.



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “The Balancing Act During This Unstable 21st Century
  1. RonMamita says:

    Prominent Wall Street Whistleblowers Announce New Initiative

    When these established career professionals from wall street come face to face with institutional crime they do not consider abolishing the institutions. Alternative paradigms is outside the box and they wish to remain inside the box.
    Indeed they worship the darkness from Babylon, to Rome, either knowingly or unknowingly.

    I think some may have good intentions, but they fail to see the bigger picture and the truth about this ancient system of governance that was handed down from Babylon and Rome.

    Below is the 4 part recording of this Wall Street Initiative to bring accountability to institutional crime in what I consider is a futile attempt because it merely wishes to “reset” a fraudulent system. Allowing the fraudulent system to survive and prey upon future generations after our generation pass on to the afterlife.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    “Bank Whistleblowers United held a kick-off conference Thursday where former high ranking bankers outlined a proposal they would like to see each presidential candidate adopt.”


    • RonMamita says:

      Press Releases Tells Institutional Investors “Don’t Panic”

      *The officials and executives hide truth, there is no full disclosure.
      I, like so many, must search the lying institutions to uncover what their deceptions are as well as attempt to uncover their criminal secrets. Some speculation is required.

      *We have uncovered fraud, everywhere we looked in the system we have found FRAUD; and we continue to find FRAUD.

      *See how investigative investors are attempting to peek behind the veil of secrets:

      Title: Does this Surprise Announcement Mean the Gold Rigging Scheme has Reached the Tipping Point?
      Video posted 07 Mar 2016


  2. Thanks Ron, great subject-matter and a relief to see that at least someone comprehends bills of exchange; in fact, you are probably the first one we see using that word.

    If we truly comprehended the nature of money, we would realise the need to abandon it; and, how easy it can be done; in peace


    • RonMamita says:

      Brother, we are out here. I do not discuss the “details” of the international monetary system often because it is in the archives here.

      Have you listened to Bill Black’s Wall Street whistleblower club?
      See the 4 videos above your comment.
      That is where the next battle skirmish will occur as the “reset” fever penetrates the mass media from talking about jailing the officials. A wealthy call for the return to the rule of (commercial) law will gain momentum via the MSM.
      They claim there’s no need for new legislation, simply enforce the law and remove the corrupt officials and regulators.

      Isn’t nostalgia bliss?
      Apparently they enjoyed the 20th century form of covert slavery, wars, and justified poverty under the “rule of law”.

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  3. RonMamita says:

    Institutional Governance Is A Crime Scene

    So, are criminals running the government?
    As I stated in the beginning discussion at the top of this post, a significantly large segment of the population KNOWS criminals and deceivers are running this system.

    The American government… is running the central banking warfare model globally, and it depends heavily on criminal profits. -Catherine A. Fitts

    The collection of reports below paints a vivid message about the state of affairs with the established system in place. The system is a international institutional governance structure handed down from Babylon and Rome.
    This is a Crime Scene!

    Pyramid of Lies Could Implode-Catherine Austin Fitts

    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

    Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has correctly predicted no financial collapse year after year. Now, she is not so sure one can be avoided. Fitts explains, “In theory, it is easily possible to manage through the election. It doesn’t have to blow up, but if you look at what is going on in the campaign and in Washington, the leadership is blowing up. If the leadership doesn’t manage it properly, anything is possible. I think what the global economy and the U.S. economy needs is the rule of law. So, if we have to have this conversation to bring an end to this secrecy and privilege and get back to the rule of law so we can support productivity, then I say let’s have a mess. I’d rather deal with our civilization and our governance system now than later. The sooner we get back to productivity the better.”

    Fitts also says, “I used to have a pastor who used to say ‘God does not bless a mess.’ We have a mess, a pyramid of lies that goes on and on and on, and it’s a mess. So, could the mess implode? Yes, it could implode. Here’s the reality of where we are going. I think we are in a long-term bull market . . . . The one thing the world cannot afford is if we bring the Constitutional covenant down. That’s why I think the conversation going on in America right now is so important. . . . The Constitution is a 6,000 year miracle, and if that miracle fails, there will be anarchy in the world. So, to me, the most important thing right now is to reaffirm the covenant of the principles we affirmed during the Revolution. The last thing we need is Rubio, Jeb Bush or anybody calling for a Constitutional convention to balance the budget on the backs of the people who just had $40 trillion stolen from them.”

    So, are criminals running the U.S. government? Fitts, who is a former Assistant HUD Secretary, says, “Yes. . . . The American government . . . is running the central banking warfare model globally, and it depends heavily on criminal profits. If you look at the general population, the general population supports that. . . . The general population supports that as long as they can pretend they don’t have responsibility for that. If you look at the drug trafficking, the mortgage fraud, stuffing innocent people into prison, that is being implemented one county at a time in 3,100 counties. There are millions of Americans getting paid to put a pretty face to it. . . . The party with the debt growth model is over, and that means the party is over for a lot of people who are unproductive.”

    Fitts contends there is some very good news if we can get rid of the criminal cronies. Fitts explains, “The wealth potential is enormous. One of my favorite quotes is from founding father John Adams. He said the war was not the revolution. The war was the consequence of the revolution. The revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people and their assumptions of their obligations to each other. So, for people to take responsibility, they need to know the truth. The leadership for many decades now has said the American people are too stupid and too dumbed down to take responsibility . . . or to be involved with solving the problems. I don’t agree with that. I agree with Winston Churchill, and he said, ‘Tell the people.’ If you tell the people what the real problems are and give them the tools . . . the wealth potential with new technologies and where you have rule of law where people believe in an economy where winners are allowed to happen. . . . Wow, it could be incredible.”

    Read Full Report:

    Wall Street’s Savage Reckoning: Clouds Gather Over G-20 Summit

    wall street

    Finance ministers and central bankers from the world’s biggest economies met in Shanghai, China over the weekend to discuss many of the problems for which they alone are responsible. Leading the list of issues, was the steady deceleration in global growth which, to great extent, is the result of experimental monetary policies central banks implemented following the recession in 2009. Surprisingly, the group admitted that their “easing strategies” had failed to produce the durable recovery that they sought, but at the same time, they made virtually no effort to correct their mistake by making the changes necessary to shore up flagging global output. Here’s a brief recap from Bloomberg:

    “Finance chiefs from the world’s top economies committed their governments to doing more to boost global growth amid mounting concerns over the potency of monetary policy.

    In a pledge that will prove easier to write than deliver and may disappoint investors looking for a coordinated stimulus plan, the Group of 20 said “we will use fiscal policy flexibly to strengthen growth, job creation and confidence.” After a two-day meeting in Shanghai, finance ministers and central bank governors also doubled down on a line from their last gathering that “monetary policy alone cannot lead to balanced growth.”

    This is complete gibberish. Finance chiefs from the world’s top economies did not commit their governments to do more to boost global growth. Quite the contrary, they didn’t lift a finger to change anything. That’s why Wall Street has its knickers in a twist, because they didn’t get the lavish handouts they were hoping for. You see, now that stocks are on the ropes and corporate profits have been dropping for two consecutive quarters (which is a sign of impending recession), the big money guys want more favors from Uncle Sugar, this time in the form of fiscal stimulus and “structural reforms” which is an opaque “pro-business” buzzword that refers to the further slashing of workers wages, additional tax cuts for voracious corporations, and more lifting of government regulations to make it easier for Wall Street to fleece We the People.

    What the markets were hoping for was some indication that more government freebies were on the way. But the finance ministers couldn’t agree about anything, so the whole issue of stimulus was scrapped. In other words, Wall Street got zilch. That’s why they’re so upset. Check this out from Financial Review:

    “Investors burned by turmoil in global markets are looking for signs the world’s top finance officials are ready to take action to bolster growth and calm currency moves…. Citigroup’s Steven Englander said a failure to include more explicit support for fiscal stimulus in the closing statement from policy makers would be taken badly by investors. For Andrew Brenner, head of international fixed income at National Alliance Capital Markets in New York, a commitment to fiscal expansion and clarity on China’s currency policy will send equities higher next week, while stocks will slide if those issues aren’t addressed….

    “Keeping the previous language would be very disappointing and would be viewed as either complacent or reflecting policy paralysis,” Englander, Citigroup’s head of currency strategy for major developed economies, said in a February 25 report. He urged the G-20 to “man up and tell member countries that monetary policy should be accompanied by fiscal expansion”. (“G-20 needs to ‘man up’ to avert more market turmoil, says Citigroup’s Englander“, Financial Review)

    Can you see what’s going on? There is general acceptance of the fact that monetary policy has lost its effectiveness, so now Wall Street wants fiscal giveaways. And they don’t care how they get them either. Notice how carefully Mr Englander phrases his comments: “Keeping the previous language would be very disappointing and would be viewed as either complacent or reflecting policy paralysis.” In other words, if Wall Street doesn’t get more government handouts it’s going to stomp its feet and have another big hissyfit.

    Reuters tells the same story. Check it out:

    “Investors could trim back positions on equities given a failure by a weekend meeting of the G20 group of leading economies to come up with concrete, new measures to boost growth, analysts said…..

    “The fact that the G20 is going to do more of the same is likely to be greeted with a big yawn and a likely fall on stock markets,” said Richard Edwards, managing director at trading and research firm HED Capital. Others felt equally discouraged.

    “Some people will be disappointed that there are no concrete measures,” said Francois Savary, chief investment officer at Geneva-based investment and consultancy firm Prime Partners.” (Reuters)

    “Some people will be disappointed”, says Savary?? Well, boo-fu**ing-hoo! I mean, how long are we going to continue to shape policy so it suits the exclusive needs of the bloodsuckers on Wall Street? It’s insanity!

    Central banks and finance chiefs don’t give a rip about growth, jobs or even the overall state of the economy. It’s a joke. What matters them is profits and stock prices. That’s it. All this rubbish about “doing more to boost growth” or “using fiscal policy to increase job creation and confidence” is enough to make you puke. Here’s a short clip from the G-20 communique:

    “The global recovery continues, but it remains uneven and falls short of our ambition for strong, sustainable and balanced growth….While recognising these challenges, we nevertheless judge that the magnitude of recent market volatility has not reflected the underlying fundamentals of the global economy.”

    Fundamentals? What fundamentals? Global central banks have purchased more than $10 trillion in various distressed assets since the end of the recession in 2009. Do you think that that reduction in supply might have a affected the price of stocks and bonds a bit? Maybe just a titch?

    Investors know its all a mirage. They know that soaring stock prices are strung together with chewing gum and duct tape. That’s why they’re on bailing out at the first sign of trouble. And that’s what makes the G-20 confab a such momentous occasion, because the finance honchos and bank brainiacs brought nothing to the table. They basically told Wall Street to “pack sand”. They even shrugged off an emotional appeal from the IMF to take “bold action” to stimulate growth and avoid more damage to the fragile financial system.

    Here’s what the IMF said:

    “The G20 must plan now for co-ordinated demand support using available fiscal space to boost public investment and complement structural reforms…a comprehensive approach is needed to reduce over-reliance on monetary policy. In particular, near-term fiscal policy should be more supportive where appropriate and provided there is fiscal space….The global economy needs bold multilateral actions to boost growth and contain risk.”

    That’s quite a turnaround for the austerity-promoting IMF, don’t you think?

    But the fund is just being pragmatic. Now that monetary policy is kaput, fiscal stimulus is the only game in town. That’s just the way it is. Either the finance ministers accept that fact and push for additional government spending on infrastructure programs and the like, or stocks and profits are going to face a savage reckoning. It’s that simple.


    The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism


    In the 21st century Americans have been distracted by the hyper-expensive “war on terror.” Trillions of dollars have been added to the taxpayers’ burden and many billions of dollars in profits to the military/security complex in order to combat insignificant foreign “threats,” such as the Taliban, that remain undefeated after 15 years. All this time the financial system, working hand-in-hand with policymakers, has done more damage to Americans than terrorists could possibly inflict.

    The purpose of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury’s policy of zero interest rates is to support the prices of the over-leveraged and fraudalent financial instruments that unregulated financial systems always create. If inflation was properly measured, these zero rates would be negative rates, which means not only that retirees have no income from their retirement savings but also that saving is a losing proposition. Instead of earning interest on your savings, you pay interest that shrinks the real value of your saving.

    Central banks, neoliberal economists, and the presstitute financial media advocate negative interest rates in order to force people to spend instead of save. The notion is that the economy’s poor economic performance is not due to the failure of economic policy but to people hoarding their money. The Federal Reserve and its coterie of economists and presstitutes maintain the fiction of too much savings despite the publication of the Federal Reserve’s own report that 52% of Americans cannot raise $400 without selling personal possessions or borrowing the money.

    Negative interest rates, which have been introduced in some countries such as Switzerland and threatened in other countries, have caused people to avoid the tax on bank deposits by withdrawing their savings from banks in large denomination bills. In Switzerland, for example, demand for the 1,000 franc bill (about $1,000) has increased sharply. These large denomination bills now account for 60% of the Swiss currency in circulation.

    The response of depositors to negative interest rates has resulted in neoliberal economists, such as Larry Summers, calling for the elimination of large denomination bank notes in order to make it difficult for people to keep their cash balances outside of banks.

    Other neoliberal economists, such as Kenneth Rogoff want to eliminate cash altogether and have only electronic money. Electronic money cannot be removed from bank deposits except by spending it. With electronic money as the only money, financial institutions can use negative interest rates in order to steal the savings of their depositors.

    People would attempt to resort to gold, silver, and forms of private money, but other methods of payment and saving would be banned, and government would conduct sting operations in order to suppress evasions of electronic money with stiff penalties.

    What this picture shows is that government, economists, and presstitutes are allied against citizens achieving any financial independence from personal saving. Policymakers have a crackpot economic policy and those with control over your life value their scheme more than they value your welfare.

    This is the fate of people in the so-called democracies. Any remaining control that they have over their lives is being taken away. Governments serve a few powerful interest groups whose agendas result in the destruction of the host economies. The offshoring of middle class jobs transfers income and wealth from the middle class to the executives and owners of the corporation, but it also kills the domestic consumer market for the offshored goods and services. As Michael Hudson writes, it kills the host. The financialization of the economy also kills the host and the owners of corporations as well. When corporate executives borrow from banks in order to boost share prices and their performance bonuses by buying back the publicly held stock of the corporations, future profits are converted into interest payments to banks. The future income streams of the corporations are financialized. If the future income streams fail, the companies can be foreclosed, like homeowners, and the banks become the owners of the corporations.

    Between the offshoring of jobs and the conversion of more and more income streams into payments to banks, less and less is available to be spent on goods and services. Thus, the economy fails to grow and falls into long-term decline. Today many Americans can only pay the minimum payment on their credit card balance. The result is massive growth in a balance that

    can never be paid off. It is these people who are the least able to service debt who are hit with draconian charges. The way the credit card companies have it now, if you make one late payment or your payment is returned by your bank, you are hit for the next six months with a Penalty Annual Percentage Rate of 29.49%.

    In Europe entire countries are being foreclosed. Greece and Portugal have been forced into liquidation of national assets and the social security systems. So many women have been forced into poverty and prostitution that the hourly price of a prostitute has been driven down to $4.12.

    Throughout the Western world the financial system has become an exploiter of the people and a deadweight loss on economies. There are only two possible solutions. One is to break the large banks up into smaller and local entities such as existed prior to the concentration that deregulation fostered. The other is to nationalize them and operate them solely in the interest of the general welfare of the population.

    The banks are too powerful currently for either solution to occur. But the greed, fraud, and self-serving behavior of Western financial systems, aided and abeted by governments, could be leading to such a breakdown of economic life that the idea of a private financial system will become as abhorent in the future as Nazism is today.


    Money Laundering and the City of London’s “Crime Scene”: Haven of Tax Havens for the Mega-Wealthy


    When it comes to The City of London, the term ‘tax haven’ is not describing all that it should. It doesn’t just shield the mega-wealthy from paying their fair dues it goes further and offers a departure from the rule of law as you would know it. Secrecy is its raison d’être. These secrecy laws do not benefit the local people living in its jurisdiction but only those individuals and corporations with enough money and with something to hide.

    The reality is that the City of London caters for those above the law, it operates on the basis of bypassing democratic society as a whole. This has come about over time where an extraordinary ‘gentlemens agreement’ has stood the test of time. The head of state and his/her governments have the need of large loans for wars and the like, the City, in exchange for such commodity has extracted certain privileges the rest of the population do not enjoy. The end result over the centuries is that it now has its own financial jurisdiction to do pretty much as it pleases.

    City of London is a crime scene with money laundering its global engine

    A ‘watchman’ sits at the high table of parliament and is its official lobbyist sitting in seat of power right next to the Speaker of the House who is “charged with maintaining and enhancing the City’s status and ensuring that its established rights are safeguarded.” The job is to maintain order and seek out political dissent against the City.

    The City of London has its own private funding and will ‘buy-off’ any attempt to erode its powers; any scrutiny of its financial affairs are put beyond external inspection or audit.

    For over a hundred years the Labour party tried in vain to abolish the City of London and its accompanying financial corruption. In 1917, Labour’s new rising star Herbert Morrison, the grandfather of Peter Mandelson made a stand and failed, calling it the “devilry of modern finance.” And although attempt after attempt was made throughout the following decades, it was Margaret Thatcher who succeeded by abolishing its opponent, the Greater London Council in 1986.

    Tony Blair went about it another way and offered to reform the City of London in what turned out to be a gift from god. He effectively gave the vote to corporations which swayed the balance of democratic power away from residents and workers. It was received by its opponents as the greatest retrograde step since the peace treaty of 1215, Magna Carta. The City won its rights through debt financing in 1067, when William the Conqueror acceded to it and ever since, governments have allowed the continuation of its ancient rights above all others.

    The City effectively now stands as money launderer of the world, the capital of global crime. It is the heart and engine of the offshore haven, with Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man its european collection centres, the caribbean and others hoovering up billions of American dollars from all over the globe. Whilst there are good and legal reasons for offshore accounts, It has a dark and shadowy client list; terrorists, drug barons, arms dealers, politicians, corporations and companies, millionaires, billionaires – most with something to hide.

    The Independent newspaper reported last July that The City of London is the money-laundering centre of the world’s drug trade, according to an internationally acclaimed crime expert. In addition, every notable financial expert now agrees that due to incredibly lax financial laws by the British government, the London property market is built largely on the laundered money of crime from all over the world involving hidden tax havens, most of which are British.

    Her Majesty’s British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies make up around 25 per cent of the world’s tax havens, which are now blacklisted by the European Commission and now ranked as the most important player in the financial secrecy world.

    Tax havens featured on the EC’s blacklist of June last year include Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands to name just a few and each is inextricably linked to the City of London’s crime offices.

    The consequence of its operations is that money laundering is now at such levels and so widespread that the authorities have recently admitted defeat in its battle of attrition by stating openly it has been completely overwhelmed and lost control. Keith Bristow Director-General of the UK’s National Crime Agency said just six months ago that the sheer scale of crime and its subsequent money laundering operations was “a strategic threat” to the country’s economy and reputation and that “high-end money laundering is a major risk”.

    In the meantime, the City of London remains politically immune and acts with criminal impunity as it sucks up what is now understood to be trillions in illicit and ill-gotten gains. Bankers and hedge-fund operators dodge the authorities with particular skill sets honed over a millennia, especially HMRC.

    It is of no coincidence that this small area of britian, just 1.2 square miles has the highest pay in the land and the third lowest council tax for property anywhere in the United Kingdom. A £20 million mansion costs less than £1,000 a year in council tax.

    At the last census, its population stood at just 7,325, its employees stand at 414,600, nearly 40 per cent of them in financial services. Nearly 17,000 businesses are registered there, 2,700 are finance and insurance based and just over 45 per cent are foreign owned entities. HSBC’s organisation is the ninth largest bank in the world following four Chinese and four American banks located down the road in Canary Wharf.

    This tiny island haven, with its own borders and police force sits within the Isles of Britain as an international hub, the tax haven of all tax havens. Make no mistake, the banks use offshore business organisations to escape regulation and the grip these organisations have over an ever weakened and corrupt political class is utterly astounding. The Conservative party is literally bankrolled by bankers and hedge funds. Half of the wealthiest hedge fund managers in the land pay millions each year to the Tories – what do they expect back from their investment? Perhaps the hundreds of millions of stamp duty exemptions and taxes hedge funds no longer have to pay. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    This is neoliberalism out of control. The legislators have capitulated to its power. Democracy is systematically deconstructed in favour of the corporations. In the legislators place, people powered organisations emerge such as Tax Justice Network, Democratic Audit, New Economics Foundation to name a few who operate in an arena of social justice in an attempt not to stifle capitalism, but to level the playing field a bit.

    Graham Vanbergen



  4. RonMamita says:

    Worldwide Cooking The Books Banking & Government Criminals

    “The Untouchables” is what exists in a criminal system.
    Even the wealthy are fearful and the controversial “Rule of Law” become Center Stage in controlled Mass Media.
    No Where To Run…

    Governments are corrupted in the criminal international monetary system.
    More individuals are waking up to this fact:

    Title: The Central Bankers And Corporations Are Running The Country: John Titus
    Video posted 23 Mar 2016

    Title: The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime
    Video posted 18 Mar 2016



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