MIND TRAP: Voters Joining A Team And There Remains The Deceptive Divide

2017-america-divided-1Horrors of horrors, I have watched so-called “awake” individuals descend into ferocious attacks with stereotype labels and tic for tac gloating over events that enforces their team view of political issues and politicians.

I feel nauseous as I have not been able to ignore, or get away from angry voters since the run-up to the 2016 November U.S. selection stage show.
Voters sling Team labels such as Conservative, Liberal, Patriot, Feminist, LGBT, Moderate, Radical, etc., and are at each other throats defending or attacking each other for supporting or not supporting Donald Trump.

I hear it from all sides as they can’t comprehend that I am not in that political mind-cage.
And when they finally really hear that, they pause to reject it, and then say if you are not with us then you are against us!

Is president Trump Good or Bad?
Is Trump on team deep-state?
Is Trump worse than Clinton?

1false rep dem
Where Are The Awake Among The Sheeple?
Rather than fight when you hear something other than agreement with your voting-belief choice – Listen closely:
I predicted Trump would be the next U.S. president and I said he is not a good guy to save us and neither was Hillary a good gal to save us.
American voters had no right choice, voters had wrong choices from the RNC and DNC political parties.

Then I hear the but, buts…
Trump surely must be better than Hillary!
The lesser of two evils!
If you don’t support Hillary then you support the bigoted, male chauvinist Trump!
If you don’t support Trump then you must be stupid!
On and on, relentlessly, the rage continues.

Sigh, do you see the nonsense group-think that keeps repeating every election cycle?
The divide and rule strategy is the very effective political game played every election cycle.

Most Trump supporters can not see their behaviour is identical to those Obama supporters back in 2009.
Stop and answer the question how much better was Obama than McCain, or Bush?

Yes, Trump is different from “Obumma”, he actually achieved some of his campaign promises in the first week of office (end Obamacare, exit TPP trade agreement, build a wall at the southern border, reduce regulations & taxation) – and keeping campaign promises certainly is different from the norm.

Yet, ending the Fed, end the rigged system, end wars, close Guantanamo, promote peaceful foreign relations, draining the swamp, and putting Hillary and the pedophilia foundation in prison is yet to be seen from Trump.
Trump’s cabinet choices was a cabinet of swamp-executives (such as former Goldman partner Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Wilbur Ross a Billionaire Investor and Sr. Managing Director of Rothschild Inc., as Secretary of Commerce, and Gary Cohn Goldman Sachs President and COO as National Economic Council Director) that leaves Trump supporters questioning his motives.

Trump swore in his son-in-law Jared Kushner (CEO of Kushner Companies) as a senior adviser and possible security risk.
Recall what former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney (who grilled Donald Rumsfeld about the missing $2.3 trillion dollars the day before 9/11 false flag operation) said about AIPAC and the Israeli control of U.S. elected officials

Did They Sign The Pledge?


– Mass Deception & Infowars –
The currency wars and escalating WWIII has mostly remained hidden from the headlines by the mainstream media as they promote “the soaring markets are good for the economy” with the “War On Terror” (CIA manipulate NEWS) narrative.
Meanwhile the banking industry has engaged in money laundering/wealth transfer/currency wars and the great military powers have engaged in proxy & cyber wars.

The ruling class has factions with disagreements, there are more than one single agenda and conspiracy.
So the question is which faction is Trump with and are they committed to protecting him?
Trump may be with a different ruling class faction than Hillary Clinton.

Consider this, there are competing power factions within the ruling class, shadow banking, and the deep-state. There is certainly too much secrecy, too many secret agencies and agents, and there may be secret societies, and a breakaway civilization

The forces competing for control of the worldwide monetary system may be many, and they all may be deceiving the masses.
The challenge is to end mass deception and the indoctrination that perpetuates the false belief in authority and institutional governance within a fraudulent international monetary system.

Title: Trump Fills the Swamp With Steven Mnuchin
Video posted 7 Dec 2016 by corbettreport
strike at the root

What do I think?
I could continue discussing Trump and then Trump supporters would falsely claim that I am unfairly bashing Trump, he has been in office less than a full week.
Trump supporters may think I wish Hillary was in the White House.
No, I think Hillary Clinton should be in court facing criminal charges, and that is just for starters as her ill-gotten family fortune from their criminal foundation should be returned to the victims and their families.

“The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.” – Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 1908

I think Trump is connected to a faction of the ruling class deceiving the citizens, and ditto for Clinton.
I think about abolishing the monetary system based on fraud, debt, usury, and fractional reserve banking.
I think withdrawing the U.S. military from foreign bases and return them safely home is the right action.
Stop geoengineering and social engineering (includes, but not limited to chemtrails, gmo, human cloning, and warfare).
I think about self governance as freedom and the difference between Rights and Wrongs.
Meanwhile, seek and share the truth while improving emergency preparedness plans and sharing your joyful Love for Life. ~Ron
That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “MIND TRAP: Voters Joining A Team And There Remains The Deceptive Divide
  1. RonMamita says:

    This is NOT Trump Bashing, It Is Critcal Reasoning:

    Pause the Cheering and emotional outbursts, then search for detailed evidence to answer the question:
    The 1st day of the Trump Presidency 31 Airstrikes!

    Is Trump a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    Video posted 26 Jan 2017 by SGTreport.com

    Mass Media Pushing Divide and Conquer

    Title: Don’t Let “Divide and Conquer” Distract You.
    Video posted 26 Jan 2017 by maneco64

    Trump’s Chabad-Lubavitch handler (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner


    President Trump has wasted no time in getting his handler a top position in his administration…

    READ More:


  2. RonMamita says:

    War Tensions: Pravda Reports Trump to be deprived of nuclear button

    The 1st day of the Trump Presidency 31 Airstrikes!

    Title: Trump’s 31 Airstrikes – A Taste Of Things To Come?
    Video posted 24 Jan 2017 by RonPaulLibertyReport

    Title: Trump to be deprived of nuclear button
    Video posted 25 Jan 2017 by Pravda Report

    War Looms As U.S. Embassy Plan To Move To Jerusalem:

    Israel is poised to move its capitol from Tel Aviv To Jerusalem and that would make the proposed U.N. two state solution a mute and failed proposal with Israeli military enforcing the illegal occupation of Jerusalem.
    Trump vowed to support Israel.

    Title: Palestine appeals to Russia over US embassy plans
    Video posted 14 Jan 2017 by PressTV News Videos

    Title: Israeli Knesset Members Voice Support For Trump
    Video posted 26 Jan 2017 by Jerry Eldred

    Title: Palestine: Moving U.S. Embassy a “Declaration of War”
    Video posted 25 Jan 2017 by JoeyBellmore

    George Soros: The Black Hand & Violent Civil Unrest

    ‘Stop Operation Soros’ movement begins in Macedonia
    Published time: 19 Jan, 2017
    and Blogged:

    Video posted 26 Jan 2017 by Giza Death Star Community

    U.S. Government Deadly Secrets:

    Horrors investigated!

    Title: Day 95 – DynCorp, Haiti, and Me, Part 2. Who Killed Monica Petersen?
    Video posted 26 Jan 2017 by George Webb


  3. RonMamita says:

    The Accidental President: Trump Jeopardy?

    Robert Steele said not only is Trump’s life threatened, but his government is sabotaged to undermine him…

    Imagine if Mr. Steele is correct, then Trump will be controlled to follow orders and make policy for his controllers, or be JFK’ed…

    Title: Robert Steele “Did Lynn Rothschild Buy Donald Trump For $20 Billion? Or Is He For Real?”
    Video posted 26 Jan 2017 by The Richie Allen Show

    Title: Jeff Rense And Robert Steele – Shocking Enemies Inside And Out Of The Trump Presidency
    Video posted 24 Jan 2017 by Jeff Rense


  4. RonMamita says:

    The Trump-Media Circus and “Continuity of Agenda”. How the US Presidency Really Works

    By Ulson Gunnar Global Research, January 28, 2017 *New Eastern Outlook 27 January 2017

    As the US media expertly divides the American public into pro and anti-Trump camps over cartoonish, unfounded personal accusations aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, Trump’s nominee for US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson confirmed before the US Congress that hostilities and agitation toward both Moscow and Beijing will only expand over the next 4-8 years.

    The Business Insider in an article titled, “CNN distances itself from BuzzFeed, says Trump is using the website ‘to deflect from CNN’s reporting’,” outlined the recent rash of accusations and the political fallout in their wake, stating:

    CNN distanced itself from BuzzFeed on Wednesday after the digital news outlet published a document that contained unverified claims about President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign con

    duct and personal life.

    CNN’s decision is based on the fact that nothing it or BuzzFeed reported is actually substantiated with fact, with the Business Insider admitting:

    “We [CNN] made it clear that we were not publishing any of the details of the 35-page document because we have not corroborated the report’s allegations,” the statement continued.

    The fallout following the oafish, elementary lies spread by BuzzFeed, CNN, and others, represents rhetorical bait irresistible not only to Trump supporters, but to anyone with a conscience who opposes the systemic abuse that persists across the Western media. However, bait this irresistible is laid out for a purpose.

    As the Public Squabbles, Continuity of Agenda Marches On

    Were headlines not consumed by the crass allegations pushed across the Western media aimed at Trump, and the rhetorical backlash that predictably followed, the American public might be consumed instead by the fact that Trump’s nominee for US Secretary of State just confirmed that quite literally nothing is going to change as Trump takes office in regards to US foreign policy

    Reuters, in an article titled, “Trump secretary of state nominee: China should be denied access to South China Sea islands,” reports that:

    U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state set a course for a potentially serious confrontation with Beijing on Wednesday, saying China should be denied access to islands it has built in the contested South China Sea.

    In comments expected to enrage Beijing, Rex Tillerson told his confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee that China’s building of islands and putting military assets on those islands was “akin to Russia’s taking Crimea” from Ukraine.

    In Tillerson’s comments, it’s revealed that not only will the United States continue meddling across Asia and provoking conflict with China, just as was done under US President Barack Obama’s 8-year administration, but that, in Tillerson’s view, Russia was unjustified in its intervention in Crimea in the wake of a US-NATO backed Neo-Nazi-led coup in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Tillerson would explicitly claim:

    We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed.

    Nothing, short of war, will backup Tillerson’s statements about a sea literally an ocean away from US shores. His statements also absolutely contradict the non-interventionism many Trump supporters believed would unfold upon his taking office.

    How the US Presidency Really Works

    Imagine the United States is a corporation. It thus has a board of directors (Wall Street). It has a CEO (the US President). The candidates for CEO and the CEO are all chosen by the board of directors merely under the guise of “democratic elections.” The CEO then implements the desires of the unelected board of directors, serving also as a spokesperson for the board and a representative of the board’s overarching agenda.

    This explains how, over the past 16 years from US President George Bush Jr. to now President-elect Donald Trump, singular agendas, including unending war in Iraq and Afghanistan, still rage and expanding confrontations with Russia, China, and Iran continue unabated regardless of who is president, and regardless of the alleged principles, political ideals, and campaign promises they respectively represented.

    Rhetorically and ideologically, Presidents Bush Jr. and Obama could not have been any more diametrically opposed, yet the continuity of agenda from one 8-year administration to the other was almost seamless. Upon closer examination of the actual corporate-financier interests underpinning both presidencies’ policies, we find the same profiteering special interests and their agendas at play; from big-defense and big-auto to big-oil and mega-finance. From big-pharma to big-ag, and all of these industries sponsoring the same circle of “policy experts” within the halls of corporate-financier funded “think tanks.”

    The presidency of Donald Trump will be no different. There is nothing about either Trump or those he has surrounded himself with that makes him any more “independent” from the defacto “board of directors” that runs corporate America than the administrations of Bush or Obama.

    To distract the American public from this fact, and to lump at least some of the public behind President-elect Trump, they have orchestrated a media campaign so crass and despicable, few can resist (even just on principle alone) from responding to and thus becoming consumed and distracted by this expanding media circus.

    On the other side of this circus, however, is an America even more deeply and dangerously involved in provoking global conflict and the instability and human tragedy that will predictably unfold in its wake.

    Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

    Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-trump-media-circus-and-continuity-of-agenda-how-the-us-presidency-really-works/5571371


  5. RonMamita says:

    With promises to “drain the swamp!” still ringing in our ears, we have watched Trump appoint nothing but Goldman banksters, Soros stooges, neocon war hawks and police state zealots to head his cabinet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine the swamp-dwellers with which Trump has filled his swamp. -James Corbett

    Title: How Trump Filled The Swamp
    Video posted 03 Feb 2017 by corbettreport


  6. RonMamita says:

    Is Trump About To Start War Against Iran?

    Title: What Donald Trump Does Not Want You To Know About Iran
    Video posted 5 Feb 2017 by WeAreChange


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